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Have loved this show for a long time, especially the Spotlight episodes. So much work is out into those and I’ve loved each one! Thanks gang 👏
Not going to lie, I love comics and could listen to podcasts on the subject all day, but when I got to the Bean Worke tangent I gave up on this one.
I get a smile on my face when I listen, every single episode. The geeks are the old comic book friends you never knew you had. Ian has done a fantastic job taking over the hosting duties. Chris, Adam, & Shane continue to expertly hash through the minutiae and grand ideas of all things comic related and lovingly referred to as geeky. My highest recommendation for this excellent show.
Truly a national treasure for comic book fans of all ages and social-economic backgrounds...
Love time bubble And the lost episodes. Ignore what is going on in the real world. People come here for escapism
This podcast continues to be a bastion of solid information, educated reviews, and all around genuinely enjoyable camaraderie. Fifteen years on and the shine is still bright. Join the YouTube Chanel to see the videos of the previews—they screen share the catalog and it’s well worth the see. Best option—join the Patreon and have easy access as well as support their endeavors to take us out of our doldrums for a time each week. Thank you, Gentlemen. Excelsior!


I really enjoyed this podcast very informative!
The new host is not as good as pants. The podcast really misses pants
Cant listen in car with kids
I’m really enjoying the spot on Shazam. I learned about your podcast when I heard your commentary for the The Adventures of Captain Marvel and decided to check it out. So glad I did. These days I have relegated my comic obsession to just Captain Marvel?Shazam, however that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy episodes on other characters and subjects. After all, podcasts don’t take up any space in my already full bookshelf and storage box. Thanks, guys and keep up the great work.
Love this podcast so informative on comics and especially those gems that I don’t know about and pick up them books and always becomes a great read ...but I love when Big Al is on this guy is wicked funny and makes you laugh through the whole episode ...thanks guys!!
I listen to a lot of Geek based podcasts. Geek101, The Daily Planet, Nerdificent, Comic Geek Speak. These guys are solid entertainment. The sheer back catalog kept me busy at my job for quite a while. Thank you.
Listened for over ten years. Spotlight episodes are spectacular. Time bubble is entertaining. Crisis episodes are educational. Comic talk can be iffy at times. Seldom a bad episode.
A few of these guys can’t separate the cinematic universe from that of the comics. The want the two to be more alike and complain when they are not. And for being comic book experts, a few of them still don’t understand the mcu time travel rules.


I like the insights but after I listen to most shows I walk away feeling negative about the movies they review. It feels like they have a need to play devils advocate and highlighting the negatives more than the positives.
Do you just have an hour or two to just educate and entertain yourself? This podcast will be time well spent. You can keep up with current comic news, review past books and get in depth information about your favorite books and creators all here. It’s like hanging out with the cool kids if the cool kids were nerds.
Great comics book podcast.
I so badly want to listen to this podcast but I can never make it past the first five minutes because the sound quality is so bad. Guys - your descriptions sound like you have excellent content, PLEASE buy a better mic.
Particularly love the Spotlight series! I've listened to each one. Murd and Chris are great teachers.
If you are a comics fan this is the show for you. These friends that do the show together obviously love comics and each other and it shows.The Spotlights they do I have listened to these over and over they are all soooo entertaining and well done The Preview shows about books that have yet to come out are a must. Popular culture is a driving force for the show. Listen,listen, listen!
First of all, great episode - I subscribed since I loved it so much! But I think you missed something here. I loved this movie - every part of it. You kept on referring it being not enough Ragnarok in it. But think about what they have done to Asgardians in general. They are no longer considered gods, nor do they inhabit this magical place. They are just another alien race that live in this corner of the galaxy. I don't even think you can consider his hammer to be enchanted, it's more of a fancy piece of tech. So I think we have to roll with the punches on this one. So much has changed from the book to the MCU it's almost like a new character. The Infinity War may change it all back. But great episode, looking forward to catching up on the rest.
This is a fun informative listen for those who love comics and comic related things. I have listed to about 5 episodes and have gone back and downloaded the crisis episodes to listen to them. Look forward to each week when they release a new one
Best Comic Book podcast. Spotlights and previews are a must listen!!!! Thank you guys. Any chance you guys can get all the spotlights together and release them. I love going back and listening to them?Must have done it ten times already. Feed on itunes only goes back to 2013
The content is great. The guys know their stuff and they have great topics. But it is hard to get into it because they don't seem to have any awareness of how the microphones work or what they pick up. An episode on the Marvel Cosmic universe sounded like it was recorded with the mic in a diaper the whole time. I couldn't pay attention to what they were saying because I kept imagining someone eating a salad with the microphone for three hours. Please guys, do a mic check, and quit moving towards and away from the mic constantly.
