Reviews For ForceCast Network: Star Wars News and Commentary (All Shows)

Force Cast is back strong! Fun and entertaining podcast.
Seriously... That dude that keeps singing his stupid parody songs... Enough. And he thinks he's a comedian on to of it? Brother, you're almost as funny as cancer. The rest of the show is good, but amateur comedy guy is seriously bringing it down. Ammended...iiterally cannot listed tonthsi anymore. This used to be a great podcast, but a host that brags about the the stupidity of throwing away digital copies of movies (I'm...donate???) and that knows NOTHING about technology is just beyond inept. The quality of discussion has steadily devolved and really...if you make a joke and you're the only person laughing, it wasn't funny. Bye, Felicia.
Ryan and Daniel have done a great job taking over on this podcast. They offer balanced commentary and have had some great interviews. Definitely worth a listen!
So many contradictory statements in this movie revue. They obviously can’t think on their own, they all share equal opinions about TLJ. They say all opinions are welcome but consistently rag on people that didn’t like the movie or that don’t share their view. Such awful over analyzed opinions. These people are so full of themselves it’s ridiculous. I could only get thru the first review, I have to go wipe up all the vomit and clean the blood from my ears. How much you wanna bet these people watch Star Trek? Lol... Unreal. Here’s a simple revue; If the movie didn’t have the Star Wars title, it would have went straight to vhs. Lol.
Starts last Jedi review episode 3 saying he doesn’t like when people show off , proceeds to show off how he went to the premiere for an hour and doesn’t even talk about the movie...
I love podcasts and I loved the original version of this one. It’s not a terrible reincarnation, but I have zero interest in an interview of you talking with Freddie Prince Jr about basketball. Stick to Star Wars
I like the revamp of the shows but if Lindsay says “I mean...” one more time, I’m killing all the Porgs.
I enjoy listening to the show. Better than most others.
I think they should loose the force cast name and give the shows that are on their due. Indy cast is also a strong podcast with dedicated hosts
The ForceCast may be gone, but it's nice that Jedi Journals is continuing. Also, every other show from the network moved over to RandomChatter, including Echo Base.


By The drx
Is tHis podcast gone
Nice work keeping the ForceCast going. I was hesitant at first but you guys pulled it off. Thoroughly enjoy your commentary and discussion. Looking forward to the next episode.
Its about time they pull the plug on this. After jimmy and jason left. They just couldnt keep up.
Gonna miss this network. Lots of changes. Changes aren't always bad. Really enjoyed my weekly dose of Star Wars news.
As star wars was returning to the limelight, I knew I needed more as far as content, educated analysis and entertainment and that's when I stumbled upon this podcast. Ever since I've subscribed, mid December after tfa, I've enjoyed the commentary and the fact everyone seemed relatable. It's great to hear feedback and discussions that I wouldn't necessarily be able to establish because the lack of those around me interested in star wars. Thank you for the weekly dose of fun, laughs and insight.
This podcast is great when it's not about gender studies. Is Saf is hosting, get your fast forward button ready.
I have been listening to this show since 2006. The departure of the original hosts was a blow but Eric Geller and Justin Bolger managed to carry it forward. Now they are gone and besides Saf and Meegan, they should have their own show, the quality of discussion is terrible.
The main Forcecast show used to be a great podcast -one of my favorites- but unfortunately, the show has been in decline for some time now. It just seems unfocused anymore, with an irregular release schedule and hosts that change as frequently as the seasons. Miss the glory days featuring Eric Geller, Erik Blythe (who is now a hit or miss when it comes to appearing on the show), and also Justin Bolger. If you want a consistently great, well-focused Star Wars podcast, go check out Rebel Force Radio.


A little amateur but fun
Love the podcast! Please make more force awakens content!!!
Like many, I wanted more of a Star Wars fix after seeing TFA and no longer being worried about spoilers and the popularity of this podcast made it a natural choice. But what I found was incredibly low-level discussion by people I can only imagine to be children who apparently prefer the prequel trilogy. If you seek something more than a basic aggregation of current events, look elsewhere.
Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank, former hosts of Forcecast, always entertained with level-headed conversation, tons of guests, and incredible professional production from JMac, a Chicago radio careerist. When they split from Force.Net and started their own show, it was clear ForceCast was doomed. Years later I still think this is the case. RebelForceRadio is by far your one stop for Star Wars podcasting; unfortunately the new hosts, former friends of Jimmy&Jason, just don't have the vibe or the excitement. Thumbs up for those classic Jason and Jimmy (and Pete!) shows, but RFR is where it's at!
This podcast has quickly gone from one of the best to among the worst. There's so much bad about it that I couldn't possibly detail it all. While I appreciate the effort to go back to a format that worked, it will not fix everything wrong with the current iteration of the show. Compared to the former hosts (especially Justin) this feels like amateur hour. I find that I don't even miss it when it doesn't show up in my feed each week, which seems to happen more and more frequently. I've decided to write this review and say goodbye. While I'll continue to download some of the other shows on the feed, the main ForceCast is now intolerable. To call some of these hosts garbage would be an insult to garbage itself.
A shadow of it's former self. Since Jason and Jimmy left it's lost life and the production has dived. Move along...
I love Ken & Joseph. They are two of my favorite and most knowledgeable Star Wars geeks in the game.
Great show to catch up on all the Star Wars news, more now then ever.


