Reviews For KnitCast

Marie Irshad is a great host. I love hearing from and about the designers she interviews. She does have an awesome voice: very soft and soothing. The topics and the questions she asks are interesting and insightful. Finally I've heard Debbie Bliss and Ann Budd speak! Woohoo! I can't wait to hear more!
This is by far one of the best knitting podcasts that I've listened to. Great interviews with great designers and innovators of the fiber arts (Debbie Bliss, Annie Medesitt!!). Marie's voice is great to listen to -- soothing with inflections at the perfect time. It's been truly informative for me. Thank you Marie!!
Marie's soothing voice asks thoughtful questions of exciting (to a knitting fiend) guests. The sound quality on her end is usually excellent. I love this podcast and only wish it were more frequent.
This is the podcast that I check all the time to see if there are updates. Sadly, the frequency of how often she publishes is sporadic. But no matter. They're delightful, smart and fascinating. If you knit or crochet, you will definitely find enjoyment in these.
There is something deeply soothing about Ms. Irshad's voice. It isn't just the yearnings of an Anglophile across the pond (though that must have something to do with it). It's also that she's so calm. Her interviews are always filled with fascinating folk and gentle questions. I find myself smiling while driving, enjoying the peaceful rhythm of the banter. Ms. Irshad has done us all a favor by blazing this trail. We are all the richer for her generosity.
I first hear about this podcast in the winter 2005/2006 issue of Vougeknitting international. They said how wonderful it was but at first i was sceptical. I mean a knitting show over the radiowaves couldnt be very good right? WRONG!! Marie Ishad's podcast is absolutly fantastic. The guests and topics are extreamly interesting and entertaining. I highly advise anyone with an interest in knitting to subscribe to this podcast!
I subscribed like a fiend to everything about knitting once I learned about podcasts and another use of my IPOD. My first listen was to Marie and I'm hooked. I tried all the others but Marie is the one who focuses on, guess what, knitting. Her interview questions are well researched and intriguing. I find myself frequently researching the interviewee further to find out more. The Ally Pally episodes were fantastic. I dream about trip in my future. Thanks Marie for doing podcasting justice!!
Smooth, interesting and well thought out. Easy to listen to and leaves you wishing there was more of it and that it came more often. Super guests and insightful questions by Marie.
Marie Irshad brings informative and entertaining interviews of knitting designers and artists in this knitting podcast. A must listen for the knitting enthusiast