Do you hate comics and all things comic related? If you do Comic Geek Speak is the podcast for you. Every week you will get to hear the Geeks complain about how comics aren’t as good as they were 50 years ago, how comics are too expensive, and how these for profit corporations are only in it for profit. Also you will get to listen to the newest co- hosts Chris and Dani complain about whatever political issue or social injustice has them fired up that day. And if you are from the south be prepared to hear some not so nice things about you when the political and social rants start. For many years Comic Geek Speak was the best comic book podcast out there by far. Pants, Murd, Shane and the late Jamie D put on a really fun podcast that I looked forward to listening to every time a new episode dropped. They talked about comics and comic related things they loved and had great conversations and debates. But it wasn’t all sunshine and flowers sometimes negative things were said about the comic industry but you could tell it came out of a love for the characters and the art form. This all changed after the passing of Jamie D and new co-hosts Chris and Dani were added to the cast. The show has become so negative that it’s just not fun to listen to any more because of the reasons I mentioned above. It’s a shame that a couple of bad apples have spoiled the whole show. I really loved this show and I hate that this is what it’s become. In a couple years I will check back in with the hopes the poison in the show has moved on.
I love this. The amount of respect and love given between all the characters on this podcast makes this show what it is. Great info, and the variety of episodes and topics are just added bonuses. And if "Pants" ever takes another break from the show thinking he has nothing to contribute, we will all hunt him down and drag him back! The show wasn't the same without you, so glad you're back full time!
My favorite comic book podcast, but Chris’ laugh can be a little annoying.
What a great show. Very informed and entertaining. Been listening for all 11 years and hope there are many more to come.
Great podcast. I especially love the Previews magazine episodes. They are very informative and entertaining to listen too. The only thing that bothers me is this highly annoying laugh that one of the commentators seems to make every few minutes. I think that he purposely does it because it's cute, but it's actually very distracting and almost caused me to not want to hear the podcast anymore. However... I Iove the guy dearly and all of his commentaries are great...Its just the laugh is something else! Lol.. :) Anyway... I love this podcast and definitely appreciate all that they offer to the public. I highly recommend it to comic readers..
I've been listening to this podcast for years now and it's one of my favorites. It is a great source for comic book news, and just a fun bunch of guys to listen to. My personal favorite is their spotlights on comic book characters and series. I highly recommend this podcast if you are a comic book fan.
I started listening to CGS ten years ago. As of this week's episode, I had to unsubscribe. In short, the domineering influence of one particular Geek has grown too much for me to stand. CGS was an incredibly important, pioneering comics podcast. What Bryan and Peter did deserves to be remembered. Unfortunately, neither of the founders appear on the show much anymore. It should also be pointed out that the other guys kept the show going respectably well through many incarnations and cast-changes. Originally, Chris was a very welcome addition to the show. He brought enthusiasm and knowledge to the Spotlight episodes in particular. But then he was made an official Geek... and then he started dominating more and more and more of the audio time... and then he brought his employees on board to become official Geeks as well, and it all seems like the residue of the REAL CGS just doesn't have enough ambition to resist the whole podcast turning into The Wild Pig Comics Podcast. A very obvious complaint that still must be stated: The Laugh Has Got To Go. Others have remarked on this. Chris's laugh is just so loud, so frequent, and so disingenuous-sounding. At first I didn't mind it, because I thought it was personable for what it was. But it's just continued unabated, actually seeming to increase over the many episodes, and it's basically unbearable at this point. Whenever any of the other Geeks say LITERALLY ANYTHING that has the slightest bit of wit or humor in it, Chris belches out a gigantic laugh. It's to the point where I almost hope that none of the other guys will say anything funny, just so I don't have to hear Chris use it as an opportunity to bring the conversation to a halt so he let out a high-pitched cackling shriek. Furthermore, he frequently does the whole routine of bashing "big corporations"... but then in the very same episodes he basically runs promotion for Disney, the biggest and greediest entertainment corporation in the world. I'm definitely not defending big corporations here, but the disjuncture in his logic is quite annoying. It seems that he basically says whatever's trendy. It's cool to bash corporations, so he does so. It's popular to be on the Marvel/Disney/Star Wars bandwagon, so he rides it nonstop. Whether you agree or disagree