Reviews For This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Podcast

I enjoyed the information in this podcast, but the sing song baby talk of the hosts made it unbearable to listen to. I replaced it with the podcasts from Science Magazine and Scientific American.
I can’t believe that you joke about monkeys being tested for stress. Are you kidding me? We throw them in a cage, deny them everything natural to their lives, and then we INCREASE their stress levels? And you morons are laughing and joking about it? The Nazies did some great science and had no problem separating ethics from the work that they did, too. You are following in their footsteps. Please mature and grow up and come to the realization that when you are dealing with living things, there is an ethical cost to the science.
Most reviews are 12 years old? Wow! Here is a fresh one. This is a very good and entertaining podcast, thanks to Dr. Kirsten "Kiki" Sanford, whom I have been following since her early days doing food science shows in her white lab coat and her nerdy glasses. Her team adds much and in a very positive way to the topics that are presented every week. Their interviews with interesting researchers and educators are very good, also. I listen to the podcast on my phone, a portion at a time, not the whole hour and a half, but they also have a YouTube channel. Keep it up!
A wonderful mix of perspective meet in this amazing podcast! It’s great and the cast really ties it together, wonderful segments and always some good fun!
It's a great show I listen every week, Gives me all the latest science news with a twist of fun and comedy. See -I used the word "twist" which is like TWIS- their acronym!
Keeps me up to date and Kirsten keeps the goofing around at just the right level. Makes me smile while I learn at not too technical level about the latest. If I could change anything, it would be to tighten up the guest interviews, tighter interviewing to help the guest give the goods and leave more time for headlines and comments from the hosts.
And I will probably be hooked for as long as those three keep it up.
Wonderfully educational , insightful and fun podcast. Every week I look forward to downloading this and listening to it in the car to and from work. The communicators in this show are really funny and entertaining whilst delivering informative new science news. Great work!
I love this podcast! It's one I really look forward to every week. I feel informed and entertained.
Time to write a review! TWIS I love you and listen to you every week. You always fill my brain with fascinating information and interesting facts about science! What would I do without you? Seriously, quit reading this review and go listen to This Week In Science! (I totally have the theme sing memorized btw.)
I tried so hard to enjoy this podcast. I am an avid science fan and podcast listener who donated generously to her favorite projects, but this podcast is a hot mess. Justin is unbearably obnoxious. He sounds drunk constantly, interrupts the female hosts often, and has no idea how to talk clearly. The long silences in the show, the sloppy editing, it's all way too unprofessional. Also, hearing the female hosts allow this ignoramus constantly interrupt them with their nervous giggles is too much for me. Please, this show has potential. Get rid of Justin and have Blair try to talk like a grown up, please.

By Zupie
Having listened to this podcast from the beginning I appreciate very much the enthusiasm this group puts into each presentation. Basic knowledge of science is a vital underpinning of any progressive society. Science sadly is very much under appreciated in our society. The podcast has become more refined over the years but retains thankfully Justin’s quirky commentary that adds loving levity and lubricity to the flow of factoids. Blair blends very informative insights and adds an animal twist. Dr. Kiki has provided the momentum, perseverance and environment for accretion of knowledge into our social fabric. Science is a dynamically updated system of observation and application. This Podcast helps demystify and present to the layperson or science junky one of the most important subjects of our time. This group lovingly dedicates creative energy to enrich humanity and it’s very much appreciated!
On behalf of me AND my high school science kids (who love the random tidbits I get from this show), THANK YOU! This show is entertaining and informative. This show not only tells you about the newest advances in science, but there is a level of explanation in each "story" that is digestible and exciting. Perhaps everything in science is fun for me, but they way in which the team gets into the stories really brings them to life for me. I often find myself using what I've learned from TWIS to directly relate to something I'm teaching in the classroom! (I team chem, physics, bio, and environmental science) While telling stories, I like how the team will continue to say things like "I wonder if the researchers thought about XYZ", "the next step for me would be to look into ABC", or "the sample size was X so we have to keep in mind blank blank blank". I really appreciate the team keeping the stories into perspective like that. Additionally, I love the relationship between the hosts! You guys have great dynamics.
