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This podcast was a dynamic part of American culture and the platform of podcasting. Now, something is smelling bad and wrong on these guys not good sounding and story. If you get advertise all time - disconnect to prevent virus and device damage Bad hacking portal - SAVE youself.


I just discovered this show! The host bring great energy and great topics to life! A must listen!
These presenters to bring up some fun and interesting topics in an interesting way. I think the show as well thought out and the quality of the audio as well as the format works well. When it comes to discussing matters of politics however I think it’s too aggressive too much name-calling and attacking people personally for things or do it in their professional life.
The guys got a new shot of energy that seems to have corresponded to the quarantine. Maybe it’s getting back to pod basics with no “live” guests but everyone calling or Skyping inbut they have rarely been better and I find myself looking forward to each new episode!
Just discovered this podcast a few episodes ago and i love it. These guys are so funny and have the biggest hearts. Can’t wait for more!
Omg. DaRona is breaking my nerves! But I wanna do this review in my born language...a lot easier for me!!!!! Gracias Fausto and Mark x entretenernos, antes y durante ésta pandemia. Love your energy and not only the contact, but THE QUALITY!!!!!!! We listen you guys so clear, that I’m checking my apt to find if u hidden!!!!! Be safe!!!!! (My Spanish only lasted one sentence) Blame the Covid for any non sense... ;)
I never miss a Vivacious or Peaches Christ episode. ❤️🌈🤡
I once listened to this all the time, right around when they first started and there were some great episodes when they were Feast of Fools. It was the typical podcast with two guys just talking with a guest here and there and it was entertaining. But gradually things began to shift to a very one-sided mentality. Prior to 2016 I could put up with their ignorant politics and world view, but now every episode is just a Trump rant and filled with misinformation and HATE. They consistently delete any criticism from their site (that's why I've decided to make the effort and post this on Apple) and they refuse to acknowledge that anyone have a different point of view (otherwise you're branded as racist, homophobic, transphobic, rich... etc). Fausto is the more annoying of the two. He talks over everyone while not having a clue. If you want to hear two gay guys complain about how bad the world is and demand that the government give them free stuff, then this is the podcast for you.
Among the multitude of LGBT themed podcasts, Feast of Fun (Fools to us long time listeners) hosts Marc and Fausto stand above all else with the wide range of topics covered, the amount of research and knowledge they have regarding our community’s history and their amazing guests. I’ve been a listener for well over a decade and will continue to support these guys and the fantastic work they do for the world. Long Live FOF!
I have so much love for this Podcast. It has opened my world to some amazingly talented drag queens, my faves would be Peaches Christ, Christeene and Lady Bunny. I also love love love the in-depth geek chats with Bryan Sweeney of everything sci-fi, fantasy, or just...Bryan Sweeney. I also love the smorgasbord of amazing guest comic talent. Fausto and Marc’s fresh impression of the latest news is insightful as well as entertaining. I have spent many a road trip with Feast of Fun and will continue to do so. Highly recommended.
At first I enjoyed this podcast but the more the I listened to it the more Fausto grates on my nerves. He's ill-informed, narrow minded, self aggrandized, is constantly accusing everyone with a cooking themed YouTube channel of ripping off (the horrendous) "Cooking with Drag Queens." Actually he likes to accuse anyone with a podcast of ripping them off. I have to listen sporadically. It's best when there's a guest to deflect their attention or else you're in for an hour long Fausto is so great and everyone copies him commercial. Not to mention that they tie everything back to drag queens....... My suggestion is to take everything this dude says with a grain of salt!
I look forward to listening to you guys explore different topics! So much so that I miss when you guys don’t release them on a regular basis. Pretty much you do, just sometimes I notice a delay, but I know you guys aren’t machines and need downtime as well. Thanks for putting out such quality stuff! You guys are the best!
