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Come on... I mean, this show has Nora. It has that little dude too, Len. But... Nora, I mean, WOW.
Other than being able to relate to Len as an artist, I can't figure out why I keep listening. It's funny and addictive. If you are a fan of podcasts, you should listen as well. Good show.
This podcast really is a gem in a lot of couples casts. Many podcasts let alone couples casts tend to be dry or filled with poorly executed humor. Len and Nora are completely and naturally funny and have a way of telling stories that make them all that much better. Even during solo casts Len finds ways to make the show entertaining and always strives for the best quality despite his stress of working alone. All in all a really nice show and I'm really glad I found it! -K
great show len and knorah, nice clean family fun.
So many reasons this show is the best podcast in Cleveland... My opinion puts them as one of the best in general. Superb mix of geek, art, home politics, children, insecurity... Pretty damn-near perfect.
This podcast is amazing. I don't understand why Len and Nora aren't on the front page of podcasts. They are witty and cover topics you don't hear a lot on other podcasts. I am a freshman in High School and I even love this show. Keep it up, Len and Nora!
Join these two at the Knobby Annex and you'll never look back! It's like sitting in on an engaging conversation with friends - funny friends who can even sing a little!
I have been listening to jawbone for awhile now...and let me tell you these two are some of the funniest and most down to earth people out there. If you are looking for what I call a breath of fresh air podcast, do yourself a favor and subscribe to this stellar podcast, you will not be disappointed. Peace, LOBO
This is a great podcast, I highly recommend it. I've been listening to it for over two years now and have loved every show. If you're going to listen to a podcast hosted by a guy named Len and his wife Nora, who have a whole mess of kids, make it this one.
When I first listened to this podcast, I was not so sure I would keep at it. But, Len and Nora have a way of growing on you. But, I hung in and kept coming back to the next episode and finding them more and more enjoyable. They have a terrific give and take and are really fun to listen to. I can honestly say that I really love Nora's rants. I can totally relate to her. I'm also appreciate the creative talent of Len, both his drawing as well as his "radio" personality. Between Len and Nora, Scott Johnson (Extralife Radio, The Instance), and James Kenison (Nobody's Listening) I am inspired to try this whole podcasting thing, someday.


By NLCast
Two amazing people putting out one amazing podcast. Keep up the great work!
Len and Nora cover everything from topical stuff to monsters to the thrills of Lakewood livin'. Give their podcast a try, you won't regret it. Affable, funny, and smart conversations ensue.
Jawbone radio is one of the very first podcasts I ever listened to, and it consistently remains in my top 3 favorites. Every week I anxiously await another installment in the lives of Len and Nora. Nora's dry wit and Len's frantic humor are those of the neighbors I wish I had, but don't. So I tune in to get a virtual visit from my favorite "radio" couple, and suddenly my life seems normal because I can laugh along with other people going through all the same things as my own family.
This is a tremendous podcast, practically defining the term "couplecast". Always entertaining and funny. Nora has one of the quickest wits I've ever heard and Len's just great. I wish my own show was 10% as good as Jawbone Radio.
This show is so universally amusing and is so broad in its range of topics that I honestly would reccomend this show to anyone and everyone. Great work Len and Nora, thanks for making me laugh.
Len and Nora combine to make this a good show to catch. It seems that they talk about anything that catches their interest and what they say is interesting.
You know how Seinfeld was a show about nothing? Well, here we have a podcast that's essentially the same idea – except its the hilarity of the off-topic banter between Len and Nora that has the same comedy chemistry. The first podcast I stumbled upon last year and still by far the best. You'll learn so much and more about monkey diapers.


I love this show. And not just because I produce it. I mean, that's part of the charm and the wit of this show. But really now. Anyone who has been podcasting for a year and only gotten better is worth a listen in my book. What a great show. Did I mention that it's from Cleveland? Yeah. And it's damn funny. Len and Nora with their five kids. That's right. Five kids! How they find the time to podcast is beyond me. But you should really give them a listen. You can't put a finger on it, but Jawbone is just funny.