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Great crew discussing meaningful topics to the libertarian audience. Anyone interested in freedom and liberty should take it for a spin. Listen for Mark and Ian, stay for Scott the bigot.
This is one of my all time favorite pundit shows. I highly recomend it if you want to hear the radical libertarian take on the news and much more.
Free Talk Live is a libertarian leaning radio show where the callers have priority and choose the subjects. They cover nearly any and all topics. I have been enjoying and learning from their podcasts for over 10 years. I even called in once to describe my day of jury duty. In past shows they discussed the improtance of a fully informed jury. That information was of great help to me when I got called in for jury duty. Also, they have a new show every day 7 days a week.
Best podcast out there for libertarians and all freedom loving people
give FreeTalkLive a good listen and you won't stop. I listen to every episode.
Great views, great discussions, great podcast!
I’ve been listening to this open phones call-in show for over a decade now. They have maintained a consistent, principled liberty-minded message as they discuss current issues, news, and philosophy. The hosts have an excellent on-air quality, and the best part is that if you disagree with their libertarian views, they encourage you to call in! The best shows are always the ones where people call in to disagree. They even let crazy / insane people call in, and those conversations are almost always entertaining as well.
Been a long time listener and cant get enough. Love the show ftl!
Used to be a great show but due to the producers stubborn insistence that the show should be completely open to the public w/o any call screening it has become a haven for chronic callers with mental illnesses and deficiencies. The show has more conspiracies callers than Alex jones and more delusional mental patients than Coast to Coast. It has become unlistenable.
Honestly the best consistent show for my addiction for libertarianism! If you want to hear a show that provides any topic with libertarian commentary. This is the show- never boring and always delivering topics that provoke the mind. Not everything you'll listen to on this show you'll agree with, but you'll keep coming back to learn more. Trust me! It was this show that truly solidified my strong unwavering love for freedom!
Free Talk Live is not only a podcast but is carried on over 170 radio stations. Even though they definitely lean Libertarian, they welcome phone calls from people who have opposing views. Open debate is welcome and encouraged. Anyone can call and talk about any subject. And they broadcast live 7 days a week from 7-10 PM in addition to the podcast and Youtube channel. Worth listening to!
I listen to every episode during my drives, workouts, etc. They help me understand liberty and learn about all the injustices in the world. The also keep me informed on cryptocurrencies on a basic level. FTL is the best filter for non biased news. If you love liberty, you'll love Free Talk Live.
Need analysis of current events with a freedom-loving perspective? This is a great place to start.
If you're looking for talk radio that is pro government, or pro conservative, this is not the show for you. This show is the show for liberty minded people, who are looking for something that is pro liberty. Also, FTL is a show you can control by calling in about anything on your mind, from strange conspiracy theories, to what's happening in the world, you can take control of the air waves.
This is an open phones talk show where they talk about libertarian ideas. I love it when they go back and forth with callers who disagree. Great radio
Wether you like the hosts or agree with their views, this is one of the best jump off points into the world of trivium thinking.
My only issue is with the digest episodes. There really needs to be a way to make them not show up in the feed. They are a waste of my time.
Don't hold back releasing the podcast so some guy can chop it up and hand out smaller pieces first. I listen to the whole thing every night. Because I have to wait for this guy to get around to being done with chopping it into sound bits, podcast listeners that listen to the full show are being relegated to a lower class of listener in favor of others.
Been listening for years. Great debates and intelligent discussions.
I started listening to the podcast before 2010 and I have rarely missed one of their shows ever since, even though there is a new show 365 days a year! I like some hosts better than others but the hosts are different every day, so I never have to deal with a bad host for long. While I disagree with a good number of the points that are made on the show I find the discussions entertaining and know that when I want I can call in and tell them why I think they are wrong. Since they talk callers and let those callers talk about what is on their mind I find it nice to hear what the general populace finds important and wants to talk about.
Big fan of the show. But won't let me download anymore. Says error please try again later. Please fix
I start listening by accident, after doing a Google search "free talk show" with the intent of boosting my English listening skills. First, I thought these guys were insane. They were openly advocating for secession and home schooling, against tax collection. While I did not agree with them on these and many other issues (and still don't), I found the show extremely entertaining and thought-provoking. It brought me to the arguments that I have never heard before, to the ideas that people don't usually discuss. It helped me to shape my own political standpoint. It helped me to learn much about American culture. I simply love this show.
I drive a lot, and I used to be forced to listen to whatever was on the radio. But since discovering free talk live, I generally listen to their podcast while driving. I can't tell you the difference it's made to be able to listen to content I actually enjoy rather than sports or right wing politics. The conversation is always based on the ideas of liberty which makes the disagreements between the host even more interesting.
Always an interesting discussion. Glad they keep it fresh with new co hosts and people who don't always quite agree with each other. Some of the crazy callers make for a few laughs. Overall one of my favorite podcasts.
