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Always enjoyed Fighting Talk and there has always been a consistent level of high quality guests. The level of quality guests has dropped markedly recently with the likes of Clinton Morrison, Charlie Webster and Felix White. The final straw was having James Haskell as a guest. I’m sorry, I will not be listening anymore.
I’ve been listening for years, and it takes me that long to be convinced to write a review. Consistently brilliant pundits and comedians backed up by a 60% quality host - ok maybe 75% - make this a must-subscribe.
I LOVE FT!!! I've been listening here in the USA for several years and really enjoy passing my time on the road listening to the banter and punditry. My only "compliant" is the dip the show took when Colin Murray left the host chair. The mix since then has seen a few bright moments, but overall, the hosts have never reached the level that Murray achieved. Georgie Thompson does a solid job, but listening to Josh Widdicombe is like driving with the parking break on. Otherwise, brilliant.
Fantastic show, never miss it!


By (A)ndy
Fantastic show. Accept no substitutes. Glad Colin is back!
A fantastic podcasts that takes a light hearted look a sport. Colin Murray is fantastic as host and there is a wonderful array of guests from former athletes to journalists to comedians.
A nice way to start your weekend is obviously listening to a load of nonsense. A sports quiz in the way a Lada is a race car. Guests so famous even hipsters haven’t heard of them. Carefully corralled by one of Edith Bowman’s pals. 10/10.
Great show. Download today.
As an American who follows European Football, this hour long show provides plenty of behind the scenes commentary in an entertaining way that keeps me up with much of the behind the scenes activity. Been listening for many years and never miss a show.
Great panelists, the best presenter in sport and genuine laugh out loud moments every week. Never a bad show although if heluim gas and a dog whistle successfully conceived the result would be Steve Bunce's voice. I count the days between episodes but sadly that may say more about me than it does the show. Long live Fighting Talk! *Hallelujah*
ESPN as "Round the Horn" a panel show that attempts to be combatitive and funny around sporting topics. The BBC has Fighting Talk. Or to put it another way, in sporting terms. ESPN has MLS, the BBC has the Premier League. ESPN has the Browns, the BBC has the Patriots ESPN has the 76ers, the BBC has the Dream Team Basically its the best sporting panel show out there.


By BBC247
Highlight of the week! Great fun.
Despite Colin Murray's affinity for the Toronto Blue Jays, this is a can't miss pod for me. The humor is non stop, the panelists are entertaining, and this is how I learn about sport in the U.K. (perhaps not the most straightforward way to do so).
First review in 5 years? Weekly show consisting of sports people and comedians bantering over topical questions of the week. Listeners of the show also get to participate via asking the 2nd question of the show by posting their question on the facebook page FT316. There have been a few changes in hosts the last couple of years but the show is in good hands with the new hosts for the start of this season. The podcast is far more preferable than the iplayer as that has issues with cutting off the last round DTI. Defend the Indefensible is where the finalists have to defend a ludicrous statement and the best 15-20 second answer is awarded the win.
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. It isn't actually sports news, but talk about the news. Even still it is enough to keep up with sports in the UK.
A great show that combines current sports topics with some great humor. If you haven't already you have to give this a shot.
What a great way to get the footie weekend going. I don't download until Sun. Morning, but I can listen to that followed by Sat. 606 for what's going on in the sitcom known as the EPL. It puts me in a great shape for the commute to Sunday work.
Fighting talk has a great mixture of topical discussion on the weeks sporting events, whilst simultaneous being able to identify with guests playing the game. Best format of sports entertainment show I have come across.
Hey, not bad! I was wondering how this type of format would work on 'radio', after the terrible ESPN version 'starring' Max Kellerman. Pretty decent, and laugh out loud funny when describing Duncan Ferguson punching Paul Scharner. Good host, pretty good byplay. The 'score' keeping is a bit gimmicky, but good discussion.