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A smart and fun Audio Community for fans of Genre fiction.
....could well be the sub title on this excellent podcast. Up to date with the trends in technology that are changing publishing, specific, practical, and timely advice on writing, and an experienced view of the marketplace. All that and a strange array of other topics that will have you grinning from ear bud to ear bud.


By jlb328
I want to like this podcast. I really do. It covers a lot of the stuff that I like and it's generally well-produced. The trouble is with the hosts. Stackpole has a smooth, mechanical delivery that reminds me too much of a DJ on a late evening smooth jazz radio station, while the other two hosts sound stiff and awkward. Their interviews never really sound like conversations, with follow-up questions being rare and superficial. Plus, the thing that grates the most is the incessant uncomfortable giggling that is prompted by even the mildest, least unfunny remark - at one point I finally said to my iPod "stop laughing! The person you're interviewing didn't say anything to laugh about!" It's like listening to a radio "morning zoo" type show being done at the high school level. It sounds like the hosts are uncomfortable talking to anyone, and there is no depth to their interviews, which indicates a lack of interest in their interview subjects.
I really like this show. It's informative and they have a lot of fun.
Thanks guys you are so good at what you do! This is a must listen for any SF fan.Give it ty you will be glad you did!
This is one of the few podcasts I listen to regularly, and have been doing so for literally years when they first started out. The quality is consistently high, and the format continues to evolve to keep things interesting. Mike Stackpole is a recent (relatively) joineee to the podcast and offers many insights on writing and the fantasy and scifi genres. Michael and Summer are great hosts as well, and they regularly have pretty top name authors to interview and chat with. Like other listeners, I've gotten several good book recommendations, but even more, it's just fun to listen to what's going on in the genre. If you're into scifi/fantasy, this is a must listen!
Michael, Summer and the gang keep you up to date with what is happening in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Wonderful Interviews and commentary. Worth the time to listen.
This is a great podcast. If you enjoy science fiction novels, you will enjoy listening to interviews of well known authors. The hosts keep you interested.
Great sf/f cast!
I just found a new author to read as a result of listening to an interview on this show. Thank you, people.
I've listened to a only a few shows. I like what I hear. There is some really good content.
I've just discovered this podcast and am really enjoying it. The interviews with the authors is great and in depth and the writing advice is very helpful. Keep up the good work!
if you like to be up to date on science fiction and fantasy this is your podcast. michael and summer do great interviews with the top authors of the genre and michael stackpole goes into depth about writing in general and gives great tips on how to become a better writer
ok yea i know this is for little kids but come on this looks terrible