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I used to arrange my days to hear Warren dig into confusing issues and look at both sides of an issue. But now he seems to roll out his own confirmation bias and push for the utopian revolution of the left.
I miss Warren Olney on the airwaves. To The Point is still excellent and I enjoy when the podcast goes a bit longer than the radio hour did.
I’ve been listening to To The Point for years - on the radio for a few years, and now on podcasts. This is one of the best podcasts out there on news and current events. Warren Olney does a fantastic job of asking tough, probing questions to guests that represent all sides of an issue. The recent episode in the first 2020 presidential debate was particularly great.
Too bad There is no counterpoint to a one sided liberal left wing democratic argument, Bring on more than one "expert",
Its Like The Motion In Pictures. Hearing Music AND Time Stops Like What Norah Jones Says Of Stars Above- TRUE News.
OUTSTANDING show ! Warren Olney is a fabulous host-asks the right questions! A real public service !
Fantastic podcast, especially the episodes on climate change. The Joel Stein episode was the first one to disappoint. A truly lousy guest.
In a world where everything seems to be consolidating into ever more bite-sized “consumable” bits of content, I’m so thankful for the in-depth reporting and interviews done by Warren Olney and his team. By assembling the most respected and knowledgeable guests on any topic and pairing it with Warren’s always incisive questioning, it invariably leads to a better understanding of whatever issue is at hand. Thank you for always exposing me to something new and insightful.
Left leaning organization but, this program is a very fair look at current events. Great guests. Warren is the man! As a center right voter wish they would have more regular guests from NRO, Commentary, and WSJ but, KCRW does a great job at getting most view points on the program. Highly recommend. Previous version from 2016 was so much better!!
Warren is unfailingly determined that both sides of issues are explored and explicated by his guests in whom he brings out the thinking under the issue. This is the one place you can count on learning about what’s behind the controversies of the day. A voice that we need to remind us of the value of critical thinking and the folly of speaking in slogans and labels. Thank you team.
I say yes. I’d love to see the candidates get questioned the way they should. Weed out the ones who aren’t going to make it for the long haul.


By cecann
I’ve been a Warren Olney fan for decades and he is a master interviewer. Wish he was still on daily but grateful for weekly.
I have been listening to your shows for years and I find you to be the best journalist in the US, hands down. You ask the most thought provoking questions, talk about the most important subjects (I LOVE your Climate Change Podcasts), and bring on such interesting guests. I am so encouraged that there is still someone out there who is trying to get to the truth of a story without attempting to influence the audience with your own opinions. Thank you Warren for your incredible work, I learn from your show every week, and I look forward to it every time!!
Olney gives climate change the coverage it deserves. Very thorough and thoughtful journalism.
Really most informative news podcast. Well researched, thoughtful and in depth. I can always rely on Mr. Olney to consider a topic in a serious way from multiple points of view.
There are 13 years of reviews here! I agree with all the positive comments. Simply THE BEST in balanced, well researched, and informative interviewing. Thank you Mr. Olney and staff.
I thought I had lost this program when it went off air. I’m glad to have it back, now in my pocket, so I can listen while walking the dog. Warren Olney always has the most interesting guests that nobody else has. I have learned so much from them over the years. Thank you for this great program!
Warren is the best! Intelligent questions... fact based answers. Nobody can host a news show like him. To the point is my go to podcast for all the latest news. Never disappoints.
To the Point was one of my favorite programs on my local public radio station, but I actually find it even more informative since it has moved to weekly podcast. Warren Olney is an excellent host and moderator, and he always has insightful, knowledgeable, and erudite guests to do a deep dive on a variety of timely topics. The podcast format allows more flexibility for the show in a way that really lets these thoughtful discussions shine.
This is a very intense podcast. It’s wonderful that the host allows his guests sufficient time to thoroughly answer questions and explain positions. A lot of information here.
So glad to have you on podcast without phone call technical difficulties. Warren Olney is the most knowledgeable and intelligent interviewer. He always has knowledgable guests, clarifies when they speak jargon, and always remembers to thank them for coming on his show. You can tell they enjoy conversing with him too.
He has the best guests representing a range of political leanings, and he covers the current events as they happen. Olney then asks questions that are 'to the point' and then gets out of the way of the guest experts. The dialog is always civil even as the guests give their spirited and well-prepared views. It could not be better!
Warren Olney is by far the best radio interviewer out there. Intelligent and well versed in the subjects, he facilitates the discussion with an almost invisible hand. His rhythm, pacing, and intuitive communication style allows him to guide the conversation without talking over or stepping on his guests’ points. I also love that To The Point doesn’t waste time or lose pacing with call-ins (unlike that other “Point” show...) - the hour just flies by. I will dearly miss Mr. Olney when he retires.
To the Point is among the most brilliant, intellectually expansive and thought provocative journalism available anywhere.
Warren 0lney reminds all listeners that education makes civilization possible. Thank you, Mr Olney.
I have missed Warren’s voice, since he left daily broadcasting on KCRW. Following him since the Uprising of ‘92, I have found him a source of unbiased, rigorous reporting, and graciousness,as a host and cat-herder. Delighted to continue to listen to his lively conversations on the airwaves!
