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As a filmmaker in Houston I’m wanting to learn more about Hollywood and I’ve learned so much just listening to this amazing podcast! Forever listener!!
So good, an essential for anyone involved in entertainment or looking to understand the biz in Hollywood/LA. Love that it’s with the times. Love having such an awesome woman at the helm.
Typical Hollywood conservative haters. Hate FOX, Hate Trump, love all things left. It's like they don't know or care that potentially half of their audience is offended by their blatant bias.
Listened for years and years. Now I'm done. Kim Masters is the worst in terms of pushing her own personal agenda. She constantly uses confirmation bias to push her beliefs forward. Her feminist agenda is fine (being a woman myself), but - most recently - when she defends Samantha Bee with that same agenda, it is nothing but pure hypocrisy on her part. I will now try to find an entertainment business podcast that is not such a platform for one person's political and social agendas.
Kim is exceptionally Sassy which is great. Excently produced as well!
Such great insights every week!
This podcast regularly has fantastic guests that I'm very interested in. To get to these guests is a test of endurance. First you have to listen to three people of unknown qualification read the front page of The Hollywood Reporter, then they blindly speculate in a circle (triangle?), until it just runs out of steam. Then, there's the interview! Finally the guest you've been waiting for! But, oh no, one of the people from the first part is back and she conducts the interview by teeing up stories the guest has told on the press circuit elsewhere. Between these stories she will inject her own moralizing (at one point stopping Ridley Scott to clarify with the audience that Ridley wasn't celebrating Kevin Spacey's transgressions. Thanks, miss, this was unclear until we pumped the breaks on the guest and went around the table to confirm we dislike awful behavior). This is a pod that needs a major change up, but the booker is an all-star!
Not sure why I heard Donald Trump’s name mentioned 5x in the first few minutes of this podcast. Completely biased and false pretenses.
And how it's made this is a great podcast
Really enjoy this show and Kim Master's style of interviewing - friendly, firm, concise. The recent Shawn Levy interview was especially inspiring. I just wish the show was released more frequently.
Starts with week's indsutry news "banter," which is helpful to get once a week. Then goes into a guest who is always interesting. The host isn't the best of all time, but this is a good one for people in entertainment!
This has been one of my favorite podcasts going back for years now. Kim Masters has a great voice and always puts her guests at ease when she's talking to them. I especially love the "banter" at the beginning of the episode that keeps you up to date with all the latest headlines.
Flops, mega-hits, the egos and the charms of the film and TV business all in a short format.
Show is good and informative, particularly the brief banter at beginning. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of the Left, Right, and Center promo with Josh Barro yelling "HEY!" at the start. If I have the volume up this is jarring and potentially damaging to ears.
This podcast is a great way to quickly keep up-to-date with the the biggest news items for the last week in the film and television business.
I've been listening to this podcast for at least 5 years. Always consistently excellent in it's banter about the business and it's in depth interviews.
Kim Masters from the Hollywood Reporter hosts this weekly Hollywood Business podcast which is a must listen if you're in the "biz" or even just fascinated/interested in it. The "Hollywood Banter" which begins the show (now alternating between their TV expert and Matthew Belloni from THR after JG Horn left to do his own thing on So Cal's KPCC) breaks down the week's top issues, the segues into an interview with the people who make the content we all love. The interviews are insightful and don't shy away controversial elements. Being in the industry myself, listening to this is an important part of my week.
Looks like John Horn and Darby M. are on their way to other adventures, but Kim Master can handle the changes. My first review posed speculation about former host Claude Brodesser-Akner, but KM has surpassed him by a few measures. This is the starting point for people who want to know how the cinematic sausage is made. Complete, interesting, well researched, always compelling. it's a compact gem.
This podcast boasts outstanding production values and great interviews. Keep up all the hard work.
I'm a big fan of this podcast because you learn a lot about hollywood and the thought process of what goes on behind the scenes and why certain movies get certain budgets. Also learning all about the new movie buzz is fantastic. Kim is a great host and interviewer and always has great smart guests. Subscribe !!!
Driving in LA traffic is now palpable with this, my favorite, podcast.
One of my top favorites! Smart, just gossipy enough, crisp, moves right along. Plus: no yelling, grunting or self-congratulations.


Possibly my favorite public radio show, and that's saying something. Yes, it's about the entertainment industry, but it's ALSO about all of our work and dreams -- when I hear someone on the programs say, "… and then we tried for seven years to pull together the financing. We finally got it, but then the studio cancelled the project," it speaks to all of us and the things we try to accomplish: Should I dig in and try harder? Is this just a lousy idea that I should give up on? Should I listen to critics or just press on -- I know what I'm doing… I think. A great program AND worth it just to hear the cool opening theme music.: "What's with him?" "Oh, I'm afraid he's gone Hollywood…"
The Business provides the essential news about the screen trade. If you are in the business, or just interested in it, this is a must listen.