with his opinions isn't really the point. The point is that he basically just says whatever he thinks he's supposed to say to be hip and "smart", even if what he says is boring or contradicts itself. If he REALLY disliked big corporations in any substantive way, he wouldn’t offer nonstop blanket praise to Disney. He never goes into any details of the actual comics. This could be a criticism of CGS in general post-2012 or so, because it seems like Mike G was the last guy on the show who actually wanted to discuss creative techniques and actual stories in any detail. But Chris in particular just praises certain comics and creators to the moon without hardly ever, ever, EVER saying anything of real substance about what actually happens in the comics. There are some slight exceptions in the Off-The-Racks episodes. But, honestly, I remember hearing more actual story info in 30-second iFanboy reviews than in entire half-hour CGS segments devoted to individual issues. Most of the CGS guys seem allergic to anything that might be a "SPOILER", while Chris on the other hand seems infinitely more interested in swooning and "waxing rhapsodic" over the very mention of a creator's name, rather than in providing any specific examples of great things that happen in the actual comics. The ignorance and prejudice disguised as intellectualism has gotten out of control. I have no connection to the South. Neither does Chris. I don't like the Confederate Flag. Neither does Chris. But I don't feel obligated to label those who have ancestral connections to the South as most likely racists whose ancestors were Klansman. Yet Chris feels obligated to do so, for no reason. Just because they were reviewing a comic set a century ago in the South is NOT a good enough reason to launch into a tirade against any non-self-hating descendants of Southerners alive today. But Chris apparently had to go down this road because, of course, he thinks it was trendy to do so. He also said that the Civil War was "really about slavery". No it wasn't. It was about states' rights; slavery was a subsection of that. (And I remember CGS's own Jaime D mentioning this years ago!) Lincoln actually said "If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it." You'd think Chris, being a history teacher, would know this but-- Oh, no, actually, once you understand that Chris is just politically correct at any cost, then you wouldn't expect him to stand up for actual nuanced history as opposed to trendy reductive revisionism. On the most recent episode we’re treated to a long monologue in which Chris begins by saying "I've read hardly any Deadpool at all over the years"... and then goes on to say "Let's not make this about Liefeld's style"... but then by the end of it he’s speaking as if he knows all about the development of Deadpool, knows who deserves what amount of credit, and how Liefeld "just drew a bunch of pouches". Again, I don't even like Liefeld, but Chris's hypocrisy, ignorance, and arrogance is astounding. He just likes to hear himself talk. He's also shoehorned two of his employees into CGS. The guy is barely okay, though he missed the whole point of the X-Men (acceptance/tolerance) by complaining that Morrison’s run was full of “ugly mutants”. The female, however, is openly lazy and forgetful about comics. To her credit, she seems like a very normal person, and she’s honest enough to admit that often she has nothing to say and hates certain comics for no reason. The problem is that all the guys on the show, especially Chris, just grovel before her and pretend that her quick dismissive opinions are powerfully valuable insights. Murd's Time Bubble is still good.
I love when they do podcasts about certain books or series like The Judas Contract and The Avengers in the early 2000s, but they really need to learn how to pronounce the names of characters right like Havok. They also need to have all of their facts set and ready to go and stop second guessing themselves. They are always either too far from the microphones or way too close. Plus one of their laughs is the most annoying, ear shattering, laughs I have ever heard. If I didn't LOVE comics and every thing comics, that laugh alone would make me never listen to them again. Like I said, good but not great. Even though they have been around for a while they still need some work.
Great podcast. Glad I found this one. In depth and great discussions.
I really look forward to each and every podcast these guys upload. They truly appreciate the entire comic book industry from comics to movies to television. Everyone brings their passion and knowledge to the mic every single time they sit down. They've been doing for years now so they know what they're doing when it comes to the show. The character spotlights are so in depth that you know they put a ton of effort into the prep. If you love comics then this is the show for you. Only quip would be maybe involving the audience a bit more. Subscribe to CGS and enjoy!
what can i say? these folks should get a pension from the industry. they're current, smart, passionate, and regularly inspire me to 'go to the longboxes' just when i think my comics tank is empty. and they've done all this consistently for a decade.
love the witty banter between you guys when you have a comic talk episode or a review of a movie orvtv show. KEEP THEM COMING !