By Finftw
The interview with 'old indy' was gold
Generally, this is a solid podcast. However, the hosts are changing more frequently than a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor and with those changes come tonal shifts. Essentially what this means is that the show seems to be in a perpetual flux. The current crew, sadly, is much weaker than those that have preceded them. The content is great. The spoiler talk is excellent. But you can do better elsewhere IMO.


By BG16
There has been a slow painful decline of this network the last couple of years. It seems the more they try, the worse it gets. There is too much focus on format and they can't seem to come up with enough content to air all the shows they have. The live shows seem like a good idea but then technical issues or a guest cancellation forces them to continue a show without proper quality or content. Sometimes all you need is a topic or two and just hit record. Recently, they put out a two hour show about a book that had only been out a handful of days. I understand the host probably received an advanced copy, but the average listener does not. Makes it easy to skip that show and not even listen. Lots of good show ideas on this network but they just aren't carried out well. Doesn't seem like there is nearly enough host to manage all the shows. One week they will say they plan on doing a show twice a month then, it will be months before you get a new show. The bright spot of the network is Jedi Journals. Always consistent and high quality.
Justin Bolger is the single best edition to the cast honesty everything else is meh ----- Indy Cast really guys not really necessary. I think they're doing too much and getting away from what the shows really about.
Great shows, great people, love it! Listen to the shows in my car lately!
What can I say, these guys are plugged into the Star Wars pulse. Their discussions are timely and informative. Plus, I love the multiple show formats.
I love the Forcecast. The host's are funny and informative. I had to stop hearing it a year ago because work had picked up a lot but I got time recently to start listening again and I love it.
I use to love the shows on here now they have all taken a dive!
Pass on this one.
This is a solid podcast and I appreciate the frequency of the podcasts as well as he diveresity. I especially enjoyed the CHRISS PRATT Indy stuff esides the reason I listen...STAR WARS
This is the best Star Wars podcast. They have great conversations, they know there stuff, and are very informative about upcoming things. Keep up the good work guys. I hope to meet you at celebration VII. I will definitely be at the meet and greet that Thursday. Thanks for the great podcast!! Jedi Bob
If you love Star Wars you will love all the podcasts
I am very pleased with the quality and variety of Star Wars-related programs avaiable on this network. Whether you're interested in Star Wars movies, television, literature, music, or games, the ForceCast Network has it all!
Very good show, one of the best and hard working at getting all the info on Star Wars stuff. I wash it was a daily show cause it's what helps me get through my work day.
I've been listening and enjoying the cast for a while now, but I got to say I just can't get used to the new format. I've tried twice now and I just don't like it. Sorry guys but I'm taking an escape pod and won't be listening anymore.
Great discussions and very informed hosts. Six out of five stars. Would ForceCast again.
Rebel Force Radio seems to have better access to public figures within the Star Wars family. Just a better all around source for Star Wars info.
One of my favorite podcasts, with great news and information on total Star Wars, definitely worth a subscription.
Such great things are happening to the Forcecast and its network! Love all of the shows, looking forward to the new ones! Keep up the great work!
This is by far the best Star Wars show I’ve come across. The hosts are honest, interesting, and engaging. They do a nice job of giving their opinion without casting aspersions on others. They also score some really high quality guests. 2015 is going to be a great year to subscribe to this show!
I've listened and listen to most of the Star Wars podcasts out there, but by far one of my favorites is The ForceCast,They are very passionate about Star Wars just like my self, I find myself always thinking and learning new things here they also have great chemistry They are the best!!!!
Great podcast! They successfully blend news, humor, and insight into the wonderful Star Wars universe. They all have distinct perspectives and opinions that always sparks you to think about the Galaxy Far Far Away in different ways.
These guys aren't very good. Jimmy and Jason over at RFR felt like true fans and had great guests and made it 2 hours of fun. Eric Geller acts like a know it all, and all of them don't have voices for podcasts. With such a big audience they should be putting out better stuff.