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good ol pluckn. .... keep it comn, from southern Missouri to west Virginia I enjoy each episode!
Breaks my heart to hear you're ending your show, especially considering the circumstances. I've been pessimistic for a long while about our countries directions. Thanks for brightening my day with some great bluegrass.
Top notch pickin and top quality host! We love gettin in our cardios and our vasculars down here in the FL panhandle. Thank you for honoring and celebrating great music!
Love this podcast! Great choice of tunes and interesting commentary. I just wish Cleo the bluegrass cat got more airtime!
Very nice thank you
I download all these podcasts and have enjoyed listening to everyone. I love that ol time music. It’s so organic and true.


Love the show. I think your show is very professionally done. This is one of my favorite shows I listen to and I never miss an episode. Keep up the great work!!! 😀
Great Bluegrass on the podcast! I was listening to Jack Lewis Bluegrass and Old Time Podcast but he only had 25 episodes and that was it. I found BPS Radio Show and it goes right there where Jack Lewis' show left off. I enjoy listening it a great deal!
I've been listening for 6 years now and Ewell never fails to deliver great bluegrass tunes every week. The local talent continues to put out top notch music and the classics are always a pleasure to listen to as well. If you can ever make your way to Gassaway WV, I highly recommend the family style fried chicken lunch at Vae's diner and lunch with Ewell is a treat as well.
I play in a bluegrass band in Oregon called stereotyped and we have been looking for a station like this for a while I think this station kicks grass
I've been listening to this show for a few years now and keep finding more things to love about it. A great mix of the classics (like Lester & Earl) with the best new artists in bluegrass today. And all of it upbeat (no "tear in your beer music" as the host says). I listen to it on my long runs and it's just the thing to keep me moving. Great work Ewell. Keep it coming and I'll keep listening!
He's built a wonderful show around great music and the conceit that his cats are really the ones driving the entire show and he just talks a little between the songs. I could easily imagine him making the transition from a little podcast and some local radio play to something regional or national with ease.
Ewell Ferguson dishes up local West Virgina bands that you might not hear anywhere else. The music is good, the flavor of the show is unique (definitely not bland) and the kitties rule. Due to the fact that the same show is broadcast on local AM and FM radio stations, Ewell has to have sponsorships for the show to bring in some money. These sponsorship messages detract from the podcast, however, where they are somewhat distracting.
I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer out in North Africa and I love this show. It's a great help when I get a little homesick. I've even convinced a few English teachers to listen to the show. Keep up the good work.
This is still the finest podcast of bluegrass music I've heard. Ewell's enthusiasm for the music is infectious, and Buster's antics have entertained me greatly. I look forward to this download every week! We'll miss you, Buster! :(
Ewell and buster are the best! Who doesen't love a three legged, cloggin' kitty cat and a crazy old codger like Ewell playing good old timey music. Ever since I found this podcast I listen in every Sunday morning over breakfast. Even the grandparents say this is what they grew up with. Keep up the good work boys all of us out here in Northern California love what you're doing.
very nice i love the podcast everyone here in the foothills of north carolina loves buster and u keep up the great work
Great music but the host is pretty strange. It almost sounds like he's hosting a children's show. But, like I wrote before, the music is great.
I found this cast while checking out the 'competition' for our open mic podcast in West Virginia. What I found was a podcast well worth subscribing to. Keep up the good work!
I love Bluegrass music. This podcast is terrific. I listen to it at work and the morning passes by more quickly. All the hassels of the day just seem like nothing. Thanks and keep that great music coming!
The entire crew of the Radio Adventures Of Dr. FLoyd LOVES Ewell and Buster! Thanks for giving Southern California a much needed Bluegrass shot in the arm!
Authentic home cooked bluegrass music from the heart of Appalachia. Ewell and Buster tramp around West Virginia (the only state to be completely contained in Appalachia) recording locals to spin on their weekly radio show. Exceptional recording and editing quality, Ewell’s typical one hour shows are filled with pure unadulterated bluegrass music with just a touch of folksy hot air. No cross-over, cross-contamination, or country drizzled with a banjo, this is real bluegrass. If he can get his cat Buster the engineer to flip the switches, you may be treated to a two-hour show on occasion.