Ian and Mark have opened my eyes and help put into words the political philosophy I live by. These guys will blow your mind with some of their ideas. Some call it extreme, others call it polite. Either way download it now. I will say it took me a few episodes before I started to enjoy this podcast. I later realized it's because it challenges my core beliefs.
A great, entertaining show that brings liberty ideas to he masses.
Great show! If you're unfamiliar with libertarianism/voluntarism this show will fill you in! There are multiple rotating guest hosts who each bring a unique perspective to the table each night. Subjects vary each night and you can call in anytime you want to change the subject to one that interests you. Also a great source for introductory #bitcoin information
I love this show because they discuss topics that I don’t hear about everyday. I found it when searching about libertarianism, and this show has been great for me to learn more about libertarian ideas. My favorite episodes are Wednesdays when Brett is on and Sundays with Stephanie.
Wednesday is the best!
I love the openness of the show. Keep up the great work!
I used to really like listening to talk radio. But the more I listened, the more I started getting tired of the format. Most talk radio shows spend 2-3 hours talking about 2 or 3 topics. They pretty much say everything of importance in the first 20 minutes, then spend the rest of the show just repeating the same things over and over. What is so refreshing about FTL is that their can be many fresh topics discussed each show. Each caller talks about whatever they want, and often the show ends up taking a completely different track than it started on. It never gets boring or stale like other talk radio. I also enjoy the candor of the hosts and appreciate that they are careful to stick to truth and avoid hyperbole. This is my favorite podcast.
A great call-in show about what the government is really doing and what peaceful, liberty-loving folks can do to protect themselves. The hosts have amazing patience, strength and not to mention enjoyable humor from beginning to end.
FTL really discusses news and current events from a philosophical point-of-view. I never thought I would be one who listened to talk shows, but this is amazing!
I appreciate that FTL takes a lot of calls and allows any caller to change the subject. I have fun hearing a few friends call in from time! Sometimes they are a little too aggressive with callers who might be new to the ideas of liberty, but I understand their passion. One thing thy bugs me is the amount of time they spend talking about BitCoin.
As a libertarian I'm an disappointed with this show. Sometimes hosts act arrogant. Arrogance more like a insecure teenager. This leads to not correctly comprehending and answer questions or statements. Show can remind me of a Piers Morgan style argument were they distort views and focus on negatives. Not a quality show that promotes useful information for the revolution.
I can't agree with everything said but that goes for any kind of opinion, the two hosts certainly don't agree on everything. The crew and callers bring up the tough stuff and tear it down to the bone which really gets you thinking. It's entertaining, raw, worth listening to and definitely worth calling into to debate your point. Though prepare to get into the dirty details if you do call, try not to be "offended" and don't curse or you get cut off... You might want to take a valium if you anger easily.
I have been enjoying this podcast for a long time now. It's great if you are interested in hearing a variety of different liberty activists within the Free State Project discuss news, politics, activism, and the occasional fun topic. They talk very often about issues that are considered difficult for someone from their perspective, like "who would build the roads?" They don't shut down the callers that challenge them. Some people are shocked with this podcast because of the hosts who take libertarianism to its ultimate conclusion, but the hosts are very logical with their arguments. If you are open-minded to new perspectives, whether that means you are likely to agree or you are just looking to learn about different political philosophies, you'll enjoy Free Talk Live.
This show is hosted by two arrogant gun loving pot smokers. Their fear based philosophy of liberty is sad. Really sad.
Real, truthful and to the point. This should be a must listen for any freedom lover out there. FTL has become a staple in the liberty movement and among voluntaryists.
I like this talk show very much. It helps me to learn oral English. Is anyone can tell me where to download the scripts.
This is by far, my favorite podcast. Never a boring moment. It makes me want to participate too!
I love this show. I listen to it just about everyday. The more I listen to the show, the more I need. It's addictive. If you think the political system is broken and you don't know what to do, this is the show for you.
Best show ever!
I love it so much she sings sooo good I am proud of her
Best show ever! When they say you can call about anything, they mean anything. Check out the years of archives they have.
Finally, someone on the air that means what they say, is moral, intelligent, and actually doing something useful to help the country. Thank you Free Talk Live!
absolutely the most influential and intelligent show out there.
FTL is unabashedly voluntarist, a kind of extreme libertarianism. The hosts, whether jailbird Ian or level-headed Mark, are not going to just parrot some big-money influenced talking points. They listen to the callers, and when the information requires, they'll actually admit they were wrong. Most importantly, every show strikes the root of the problems of society (initiation of force and obfuscation of free choice), AND PROVIDES SOLUTIONS. There is a close tie to the Free State Project, which seeks to make real change by saturating the mindset in NH. If you can find any single current events/news show that is as entertaining, principled, open-minded, and POSITIVE as FTL, please call into their show and let them know!
The 911 truth movement has actually grown in size, just a fact. The events were staged and yes they were aggressive. The woman acted like facts that are aggressive, are tenuous and false? You can't save a fool from his own foolishness. Good job caller for bringing up the facts! Cover up folks! Don't spin the facts. Don't talk about it because nobody can change it? Your soft and weak!