Reviews For The Bitterest Pill: The Dan Klass Podcast

I’ve been listening to The Bitterest Pill since the beginning, and while Dan's wry style may not appeal to everyone, I’ve found it be very enjoyable. Through the daily toils of raising kids, keeping your house from falling into disrepair and dealing with customer “service” reps, it helps me realize that I’m not alone in my struggles with modern life in America. I actually visited the “crazy chicken” place he’s mentioned while I was visiting California this summer, and enjoyed that too. Keep up the great work!
Dan has a great style, keeping the stories, mostly about nothing special, interesting and entertaining. The quality of the podcast is top notch; he puts a lot of effort into making it a great show.
Dan can tell a story in a very dramatic way. Apparently stories are harder and harder to come by, as are episodes of this podcast. Two months ago he had one about being unhappy with a grocery clerk (Dan was obviously at fault). Be nice to see this one come back.
I really like the podcast and I go to karate dojo dan klass goes to.


not my cup of tea - 20 minutes about a call to tech support? yikes
I listened to 4 or 5 of these and went right to his website and signed up for the premium. I swear to god... Funny, funny stuff. He has a story telling style, that I promise you, will keep your attention for the full hour, and will end in what feels like ten minutes. Mr. Klass has a big, fat gem here. Go ahead and subscribe, you simply can't not do it. That would make you simple.
I don't want to hurt this guy's feelings, but I really didn't enjoy this podcast. It was a long-winded story about nothing important with too many staged dramatic pauses and corny jokes. I just didn't care for it. That's just me. Hope that's not too offensive... sorry if I hurt your feelings. :-(
What's up with this? I'm waiting & waiting for the next episode... and nothing. What, he's only doing podcasts for money now? Dude, if you don't want to podcast anymore, don't. But don't start charging us for 4 epidodes a month.
Very funny guy.. He has some of the best stories. I wish all his shows were free but I understand - got to send those kids to the best schools ya know. I quess my once a month fix will have to be enough.
Honestly, have you ever tried to sit in front of a mic and produce something coherent? Add funny and relevant and the difficulty scale goes through the roof. This podcast should be a how-to on relaxed broadcasting. It’s funny, topical, honest and well done. Dan’s story telling is classic. Not everyone will appreciate this podcast however as we have become a culture of instant gratification.
Well, no, he's not really my hero, only as much as he reminds me of me. I am my own hero, But we're here to talk about Dan Klass and his struggles with being an actor in Hollywood, a stay-at-home Dad and an undercover cop in too deep. One of those professions is a lie, and I'll give you a clue: It's not the cop...Ok, it is the cop but the podcast is really funny and you should listen to it, preferably while undercover and in too deep.
Dan is a very old friend, and I am just now getting around to comment on his show. I've been listening to him for over a year. I am constantly amazed that he continues to come up with stories to tell, in an extremely engaging and entertaining way...even on some of the most mundane topics. I'm also amazed that he has such a broad range of listeners from pre-teens to adults. My son and wife are also huge fans. In fact, Dan has cost me $ wife insisted I buy her an iPod so she could start downloading shows to listen to on her time. Thanks Dan...thanks a friggin' lot! [And by the way, he does not charge for the show...that was an April Fool's joke/comment taken seriously by a number of sort of puts him up there with Orsen Wells and "The War of the Worlds" gag].
...for the next installment. Dan's ability to appeal to such a broad range of listeners is one of his greatest talents. His observations are always humorous, frequently insightful, occasionally profound. Definitely worth listening to.
When I grow up I want to be like Dan.
If in the Matrix, Neo would have been given the choices blue, red or bitter, he would have went with the Bitterest Pill. This podcast is hilariously funny, with Dan's best podcasts being the ones with observational humor. His son, Hudson, is excellent in his own right, and in fact steals the show on occassion. And I can't forget Dan's wife, who brings an element of sexual tension to the podcast when she is on board. Thanks for all of your hard work, Dan. It is appreciated. Looking forward to the next Bitterest Pill episode, but hurry. I need my fix.
I've checked out a lot of podcasts out there, and this is the one that i ALWAYS come back to. If you've never heard this, then download it, if you have then i'm sure that you know what i'm talking about. Keep it up Dan! I look forward to your show every week!!!
Dan Klass' podcast just keeps getting better. I think this is because he's found a running theme ... or two or three. Basically, it has become an examination of how a down-to-earth, non-matieralistic person deals with living in a rather fake, class-ridden, materialistic culture. This could easily become self-congradulatory. "I'm better than all of these shallow people." But he doesn't quite get to that point, because he is also self-depracating. He doesn't say that it is wrong to hire a nanny if you can afford it, but he doesn't like it when his neighbors look down their nose at him and his wife because they don't have a nanny. That's just one example. What really makes this podcast special, though, is the occaisional times when you get a glimpse into how he feels about his kids. Episode 71 was so touching ... sorry, that's the only word that sufficies. I highly recommend this podcast.
This is probably my favorite podcast. Dan's wry observations on everyday life are entertaining and often hilarious. I can't wait for each new episode. By the way, he's not charging anything for subscribing. That was just an April Fool's joke.
This podcast is probably not something everyone can get into. If you love satire, dry humor, with a dash of bitterest, this podcast is for you. Every show that he puts out gives the listener an opinionated outlook at his day in the life without pulling any tricks or stunts. One episode cannot give you the full summary of his style. The show is just a great way of taking a break in your day, and everyone should listen to it.
Dan Klass is an amazing storyteller...I love hearing about his family, and every day ordinary stuff that we all have to do, but somehow he makes it so funny. I just wish I'd heard all of his podcasts from the very beginning. Thank you for entertaining us!
Dan, I'm listening to show #71 right now, and I just gotta say, I got nothing but love for you brother! Keep doing what you do - We are all better off for it!
ya i listened to an episode, not that funny...
This is the equivelent of a rhino terd!
Just started to listen to this podcast. Although I was trying to figure what this guy is all about (People like this shouldn't have children) I was amused and thought I'd subscribe, Only to hear him tell everyone that he plans on charging a fee to listen. Two Words "Good Luck"
I would expect advertisment, but to pay. This podcast is barely appealing for free.
One of the first and funniest podcasts I have listened to. Great mix of real life, family and underworked actor comedy. It's one of the first shows I reccomend to anyone just discovering podcasting.
Dan is one of the best storytellers in the podosphere. The Bitterest Pill is a delight. Try it! You'll like it!
He's the King. Wry commentary, pithy observations; he wields his intellect like a surgeon's scalpel, but always (or nearly always) stops short of drawing blood. I've known the man for many, many years, and it's remarkable to see him find the medium, and the medium find him. And such a match...! I hope people understand how difficult it it is to do what he does (the Dad-thing, the husband-thing, the struggling actor-thing, and the podcaster/media lord-thing) and to make it look, or rather SOUND, so easy. In the words of the Guinness guys, "Brilliant!"
I'm just not getting it, my friends. Give this guy a listen. He seems to be doing great by all accounts, except mine. I found it a rambling and incoherent mess, which can be charming in it's own way. (Jean Shephard was a master.) But what I'm hearing is the disordered whining of a just another self-aborbed guy. I'll give it another go some other time. There must be something I'm missing.


