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If you like genre TV, movies, or projects in general, then you should be istening to this show! The host is a great interviewer, and he gets tons of great guests. It's Sci Fi talk but so much more. Higly Recommended!!
I've been listening to your podcast for years, and thought I should give you a review. Great podcast! I do a podcast, too, called The Walking Dead Talk Through, but that's not why I thought I'd give you a review. One minor nitpick, Tony, and something that makes me wince every time I hear you say it. "/" is a slash, or forward slash. A backslash is "\". I know I'm 100% right - I am a web systems analyst by profession. Any slash in a URL is a slash or forward slash. Please correct this so I stop wincing! :) Content wise, I love the podcast, and wish you did more Everything Geeks. Keep it up.
I’ve been listening to Sci-Fi Talk since I met Tony at San Diego Comics Con in 2013. Great guy, superb interviewer, and very knowledge about all things genre. Add this podcast to your list — now.
I love this podcast! Great interviewer. How about an interview of a cast member of The Event.
Tony Tellado is a first rate interviewer. He has an incredible line up of Sci-Fi stars and creators on his show. I have yet to find another Podcast that features so many stars and creators talking about their work in one on one interviews. I highly recommend this Podcast!
Fabulous collection of interviews!!!