I take a break from this podcast occasionally because I find Fausto to be Benson and Hedges Deluxe Ultra Extra at times. And they get a LOT of hate from Chicago locals for some reason. Since I don't know them personally, I won't comment on that. The episode about The Bearded Lady is why I keep returning. This. Was. Epic. An amazing life told for future gay generations. Maybe if a podcasting network took them on, they wouldn't have to ask for money so much. But when I get tired of the money begs, I remember that I'm not constantly being told to buy a Casper mattress or Stitch Fix. And then there's frequent guest Peaches Christ. Her name on the episode always guarantees a great time. And their interviews with past, current, and future superstar drag queens are valuable documents of drag history. I expect my friends to put up with my "enthusiasm" when I discuss things that I love, so I do the same for Fausto.
Hey, guys! New year! You can start dating your podcasts in 2019, now!
Love this guys especially when they take over each other and the lite loving shade.
Best podcast in the whole world so much ,down to earthso much t no shade and pink lemonade love love love


amazing show i love the drag queen news and banter. this is no fly by night podcast they have been around for a long time. great content you eaither love this podcast or hate it. at first i was like i dont know becaouse some of the language and always horny jokes but as soon as i just let go and let god this podcast is amazing!!!!!! i love the Vivacious impersanations and lady bunny rambling
There's something really refreshing about Feast of Fun. When everywhere around you there are screaming, talking heads, Fausto and Marc are a down-to-earth duo who take a lighthearted tone on the world's craziness. They cover a broad range of topics, including current events, LGBT musicians, RPDR, self-improvement, and sexual health. And then they cover some really weird stuff—that's when it gets fun. If you're looking for something self-important and serious, go elsewhere. But…if you're looking for an uplifting way to pass your day, the boys at Feast of Fun will continue to delight you, especially if you're a cool enough cat to support them. I've been a listener and supporter for 8 years now, and I've never regretted it!
I love Feast Of Fun! Marc and Fausto have great chemistry and I enjoy listing to them talk. I love how they have all different types of guest on the show and help me get to know new people to check out. I enjoy listing to their stories and how they touch on all kinds of topics. They don’t hold back and tell you how it is all from a place of love. You leave me hungry for more and get me excited for a new episode! :) Keep up the hard work.
The host are very bad interviewers. Especially the Fernos guy. I feel he is more of a complainer than an interviewer. They both seem to get upset when the interview guest gives them a taste of their own BS. They both come off as a "poor us" podcast a "everyone needs a trophy for playing" mentality. They are also complain about RuPaul and RuPaul Drag Race but also obsessed about him. I hope they both wake up and find better topics.
The main thing I like about this podcast is that they don’t think that they are inherently funny/interesting because they are gay. I’m looking at you Ross Mathews. They don’t call everyone girlfriend and think it’s a punchline when they do. And they bring in topics for their shows because they don’t believe their day to day life must be so fascinating. Always interesting and fun.
I’ve been listening for a couple years now. I’m older 54, have lived openly since 18 and don’t have much of a gay circle anymore. Ok, I have no circle it’s just me. These guys are one of my connections to gay life anymore. Episode #2292 was incredible. You and the guest hit on several critically important topics around aging and being gay that never get discussed or acknowledged. Books could be written and movies made on some of the ideas you touched on in the episode around aging, technology, and remaining relevant. Please think about delving deeper into some of the issues raised in this episode. This podcast is fun and seriously important to many of us gay men.
Mark and Faust are charming and fun. Always a good time with these two. Highly recommended.
Ever the rabid drag enthusiast, I began listening to the show in order to listen to the interviews they often conduct with drag queens. In addition to drag queens, the hosts interview bloggers, comedians, and YouTube personalities. I quickly fell in love with the podcast, and I find the hosts' cheesy and raunchy sense of humor absolutely delightful.
A podcast where gay culture goes “straight” to the source. No need for an instagram filter here.
When they interview guests
I listen to a lot of podcasts throughout the week and Feast of Fun is my favorite. Feast of Fun is one of those podcasts that I absolutely never miss. Marc and Fausto are lovable and hilarious, usually intentionally. I get gay-centric news from them I wouldn't get anywhere else. I learn things about the LGBT community that I never knew. I learn inside insights into the scene in Chicago, my favorite city in the world. And, it's funny. It's entertaining.
Currently, Feast of Fun and TLO Opinion Feast are my favorite podcasts on iTunes. In the past, Feast of Fun has invited many fabulous guests to their hilarious show. Their gay culture commentary is not only entertaining but also educational. You can also check out their original content on YouTube.