I am a middle school science teacher, and I love this podcast. :)
Week in, week out - love the show and its ability to discuss science topics at a good level that anyone can understand. What science coverage in popular media could be.
The hosts are fun, sarcastic and caring...aka Dr Kiki, Justin, and Blair. I look forward to each episode to get perspective on the week's stories. As someone late to the TWIS party, I also appreciate the moment when I learn the meaning of their inside jokes. Those poor pandas and squirrels never stood a chance.
Great for a general audience wanting current events in science.
Definitely a different way to digest the science topics of the week, but worth the time investment!
TWIS is a fun and informative show. The topics always bring up good conversations I love to have later with my husband.
I have been listening to this podcast for years. I love it as much today as I did when I began. Highly recommended.
I really enjoy the show. The team is always extremely energetic and in some way energizes me when I listen. Sometimes a bit over the top, but that’s better than podcasts which sound like someone is barely aware reading from a script. These guys are always bringing to light amazing and interesting things, and offer a mix of sciences fields and interests that should appeal to most.


By rarias
Love how they explain science paper to mortals. :-)
I've been listening to TWIS for several years now. It's the one constant in my life. I've never studied science but I've always been interested in science. Thanks to Dr. Kiki, Justin and Blair my knowledge and appreciation of this world and the universe has grown exponentially. I'm astounded at Dr. Kiki's vast knowledge in almost every field of science. I enjoy Justin's banter and Blair is the perfect addition to the team with Blair's Animal Corner. Not only are they great hosts, the TWIS team are very accessible to their fans or as we prefer to say - TWIS Minions, some of these minions have become great friends of mine. TWIS is fun, it's educational and the hosts are stellar. They have over 500 shows under their belt which is an incredible achievement considering that they give their time and energy to this weekly show for free. Shows you how passionate they are about the world of science. Here's hoping for another 500 shows.
Listening to Kiki, Blair and Justin is like opening up your mind to a world of fascinating scientific knowledge covering a wide range of topics. Additionally they have developed a rapport that makes the show more than just science talk but entertaining, fun and a great way increase your brain power once a week. Funny, informative, and a whole lot of fun, This Week In Science is a show I will always be a fan of. Let your nerd shine with this fabulous science show. As a bonus you might get lucky and hear Kiki break into some some scinece-inspried improv singing. Love, love, love this podcast.
Where was my life before TWIS? Listening to this show is the most fun I have all week. Dr Kiki, Justin, and Blair give you the hard science while never failing to entertain at the same time. If you’re not into This Week in Science, you should be.
There are many fine science podcasts, but This Week in Science is my favorite. TWIS combines breaking science news with humor in a highly entertaining format. Moreover, TWIS covers the waterfront of science fields as well as providing references that allow viewers to do their own deeper dives.
I have been a fan for many years. Dr Kiki, Justin & Blair are the best science communicators I know. Science presented in a fun and understanable way.
Been listening for years! Enjoy the weekly update of SCIENCE with the blending of intelligent, insightful, and witty perspective. Hope TWIS continues for years to come!
I hear some of you out there gnashing your teeth about the "liteness" of this podcast, but I find this to be a fun listen with a good deal of insight into what's happening in the world of science, a real antidote to physics professors who complain that "this is a physics class, not a math/engineering/circuits/memorization etc., etc., etc. class." Lighten up and enjoy science, its the REAL thing!
Dr. Kiki, Justin, and Blaire deliver great information every week
This show is amazing, funny, educational, and awesome!!!!
Love the podcast. Been listening to it for forever. They make science news entertaining to listen to.