Truly an excellent podcast. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Hollywood news.
Grade A from script to screen. No better podcast exists. Kim is flawless.
I love how great they discuss the distribution and marketing of entertainment. This should be mandatory listening for business students interested in entertainment.
My favorite podcast. Intelligent, informative, and insightful. Plus, other positive words that begin with an i. Look forward to it every week.
Whether you're in the "business" or a fan, this is THE podcast for you. An absolute "must" and a "can't miss" every week, all year around!
Kudos to Kim M. and her compadres at The Business, the 4/4/11 episode is excellent! Thanks for the insightful coverage of a interesting and important subject. This show thoughtfully explored many aspects of a nuanced topic in both a short amount of time and a multi-faceted way. Love the show and I look forward to the next podcast!
I'm a huge fan of Kim Masters and Co. They do a good job producing shows for the casual fan and the countless aspiring writers who are no doubt listening to this show. It's entertaing - I look forward to it every Monday night. Also, for those new to the Hollywood scene/narrative, I would actually recommend Master's book about Michael Eisner and Gabriel Rossman's iTunesU podcast out of UCLA.
I heard about this show while listening to the Slate podcast and have throughly enjoyed it. Kim Masters seems to really know the movie business and interviews some very interesting people. Every show leaves me with an appreciation of some new aspect of the movie business. Keep up the great work.
Great interviews.
Pithy, diverse, insightful, entertaining, smart, funny, thought provoking.
Keep up the great work.
I believe Ms?Masters has finally hit her stride by pairing her with someone as knowledgable about the screen trade. The humour is gone but the banter is topical and the interviewees are pretty impressive for their wisdom, insight, and opinion. If you want to keep on top of the latest trends & news that affects Hollywood you will get it here.
Until the recent episode on blogging Hollywood, I had strongly considered cancelling my podcast subscription. The show lost much of its heart when it changed hosts and I was fully prepared to conclude that it was beyond saving. Then, the new host surprised me with an entertaning and informative interview. Who knew she had it in her? Not me. I have not often been so happy to be wrong. I will continue to listen, but am prepared to unsubscribe if it doesn't maintain its current standard. Still, I miss the CBA show.
This podcast was once a part of my industry diet. But since the introduction of the new host I have found it bland and of no worth.
excellent I never miss it, I wish it was longer!
I used to look forward to this show every week when Claude Brodesser-Akner hosted, but when he was booted and Kim Masters took the reins it lost its humour and fun. Now it's just a typical business show: a little dull, a little long, and not as enjoyable. It's still a listenable show, but I no longer get excited when the latest episode starts downloading.
I give Kim Masters a lot of credit. It's not easy to step into an established show and put your own imprint on it and I think she's done it very gracefully. I liked Claude and now I like Kim. After a few transitional weeks, it's as relevant now as it was then.
For any filmmakers, it's so good to hear some great information. Look forward to following all the episodes, and hearing more about what is happening in The Business.
A number of weeks ago a commenter named "Axe" cast some disparaging remarks about Kim and Matt and this show. Rather than comment way back there where nobody will read it, I have the polar opposite reaction. While listening to old fashioned radio the other day I happened upon "The Business" and immediately subscribed to the podcast. Kim is tremendous, the opening back and forth between her and Matt has a great tone and is informative. And then the segments are really insightful. I've wanted to find something like this show and it is far and away the best in its class.
When Claude Brodesser-Akner hosted the show, it was compelling and informative. The new host, Masters, is a bit of a letdown. I find the coverage of stories to lack depth and the content has been somehow diluted. In the show's former incarnation, I felt like I was gaining a unique insight into the inner-workings of "the business"; now, with the current show, I am being exposed to news that is better covered elsewhere. The stories are unoriginal, a bit dated, and thin. Kim Masters doesn't seem to have much insider knowledge and appears to be somewhat of a lightweight as a commentator. I would be happy with either being entertained or informed and I find that, lately, the show provides me with neither. Whereas the former host shed a light on the industry, the new host appears to do a number of puff pieces that go nowhere. The new show is different in tone, style, and substance. I don't like any of the changes. As a trivial aside, I also dislike the lead-in and the choices of interstitial music recently.
Orginial host Claude Brodesser-Akner is gone and new host Kim Masters is not very good. It has been a few months and the show has gone down hill. For example, when interviewing Adam Fogelson President of Marketing and Distribution, Universal Pictures, Master pretty much asked the same question 6 different ways. Oh so boring. This was a good podcast/show that is now limp, lame and lost.
The show is not as much fun without Claude and Matt.