Hello to the podcast, but really appreciate the tone of the podcast (no yelling) and the variety of guests to reflect both sides on this latest Israeli-Palestinian snafu. Will be listening regularly. Hope you address this current affair type of subject matter, and perhaps also very important issues that are not so in our face. I so appreciate listening to people who spend their time and energy trying to understand complex problems in our world today. Thanks again!!
Warren Olney is superb! He is one of very few journalists who ask his guests “why.”He’s also famous for saying”What about that?” after playing a clip of a guest’s own words. We hope he podcasts for a long time to come!
It is essential to have Warren Olney’s steady hand facilitating calm topical discussions that elsewhere are hyper-partisan hyperventilating. Warren is a journalist - he brings reporters and pundits together to talk, not shout.
Better than ever, Mr. Olney. The best guests and most insightful analysis.
I’m a busy physician with a limited amount of time. I always trust to the point to give me a concise well balanced discussion on the world’s pressing issues. The guests are always experts in their perspective fields who take the time to share their valuable incites on world events. I’ve been a loyal listener for almost ten years. I was sad when the daily radio show went off the air but I get my weekly fix with the podcast. Listening to a one hour show is almost equivalent to reading 15 articles in leading news journals (ie Economist, NYT,WSJ, NYorker, etc). It seriously makes you smarter!
There is no better journalist alive than Warren Olney. So happy he moved to podcasting, so everyone has instant access to his insightful conversations.
I, like many more listeners on these reviews, wish all political discussion shows were like Warren’s. Tired of the out of control arguing and blatant propaganda that too many shows turn into. Fed up of gotcha shows or the next fake information. Well balanced, well informed, great pacing, very important and current issues discussed. Warren is a master of this format. I never miss a podcast (never missed a show previously) and not always do I agree on all points but that kind of discourse is what i seek. Congratulations Warren Olney and your team for journalism at its best.
Does universal health care have a future?​ second segment, 21 mins.​​ Warren interviews a research expert on empathy decline in med students, doctor-nurse burnout and recent prevention​ research and best practices, best outcomes research. In his new book, “How Healing Works,” Dr. Wayne Jonas says we’re good enough at treating serious illness--after it’s happened. Now it’s time for a change. We can cut costs by focusing on prevention, reducing the need for expensive medicines, high-cost technology and intrusive operations. Guest: Wayne Jonas, General practitioner. Executive director of Samueli Integrative Health Programs, and a researcher at the National Institutes of Health. (@DrWayneJonas) How Healing Works​ [​recent Progressive research in mainstream medical field NOT funded by big pharma]
Warren Olney has knowledgeable guests, asks simple questions that go beyond politics. Questions that need to be asked to get to the point while further illustrating the topic of conversation. Olney is the perfect pivot moderator radio host. Meaningful, educational, non partisan, conversation in the events of today.
I’ve been listening to Warren Olney for decades on KCRW. I was so happy when podcasts allowed me to continue listening after I moved out of radio range. Now with this new show it’s even better- concise, smart & always gets the best guests (and NOT whoever is making the circuit but the deep thinking expert or politician). Warren has little ego and allows the guests to shine. I love how he asks critical questions representing other viewpoints just to allow guests to provide counterpoint. Warren, I miss hearing you every day! But now I guess it’s quality over quantity. If you like Ezra Klein or Terry Gross add Warren Olney to your podcast subscriptions. I promise, I donate money to them (home radio station KCRW), not the other way round.
Nothing else needed. Warren is the best.
Olmey has traded in the calls and commentary which often seemed to end in nonsensical discussion. Now he does in-depth interviews with really interesting people. I’m much more interested in the show now.
Loved the show miss the daily radio broadcast glad it lives on in podcast though!
So happy I can now listen anytime to America’s BEST political show.
I am so glad you are making the podcasts. Great interviews, always thoughtful and interesting. Thank you. Jann Gumbiner
Well done discussion on political and social topics, presented in a nuanced measured way. Welcome to the world of podcast glad to have this program.
Warren Olney is the gold standard for thoughtful, knowledgeable journalism and real discussion of current events. He hosts real experts across the spectrum, navigates different and opposing viewpoints and doesn't shy from conflict, all while remaining openminded and respectful. He asks the questions you are wishing the host would ask, but never does. Proof: repeat appearances of famous expert guests who presumably have other important ways to spend their time, always humbly thanking WO for the privelege. The best.
Can't over express how happy I am to be able to listen to this show as a podcast. Excellent analysis and perspective on not just current issues, but the context which surrounds them.
Warren Olney is the best journalist in America.
In this age of flashy news as entertainment and biased talking heads, I rely on Warren Olney as a an unwavering voice of unbiased journalism. The content is intelligent and the tone, no-nonsense. Thank you. I worry for the future when people like Olney retire.
He's good at covering the important topics. He does a very good job of having people from a range of opinions from conservative to liberal and people in between to express their opinions. It helps to have a more well-rounded perspective on any of the topics.
You should be more honest with the name of your podcast. I was hoping to hear all sides of issues and tease out for myself what is and isn't truth. So slanted and using opinion as fact. thanks for helping to spread the hate and divide in America.
Always informative and intelligent. Keep up the good work!