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I've been listening to Sci-Fi Talk since 2008. Tony Tellado is one of the BEST interviewers in the businsess. Another great aspect of the podcast is Tony not only interviews television and film actors, but also professionals involved in almost every sector of film and television production, including directors, producers, showrunners, writers, cinematographers, composers, authors, makeup artists, etc. Sci-Fi Talk is always a source of fascinating insight inside the minds of top genre creatives. Put this podcast on your playlist post haste!
If you like genre TV, movies, or projects in general, then you should be istening to this show! The host is a great interviewer, and he gets tons of great guests. It's Sci Fi talk but so much more. Higly Recommended!!
I've been listening to your podcast for years, and thought I should give you a review. Great podcast! I do a podcast, too, called The Walking Dead Talk Through, but that's not why I thought I'd give you a review. One minor nitpick, Tony, and something that makes me wince every time I hear you say it. "/" is a slash, or forward slash. A backslash is "\". I know I'm 100% right - I am a web systems analyst by profession. Any slash in a URL is a slash or forward slash. Please correct this so I stop wincing! :) Content wise, I love the podcast, and wish you did more Everything Geeks. Keep it up.
I’ve been listening to Sci-Fi Talk since I met Tony at San Diego Comics Con in 2013. Great guy, superb interviewer, and very knowledge about all things genre. Add this podcast to your list — now.
I love this podcast! Great interviewer. How about an interview of a cast member of The Event.
Tony Tellado is a first rate interviewer. He has an incredible line up of Sci-Fi stars and creators on his show. I have yet to find another Podcast that features so many stars and creators talking about their work in one on one interviews. I highly recommend this Podcast!
Fabulous collection of interviews!!!