Please! It's amazing how creepy, pompous, and disingenuous it is. The rest is great!
This is my new favorite comic podcasting team. You can tell the hosts have great respect for each other and for the subjects they talk about. An assortment of well labled podcasts covering a variety of subjects from older comics we should go back and read, new releases, movie focused podcasts, and much more. I love that they lable to podcasts really well and tell you exactly what subject they'll be talking about on each episode. You can know to skip a movie review episode if you don't want to be spoiled, they don't just throw something out there.
I am knew to comics, but this podcast does a wonderful job of keeping me engaged. Even if I am unfamiliar with the topic(which is often), I learn a lot as it helps guide my future reading list. I started listening around the time of Jamie D's passing, but enjoy going back and listening to the episodes with him as well. Long live CGS!
I love this podcast and have been listening to them for, IDK 7,8,9 years? It’s been a while. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Every week I listen to a few episodes usually while working, their library is so deep. The best part are the shows where they explore the history of a character or series. I would love to see more of these, even on more obscure characters. It’s good to understand the history even if you don’t have time to go back and read the decades of comics. My only slight nitpick and this is just a personal preference and not really anything negative about the show, but I would love to hear more about non superhero books like from Image, Vertigo and Dark Horse. That is just where my reading habits shifted over time. Anyways, I just want to thank the crew for keeping this thing going for so long! Great Job!
I listen to a few comic book podcasts and I listen to this one when i have no others to listen to. Everyone on the podcast acts too self important when it should be a fun medium to discuss. After listening to this podcast for years it is time to stop listening. I may come back in the future, but for now there are better podcasts to listen to.
I have been a fanefor about a year now, but I fianlly had to unscubscribe. I love comics and comic movies, but I could not take the new format of one podcast every day, where he reads and over enunciates every word of the Marvel Offical Handbook. Sorry guys that was the final straw
Before I started listening to podcasts, I was trying to get back into comics. CGS helped me get back into them in a big way. Their in-depth discussions are a joy to hear, and they have fun doing it. I especially enjoy their Spotlight and Top 5 episodes, which helped clear some confusion on a character or team's history and which stories were interesting enough to read. I'd recommend this for any comic book fan. P.S. If the CGS crew read this, could you do a Top 5 episode on your favorite 'Superhero Deconstruction' series. They seem to be getting popular, especially thanks to BOOM! studios.
At the time of typing this review, CGS will be nearing 1500 Darth Vader would say "Impressive...VERY Impressive". My favorite are the Spotlights, where the crew provided an in-depth review of various comics (e.g Fantastic Four, Avengers etc.). The spotlights I have heard go" way way back to the early day" Just-Ice on his Kool & Deadly Album. They cover the various "Ages" of comics (Golden, Bronze, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s through to current age). Their knowledge of the genre is to be commended. I highly recommend to newbies and oldies.
10 minutes talking about their own lives is not what I listen to a podcast for, but what is really unforgivable is the lack of knowledge. Not having read the original Days of Future Past storyline? I want to listen to a podcast where people know what they are talking about.


By War_El
Just a great comic talk podcast with a lot of variety. High quality on every front.
I love these guys, and love their show. One of the first comic book podcasts out there and still one of the best. Although the show has changed over the years, hosts/members/producers have come and gone and returned, left and some stayed, these guys all have unique amazing viewpoints that are worth downloading to hear them discuss and interact, even when I disagree with one or many of them. You are all value to the comic book community at large. We are lucky to have you broadcasting or ahem, podcasting Thank you Brian, Peter, Jamie D (RIP), Shane, Brian (Pants), Adam (Murd), Mike, Kevin, Chris, and Matt! -Jason Pope
Hands down, this the all-time best comicbook podcast available. Do yourself a favor and go back and listen to the earliest episodes you can and go forward. You'll laugh, you'll cry ( long live Jamie D), and you'll learn so much more that you thought you knew about comics. I hope they go past 5000 episodes, because this show is an international treasure. 'Nuff said!
For the past few years CGS has been on weekly rotation on my iPod. Though I’ve never met the guys, I’ve always enjoyed listening to them. Jaime’s presence will be missed, he seemed like a wonderful human being.