Great, great music BUT Richard just talks waaaay to much about alot of useless crap.
After I read a review of Roots Rock Radio in Rolling Stone a few years ago, I started listening and never looked back. Excellent music, thoughtful commentary and quick glimpses in club life on the East Coast. Make sure you download the Holiday episodes! Fine work, Richard.
Roots Rock is like a tropical island in the barren sea of FM monotony. Excellent tunes by groups I would have otherwise never hear from.
I've been listening to RR Radio for over four years now, and I think it's one of the best podcasts out there. It's one of the few that aren't manufactured by a media outlet, and Richard Taylor's matter of fact delivery is refreshing to hear. I read a comment or two about issues with Richard Taylor, but I think Richard represents what is best about the podcasting format. He's an amateur disc jockey with a love for this type of music. It's the only place that I know that focuses solely on Roots Rock, and I've learned about so many bands by just listening to the podcast. Yeah, he's a little dry, but he grows on you. If you like straight forward rock-n-roll, this is the show for you.
I enjoy the music that is played on these shows, but the host of this one talks in a monotone voice and seems like he has the excitement level of a person in a coma. If he were a little more lively, it would really add to the show. 5 stars for the music, 1 star for the host, an average of 3 stars.
Richard does a great job finding great new stuff, that is if your open-minded. Some folks only want the same ole,same ole....then this is NOT the podcast for them. Alot of stuff he puts on doesn't exactly thrill me at first listen, BUT many of these tunes grow me and turn into favorites. IF you are open minded musically,it's great.....If you prefer the the same ole, then just stick with your crappy FM stations and bore yourself silly.


By tivoguy
Richard's smooth voice goes wonderfully with excellent selections of "indi roots rock" that you won't hear anywhere else. Thanks Richard!
When I first got into podcasting I listened to five minutes of the first episode of RRRadio and decided to unsubscribe...what the hell was I thinking. Two months later I was asking myself this very question. I gotta say I love this show and wait with growing anticipation for every episode. I do have to say one thing though; I'm not a fan of Richar'd music. Other than that, I love the stuff he plays. It's got this fresh quality...well most of it. His "punk" and "garage" rock selections sound too polisthed to be considered such in my opinion. Not that they aren't good though. All the songs he had are good. I can't wait for the next one.
I have yet to hear an episode of this show that has not been consistently great from start to finish. Great mix of established acts and stuff you probably have not heard before, and all of it just great music. If you like roots rock, get this podcast.
...and it's free!!! Mr. Taylor's podcast is one of the best availabe. If you love pure rock & roll music, do not pass this one by.
Can't wait for the next installment every week. Great news and current events along with excellent tunes. I am even getting used to Richard's deadpan delivery, very endearing. This is a must-have podcast for (roots) rockers.


By many73
I like music the kelly she is cute and irresistible I enjoy this song


YA! I think no I know this is what Podcast is 4!!!
The last four or five show have the best mix of music I have heard in a very long time. Keep on Rockin. I like this music it sounds fantastic on an ipod.
The first podcast that caught my eye just from the title. It's a sensation, listening to it while skiing gives me that much more motivation. I enjoy hearing the songs from people I've never heard of. If you want to hear good music, subscribe.
Consistently excellent. Thank you, Mr. Taylor, for playing such good stuff I don't hear any where else. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for producing a show that features such great otherwise unheard music. Since I recently discovered Roots Rock Radio I am hooked. My only complaint is that now I will go broke buying records or downloads from these emerging artists. Keep on Rocking! Steve from Wisconsin
There is nothing like this to be found on Houston radio. I download these shows as soon as they come out. Great stuff -- Its like a bourbon and a rib-eye steak.
This is the first podcast that I subscribed to and yet the only one that I keep saved in itunes and on my ipod after I listen to each episode. Richard is a great host and it feels like you are just hanging out at the house with a friend, listening to some of the best music around. If you are a fan of rock, alt-rock, alt-country, co-pop, rock-a-billy, or just plain roots rock, then this is clearly the podcast for you. This show never disappoints. You should also download the back episodes.
This is a really good show. Lots of music, really good rock & roll music. Thanks a lot.
This is an exceptional show. A great place to hear samplings of good music not yet spoiled by the commercial top 40 music machine. As a result of this show, my music library is growing quickly. If you like one episode, you'll like them all. Thank you Richard! Keep the music coming!
I love guitars that go twang. That's why I love this show. A great mix of snappy, poppy, rockin music I haven't heard elsewhere. Only 4 recent shows posted on iTunes. I wish I could get them all.
This show is one of the best podcasts out there, with new songs every week, it is great. Also, the host has such a nice personality. This is a must download!
I have over a two hour commute each day and it is a pleasure because I've found Roots Rock Radio. New and refreshing...doesn't get any better. Keep it up Richard!
Outstanding presentations of rock at its roots. There are a lot of rocking garages across the land! This show has its finger on the pulse of the continuing music movement. Great listening and informative too.
Hi Richard, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the show. I thought I wanted the iPod just to listen to music when I travel. Then I found your program, and look forward to getting your new shows. Your Poscasts are the most enjoyable part of owning the player now. Thanks! Mike Jones
You don't get better than this for roots rock and indie music. Don't subscribe for the usual radio stuff because it ain't here. This is the creative frontier - vital and alive. These tunes are new and vibrant from worthy composers and performers. The host even pitches in some of his own exciting cuts with The Ravers showing his roots credibility. It's not about the host though; it's about the music - something Richard knows better than most.
If you like indie Roots Rock, alt Country, Garage, Rockabilly, indie Pop Rock, and rockin' Blues like I do, here is the best source from anywhere I've ever found. PERIOD. Great choice of music. Absolutely THE BEST. THANKS!
This is one of the best podcasts out there now and still will be when there are many more added. The selection of music played is unbeatable. I'd suggest downloading and listening to every available episode now!