I've been listening to FOF for about a year now, and while I enjoy most of the podcast, I have been skipping some of the episodes. The hosts, Marc and Fausto, are pretty much up to date with gay cultural but lately I find Fausto hard to listen to when he's always doing too much. Other than that, I still enjoy listening on my way to work. I even paid for the year subscription. At the time I got it, it was worth it.
The show promotes unprotected promiscuity, is low-class, and is very-very bitter about the success of RuPaul. I started listening to the show when I looked up certain drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. After listening to those episodes, I subscribed and listened to more. Basically in search of any more content talking about Ru’s Girls. I’m sure many others tune in for the same reason. What I’ve found in between episodes is a married couple who can’t even commit to each, but want listeners to commit in monthly paying for their podcast in an automated payment plan. They have no respect for anything, including each other, as they freely talk about sexual relations with strangers and freely talk about hooking up on Grinder and other hook-up apps. When they do speak of RuPaul, they consistently paint him and the show in a bad light. Then they get commentary from queens who are also bitter about not being picked for the show. If they don’t like the show, stop watching it! The same why I’m going to stop listening to this show. Bye-Felicia!
These guys are great fun to listen to, they really keep me company on a regular basis. One of the podcasts I try not to miss!
It's an ok pod cast
I love how this podcast has turned into a Rupaul's Drag Race talk show! The guests and insights are wonderful.
I love these boys. Listening to them on my long commute to work has made my mornings so much better! Fausto has a excellent sense of humor and makes the podcast fun to listen to. Marc adds a nice touch of warmth, information, and groundedness to the podcast. Every time I listen to them, it feels like I get to kiki with my favorite squirrelfriends. Keep up the good werq boys! :)


By Jago25
One if the best podcast when it comes to gay topics. Everyone gay and straight need to listen this!!
I stumbled upon these boys one day and have been devoted since. I take them to the gym with me. I would tell anyone who has written a nasty review to give the show at least a 3 episode listen. Keep it up fellas. Looking forward to cooking with drag queens. I sure hope "Chelsea Piers" will be joining you. She is the most talented up and coming queen in NYC!
Get your current events and a good laugh from your new gay besties! Shows have many topics, with research and professionalism. You may want to upgrade to get some everyday! Great insight for this PFLAG mom.
I had to stop listening. Movie is out for 2 weeks and they spoil it. :(
This used to be a great podcast, but in the last year and a half, it seems that it has run it's course. Fausto is obsessed with “Showgirls” and used to quote lame lines from that move almost every show. That had slowly been taken over by their complete obsession for everything that is RuPaul's Drag Race. Hardly an episode goes by without a good 10-15 minute rant about Drag Race, Fausto speaking in a ridiculous “drag voice” . Then there's Fausto's insistence on singing... and not well. Couple that with his "drag voice" and bell ringing and I think it's about time for them to take a bow and say “good night.”
These guys and friends truly execute their intentions to create a community of informed and entertained listeners. They not only engage the conversation of gay rights, gay life, and all GLBT issues, but also perpetuate the importance of embracing people from every sector of society. Fausto and Marc play off of each other with addictive banter that livens every show. Each guest interview brings out deep and interesting topics which allow listeners to get acquainted with many fantastically creative minds. A must for every IPOD.
Not really an intelligent podcast, and not particularly funny. Just a lot of the same sexual jokes that assuming that all gays are shallow and stereotypical. The kind of people who give the rest of us a bad name. Most of the podcast consisted of the podcasters talking over one another and arguing.
i can't seem to be able to download any podcast since the one about miley's tongue.. is it only me or others have similar problem as well?
Feast of Fun is one of my favorite podcasts. They specialize in finding interesting people to interview, or just hanging out with a few hilarious veterans. This show is worth your time.
What a great show. I always look forward to the next episode. However, the kismet recent episode doesn't match the title and is a repeat of the previous one. Lol! Keep up the great stuff!! 👍


You are failing... Absurdity
Feels like listening to good friends talk..about stuff...with some drag queen... From drag race? 👍👍