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Reviews For JustAskMarc Bodybuilding and Fitness Podcast

I'm a novice to all of this, but it's nice to see a naturally-fit bodybuilder spend so much time coaching all of us newbies. This podcast is a must have if you want to get into the best shape of your life in the fastest amount of time. Five stars.
Practical, Simple, Realistic, & Straightforward. Very Good Podcast!
I would like the podcasts to be longer, but that is hardly a complaint! Marc and his guests are concerned about teaching people to be healthy, not shortcuts and how to LOOK healthy without being healthy. The advice is simple, straight forward, and honest. Great for beginners or anyone wanting to keep up-to-date with fitness.
I've been listening to Marc's podcast for several weeks now and have found the podcast to be easy to listen to, useful in the gym, and timely for a beginning or intermediate body building enthusiast. Keep the good info. coming, Marc!
this podcast covers questions that most beggining bodybuilders and expierienced body builders would want to know, marc is a cool dude too
mainly a portal to "premium" services, books and other products the guy is selling on his website.