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Living on Earth is amazing with their subjects and in depth knowledge. Sometimes it’s sad how humans are destroying so much, yet the host gives us hope in the end.
I have enjoyed Living on Earth for years . It carried interesting stories of people taking action to protect our planet from environmental destruction. But in early February I heard a troubling segment that changed my opinion of the program. An interview was broadcast with Natalie Ma of “state-owned” Shanghai Daily. If you missed “state-owned “ you would have no idea you were going to be subjected to a whole, undigested segment of Chinese government propaganda on the Olympics. The interviewer asked MS Ma nothing about the ethics of holding the Olympics in the middle of a pandemic. Nothing about the environmental destruction caused by the Olympics, the disappearance of Chinese Olympic star Peng Shuai, Tibet, the Huigurs etc..Instead we were treated to a steady stream Olympic happy talk by Ms Ma with no serious questions by the Living on Earth interviewer. My attempts to contact the program, the interviewer or PRX did not get a response. I’m disappointed that a program funded by listeners and public funds would air such deceptive propaganda from a repressive dictatorship without telling us what they were doing.
Love Living on Earth! It is my companion on Saturday morning as I make my tea. I appreciate the various angles to important environmental issues.
Would like to trash the episodes I have listened to, but the trash symbol just slides back to fast to touch it!
Amazing program. Keep going!
I love this Podcast and I might have guessed that Steve is a fellow Westtown alum...Peace and thanks, Friend.
Overall Living on Earth is a great podcast that could be improved significantly by eliminating hurtful prejudices and biases.
This is the first podcast I listen to each week!
After enjoying this podcast for a few months, I was totally impressed with the interview with Pattie Gonia. It featured some surprisingly top notch interview questions with great answers. The podcast has a great range of environmental topics and perspectives.
This is one of the best environmental podcast I’ve ever listened to, there aren’t a lot of pods that can appeal to anyone from a newcomer to someone more knowledgeable about the science. Steve does a fantastic job making it accesible.
Seriously one of the coolest podcasts available. So informative, and real, without all the bells and whistles typically found on news magazine type pods. Thank you.
LOE is a truly balanced treatment of environmental news and ode to nature. Yet as the program often attempts to establish a platform for multiple perspectives to be aired, that air can become cloudy and toxic when the reporters/hosts choose to not challenge guests with more incisive and critical questioning. If the hosts are unwilling to push back on spurious, and at time completely false, assertions, it is their duty to invite in a guest who can provide a counter point. It isn’t often, but sometimes LOE provides a greenwash to these who need to actually come clean.
I’m a big fan of this show - have been for years - when it was on public radio. I’m truly flummoxed and disappointed by the show’s allowing Senator Murkowski to come on and defend exemption of the Tongass from the roadless rule as advanced by Trump. This is a complete reversal to what other guests and the environmental community has been warning. This show should not let itself be used as a platform for this type of nonsense. Particularly now.
It’s hard keeping up with environmental news and it’s social implications. I love the weekly bite-sized bits that give me enough info to stay informed, along with the glimmer from lighter stories of connection.
Premier environmental podcast version of the premier environmental radio show
Hosts let their expert guests do most of the talking. Guests are insightful and engaging.
Great source for environmental news events and some science/politics/history of what is going on. My favorite thing about the show is that they include happy news as well! Even though there is a lot of stuff that needs to be worked on to help the environment, this podcast provides a positive outlook that doesn't make me cynical and feel like the world is immediately going to end.
Living on earth is a great update on the state of the environment and is easy to listen to.
Wide ranging and in depth coverage of domestic and international environmental issues.
This show is for more than just environmentalists, it's educational and thoughtful. Every episode is worth the listen.
I have tried to listen to this multiple times, and each time it has been a nauseating experience. The corporate bias is so transparent that it is hard to understand how they even pretend to care about the environment (except insofar as environmentalism is nothing more than a chance for 'green entrepreneurs' to cash in on what ought to be a revolutionary social idea).
Important stories, well reported.
Makes environmental news understandable, engaging, and relevant. Well done program.
Love this podcast.
This is one of those podcasts I'm so happy to have discovered part of me is frustrated I didn't find it sooner. So smart, so interesting, great writing. Thoughtful, lovely articles filled with sounds. They're not afraid to be beautiful or true. The May 10 episode is one of my favorites. The last story about the permaculture urban farm in Holyoke is, without question, the most inspiring story I've heard in a mighty long time. Even if you don't listen to any other episodes, if you're interested enough in Living on Earth to read reviews the you owe it to yourself to listen the one on May 10.
For some reason, downloading Living on Earth takes a lot longer than any other NPR podcast. Don't know what gives. I think its a great show, btw.
LOE use to be one of my most favorite shows, but lately I have noticed more and more cheer leading for corporate interests and guests representing those interests go unchalleneged. This is a great disappointment and a great disservice to LOE listeners and the general public. I listen to LOE to get the news I can't find elsewhere and to hear the corporate powers challenged in ways the mainstream media never will - not to get the same canned, bullet point answers I can get on the nightly news. LOW needs to get back to its roots and speak truth to power. It is still worth a listen since though. You'll just need to be as skeptical as you are when you are listening to big corporate station.
Living On Earth is a rare show in that it can tackle the most daunting and depressing environmental stories week after week, yet still leave you feeling like you've 'enjoyed' the experience. This is news with a heart. No doubt you'll find yourself both smiling and crying (somehow), and becoming well informed in the process, as I have.
Absolutely fantastic. I just discovered it and love the confluence of environmental sustainability, social stability and economic security in each podcast. A must listen!
This isn't just the best environmental program out there, it's one of the best shows of any kind. Informative and simply a pleasure to listen to.
I listen to everyone of these. They are not only expertly done but always informative.
...In radio broadcasts about the environment. Where is a sixth star when you need it? I've listened to a couple podcasts about the environment, but I haven't looked for other sources for green news for at least 2 years. Steve, Bruce, and all the gang are simply that good.
I love this podcast for up-to-date environmental news!
L.O.E. is a gem. The reporting is top-notch, as you would expect from any NPR-aired program.. but L.O.E goes a step beyond.. providing detailed, thoughtful looks at varied enviromental issues and most especially on how they all connect together. Their series "Signs from a Warming Planet" is at the same time incrediby thought provoking, but also frightening. The truth about climate change is undeniable and after you hear a few episodes of L.O.E, you'll be motivated to make some changes in your everyday life.
The podcast is has varied, interesting topics and is excellently produced.
One of the most important radio program's out there and probably one of the least appreciated! Given the state of the environment today and all the major issues surrounding it this show should be on everyone's radar. Give it a listen if you don't already and it *will* win you over. Wonderful stuff!