By PHiggz
i listen to this on the LIRR in the mornings, laughing out loud when he gets mad at people, and just rants about stuff.... he never gets boring, probably the best audio podcast i've ever listened too....
The Bitterest Pill is never gets old listening to these and the Evil Santa one is awosme. i give this a 5/5 man...keep it up
This guy is great. I never get bored listening to him tell a story, even if it's about absolutely nothing!
Dan's a great storyteller, and it's a matter of minutes before he rules the WORLD! Heck, he already rules my iPod. SUBSCRIBE!
The Bitterest Pill is the podcast you call to help you move furniture, the podcast that remembers your birthday, the podcast that will drive you to the airport. Get on board and feel the love! Tim Coyne The Hollywood Podcast
This show is by far the best for true life humor, a gift we all have but few people can record and broadcast to the world. Dan's stories make the mundane magical, and when Hudson is on board, reminds us all why kids are much more intelligent then we think. A true pioneer (and not to mention so kind in telling everyone about other just as incredible podcasts), Dan Klass should and hopefully will go down in history - after of course passing the legacy to Hudson - as one of the best performers on the bandwidth.
Dan Klass you make my nights at work fly by and my co-workers thinking I'm laughing at them. Love the pod casts, keep up the good work. I also like the fact that it's clean parent humor. Hope you continue in your house, don't change a thing! I absolutely loved the crackers one, it was hilarious! Minxy1
If you're a stay-at-home dad, or just a dad, or a parent, or breathing, you will love this podcast! This comedy for the working (or non-working) man, will have you in stitches.
This under-employed Hollywood actor and under-appreciated stay-at-home dad shares his snort out loud stories with the podcast listener. Join Dan Klass as he discusses his latest auditions, annoying neighbors and crazy kids. Always funny, sometimes relevant, ever Klassic. A must-subscribe for comedy lovers.