Dr Kiki is awesome. Somehow someone believes that she needs some sort of idiotic sidekick to make the show work. If I have to hear one more idiotic “disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer” rant I will… wait I don’t have to listen to it. I had this joke that I went to a podcast about climate change and all they talked about was science news. Get it… the opposite of… oh great now I’m a jackhole. No really the science is cool, Dr. Kiki is awesome but even my daughters hate the jackhole that keeps talking that works with her. When he comes on and starts ranting about global warming again and again and again we all start laughing. Not that we think global warming is wrong it’s just we have to sit through it again. Dr Kiki keep at it… Drop that Jackhole
Love TWIS! Actual science talk with actual scientists having fun with it. So that's good. BUT I would be so grateful if they could adjust the volume levels of their music. I'll be running along listening to their pleasant banter when I'm nearly knocked off my feet and my ears start spraying blood like shamu with a blow-hole infection as the theme song kicks in at a level that seems ten times louder than the talk segments. So, in conclusion: LOVE TWIS, but may literally not be able to hear it much longer if the volume levels can't be fixed.
Apparently the host doesn't feel it necessary to let the fans of the show know here or on Twitter that the show is no longer apart of TWiT.TV, nor is the show updated any longer with new episodes here on iTunes.
too much banter and a lack of editing
DISCLAIMER! DISCLAIMER! DISCLAIMER! That has to be the most charmless catch-phrase in history. Who, one wonders, enjoys being shouted at by a podcast? Also, I haven't heard where other podcasts have to start out with a disclaimer, much less one bellowed out by the host. My interest in listening ends with the yelling.
I tried keeping up with this podcast but I just can't stand Justin. I think he may be one of the most annoyingly vapid pop sci personalities. I hope Dr Kiki can rrecover her own show someday, until then it's Naked scientists podcast and others for me.
"Justin" is an incurious twit who would rather knee-jerk react than research a subject or idea. I cannot abide listening to his unlettered "take" on, well, anything. Thankfully, Justin is not on Dr. Kiki's Science Hour.
These two spend so much time trying to be cute that the message is lost. It's like an amateur comedy routine at a low-rent club. If you really like science, go somewhere else.
I love this show! Knowledgeable and informative, it makes science approachable to the average person. Dr.Kikki and Justin are very entertaining and bring a lot of energy to the show.
I don't know why this podcast needs the "wisecracking" Justin aboard. He's often given the task of reporting, but doesn't know how to pronounce the things he reports on. His ramblings are often so convoluted, it's l painful to hear. All the more frustrating when the topic would otherwise be interesting. Let the Doctor take the helm, and wish Justin good luck in his Improv career (he'll need it).
Dont like It dont Listen! five stars from me!
For people who like their science news conversed as opposed to reported.
I still remember the first time I heard this podcast 5 years ago on the episode where Justin did his famous DISCLAIMER! about the equivalence of the NASA budget to how many coins you can stack to the moon and the blasting intro from High School Robot. I was just blown away that night sitting on a bus stop, waiting for a bus that comes only every two hours. I became a fan after that. I was a 27 year old, low-waged data-entry clerk without a college education and I've been unsure of what to do with my life over the past decade. It's not until I listened to science podcasts like TWIS and TWIV that I began to reevaluate what I want in life. Your podcasts jump started me into going back to college to get an Associate in Arts for Teaching Secondary (Biology) for High School or Middle School. Your engaging and insightful conversations gave me something worthwhile to strive for where otherwise I was a little lost. Thank your Dr.Kiki and Justin for giving me a path that I can believe in and be proud of in life. Will continue to listen down here in Miami. -Gerald
I've been listening Kirsten and Justin since late 2006 and pretty much haven't missed a single show. They are one of mine source to get sciency goodness-:) on a weekly basis and I love to be able to contribute and share science news I find with other listeners. Keep up guys, you've been doing AWESOME job!!
Justin & Kirsten I love this show, it gets me through the day. At least an hour of it. At least an hour a week. (plus past episodes) Keep the science coming.