Reviews For TravelCommons

Mark does a great job of relating the world of the road warrior with a bit of branching out to those of us who are miles and points nutty Always a calm and reasonable voice one that’s been in my ears for four years
I have been a fan of this podcast for many years. If you are a road warrior or a mileage runner, you will love the tips to make your travel easier. Cheers
Great podcast for travel lovers and even more so for those who are frequent travelers. I love listening to Mark’s travel stories and am grateful for the tips he shares. A must-listen!
The best half hour you'll spend IF you're a frequent traveler. Mark is great. His studio uses the latest in space age compound porcelain acoustics for an unrivaled "realistic" sound quality, as if you were right there in the studio with him. Once a year flyers who only fly to take the kids to Disney world... much respect, you are a better person than me, but this podcast is pretty much not for you. On the other hand if you know where seat 2B is because you sit there regularly, subscribe to this pronto, bubba. #PrivatizeTSA #EndTheGroping KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MARK. -Frank, 10nmESE CMI
As project manager with lots of travel thrown in, I really enjoy hearing Mark's travel tales and can very much relate to his insight and observations. Its and easy and fun listen. Just wish it was more frequent!
Very informative podcast for the busy traveller; focuses on the travel part and figuring out the best way to do it. Presenter is to the point, but employs cool music bridges and a wry sense of humor and observations that add to the listen. Really great niche podcast that should be part of your travel listens. Enjoy the business perspective as well.
I've just watched the 'Impressions of Vietnam' podcast and found it quite useful and interesting to watch. Mark has a good way of describing things.
Like Mark, I too am a long-tenured road warrior. The TravelCommons podcast provides the information and anecdotes that anyone would find useful, enjoyable and funny. As a side benefit, Mark's voice is so soothing that after listening to a particular episode once through, I typically save it so that on a long flight I can listen to it again with my noise cancelling headphones and have his dulcet tones lull me to sleep!
Even if you don't travel frequently, TravelCommons is an excellent way to live vicariously through the eyes and ears of a business traveler. Mark paints a picture like few other's can with his travel stories.