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Michael is so on-point, so generous with his guests - he's the perfect reader and he's turned me onto some of my absolute favorite writers and given insight into their work.


Michael Silverblatt is simply the most insightful reader I have ever had the privilege of hearing discuss books. He’s a deft interviewer and always hosts interesting writers, and have found writers whose work I love on numerous occasions. It is proudly intellectual and thankfully respects the intelligence of its audience.
This is a wonderful podcast for book lovers, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get more perspective on their favorite authors or find out about new books that are worth checking out.
I’ve listened to this show for over 15 years and to me Mr. Silverblat is the most perceptive reader & author interviewer I know of (not unlike Elvis Mitchell in his own field of study- film). Often authors say that no other reader/interviewer had observed their work as accurately, even seeing things the authors themselves never noted. Frankly, out of the hundreds of Bookworms I’ve listened to, I’ve maybe read five of the books featured. I’m not as much of the reader I’d like to be, yet it doesn’t make the show any less enjoyable to me. It’s more about enjoying the inner workings of the authors creativity. Up until about five years ago the intro music was a charming old Disney song sung by Jiminy Cricket about books. The intro music now is absolutely awful in my opinion- superficial and banal, and quite unlike the show itself. It’s terribly ironic.
The nasal voice of the host is worse than listening to someone scratching a blackboard. I tried because the content is so good. But I just cannot. My ears can’t take it anymore.
Love this podcast. As a reader always interested in learning about books, this podcast is outstanding.
Certain episodes have brought me to tears. There is real love put into this show.
Michael sees books in a completely different way, even surprising the authors themselves.
Silverblatt is a living legend. Hands down the best author interviewer in podcasts. Writers and readers alike will learn so much from listening to him.


Thanks for review diverse group of authors. Thanks for eating every word. I go through withdraws if a download of Bookworm is not there every Thursday. I really appreciate Silverblatte & how deep he delves. Just wish interviews were an hour!
Unlike most podcasts, this is ok.
Michael Silverblatt is a bright spot of warmth, humanism and empathy in a world that too often relies on cynicism and intellec. A brilliant, nuanced and careful reader, he nonetheless approaches great fiction with humility and curiosity, and his willingness to engage in the most earnest and sincere of ways makes him an interviewer like no other. I have found nothing that more fully feeds the soul and the mind than this podcast, and he helps keep me passionate as a reader. I am so grateful that a podcast like this exists in the world.
This show will help you. Good book talk. Click on subscribe.
Michael Silverblatt is, quite possibly, the best reader of our time. Maybe even of all time.
Silverblatt could interview a chair and I would tune in. He is the most empathetic human alive. I truly think so. If we could have a Silverblatt for every cultural field, this world would be a better place. This is a must-listen for anyone who loves to read. No matter what you love to read, you must listen to this podcast. It’s the only podcast I never miss.
Michael Silverblatt’s understanding of literature and writing is unparalleled. The writers he brings on the podcast are always interesting, and the conversations they have are always inspiring, insightful, and fun. The show has no equal and my Goodreads “want to read” is ever-growing because of it.
I love Michael's podcasts. He is one of the few people who can articulate with such passionate clarity the raw feelings of a book's character and its author. This gift is amazingly beautiful. I hope he continues to read and review books he enjoys because there will always be human beings who will share his appreciation. Life is too short to read books you do not like.
Mr. Silverblatt is always super-enthusiastic and super-in love with every author that he ever interviews... What is the result? That it is impossible to know which author he actually likes or dislikes; and it makes the podcast sound super fake constantly.
There's something kind of "off" about Silverblatt's tastes. He liked Sheila Heti's book for one thing. I think something emblematic is the band that does his theme music. It's some LA band that he loves (he's had them on the program) that sings in falsetto's and has witty lyrics, but sing awful, soul-less songs. What's a bit interesting about Silverblatt is that when he interviewed them he was smart enough to realize many people see the band as just clever but soul-less-- evidently that's his taste. It seems the same applies to books he loves.
But why does KCRW limit it to 10 shows?
The interviews are insightful and interesting-- one of the best podcasts I've found. My one complaint is the into music, which is so mind-bendingly bad that I have to fast-forward through it. Please-- anything, including silence would be better that this.
Silverblatt is an engaging and insightful reviewer. He avoids facile conclusions and gives great authors the opportunity to speak their minds in depth. Don't miss it!
I can think of no higher honor for an author than to be interviewed by Michael Silverblatt.
My only complaint is the length. Bookworm should be at least an hour.
If you love books, a reader or a writer, Silverblatt will blow you away. He is an acute reader and interviewer. I feel like I walk away a little bit smarter every time I listen to him.
Yes, Mr. Silverblatt's knowledge is impressive. That said, I don't want to be impressed by Mr. Silverblatt, I want to learn about the authors & their books. There seems seems to be little if any rapport with the writers; in fact some of them seem to find him as annoying as I do. I'll give him an extra star or two just because he does find great subjects & good books to review, so it might be worth listening to just for that.
This is the most accessible intelligent podcast on books available. Or else it is the most intelligent accessible book podcast. Silverblatt's literary insights are almost mystical.
This is a really good podcast. It has a great flow.
I have been listening to bookworm for years and finally got to see Mr. Silverblatt work in person while he interviewed Martin Amis. Mr. Silverblatt, working without notes, went quote for quote like a literary master and matched wits with Martin on everything from Russian literature to Kingsley Amis. He really knows how to handle the authors he interviews letting them speak as much as possible. Norman Mailer called him "the most well read man in the world" - which to me means he has the respect of the very highest level literatti. All Bookworm shows are now archived and available at KCRW's website. So have fun!!
everyone sounds like they have at least a masters in literature, so this is not about tea cozies versus police procedurals, or how cool some science fiction writers are becoming. sometimes the host and guest go off into the clouds of exquisitely sensitive emotionalism about the delicate examination of inner lives and interior motives regarding a single sentence in the book being so minutely dissected or writing and word ecstasy of adjective and adverb usage or perhaps how so absolutely perfect that period placement which reveals writer turmoil and a bad childhood or perhaps a rotting marriage or significant relationship. not that such words as rotting would ever be permitted. whatever. a terrific listen just before bedtime.
Simply put, what I love about this podcast is it's ability to share anothers intellect for a half hour. To hear the concise words of an individual whose career is writing is profound & introspective!
If you like books, reading, literature, or criticism, this is simply the best interview show on the planet. Michael Silverblatt is not only a splendid host, he is an insightful critic as well. He has carefully read not just the book in question, but usually the author's entire output. He is a sensitive, respectful reader and it's a delight to hear him interact with the authors. The authors in turn are delighted to enter into a dialogue with a reader so knowledgable. But beware--you're likely to begin buying the books so you can partake in all the fun.
I've listened to a lot of book reviews on podcast, and found no one who can measures up to Michael S! He's insightful, smart, witty, funny & charming! You'll be addicted to his podcast once you listen to him. Subscribe and enjoy.
Silverblatt often understands the books his interviewees have recently published better than the authors do themselves. He is a most perceptive reader of wide sympathies. I have profitably bought or borrowed several books based on his interviews--books about which I would have known nothing otherwise.