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Dont call it free when you let people download part of book There should be a law against liars!!!!


By ZaƩ
How can anyone post half a audio book. Didn't even bother downloading it.
I enjoyed this book. Where is the rest ?


By SCR108
Why do so many podcasters take the time to post and not put them in order????


This book is so bad it only has three reviews that should tell you something about it and I am just writing a " review" to tell you how bad it is hahahaha
You are doing such a wonderfull job. This book is very intertaning! Thankyou! Are you going to post the rest of the chapters?
Would be very greatful if you would post the missing chapters. Was able to quickly immerse myself, then hit a wall... Thank you. ;)
I was very intruiged by the first chapter but unable to find chapters 2-9 even on other websites. Can this be reposted?