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I, like many more listeners on these reviews, wish all political discussion shows were like Warren’s. Tired of the out of control arguing and blatant propaganda that too many shows turn into. Fed up of gotcha shows or the next fake information. Well balanced, well informed, great pacing, very important and current issues discussed. Warren is a master of this format. I never miss a podcast (never missed a show previously) and not always do I agree on all points but that kind of discourse is what i seek. Congratulations Warren Olney and your team for journalism at its best.
Does universal health care have a future?​ second segment, 21 mins.​​ Warren interviews a research expert on empathy decline in med students, doctor-nurse burnout and recent prevention​ research and best practices, best outcomes research. In his new book, “How Healing Works,” Dr. Wayne Jonas says we’re good enough at treating serious illness--after it’s happened. Now it’s time for a change. We can cut costs by focusing on prevention, reducing the need for expensive medicines, high-cost technology and intrusive operations. Guest: Wayne Jonas, General practitioner. Executive director of Samueli Integrative Health Programs, and a researcher at the National Institutes of Health. (@DrWayneJonas) How Healing Works​ [​recent Progressive research in mainstream medical field NOT funded by big pharma]
Warren Olney has knowledgeable guests, asks simple questions that go beyond politics. Questions that need to be asked to get to the point while further illustrating the topic of conversation. Olney is the perfect pivot moderator radio host. Meaningful, educational, non partisan, conversation in the events of today.
I’ve been listening to Warren Olney for decades on KCRW. I was so happy when podcasts allowed me to continue listening after I moved out of radio range. Now with this new show it’s even better- concise, smart & always gets the best guests (and NOT whoever is making the circuit but the deep thinking expert or politician). Warren has little ego and allows the guests to shine. I love how he asks critical questions representing other viewpoints just to allow guests to provide counterpoint. Warren, I miss hearing you every day! But now I guess it’s quality over quantity. If you like Ezra Klein or Terry Gross add Warren Olney to your podcast subscriptions. I promise, I donate money to them (home radio station KCRW), not the other way round.
Nothing else needed. Warren is the best.
Olmey has traded in the calls and commentary which often seemed to end in nonsensical discussion. Now he does in-depth interviews with really interesting people. I’m much more interested in the show now.
Loved the show miss the daily radio broadcast glad it lives on in podcast though!
So happy I can now listen anytime to America’s BEST political show.
I am so glad you are making the podcasts. Great interviews, always thoughtful and interesting. Thank you. Jann Gumbiner
Well done discussion on political and social topics, presented in a nuanced measured way. Welcome to the world of podcast glad to have this program.
Warren Olney is the gold standard for thoughtful, knowledgeable journalism and real discussion of current events. He hosts real experts across the spectrum, navigates different and opposing viewpoints and doesn't shy from conflict, all while remaining openminded and respectful. He asks the questions you are wishing the host would ask, but never does. Proof: repeat appearances of famous expert guests who presumably have other important ways to spend their time, always humbly thanking WO for the privelege. The best.
Can't over express how happy I am to be able to listen to this show as a podcast. Excellent analysis and perspective on not just current issues, but the context which surrounds them.
Warren Olney is the best journalist in America.
Left leaning organization but, this program is a very fair look at current events. Great guests. Warren is the man! As a center right voter wish they would have more regular guests from NRO, Commentary, and WSJ but, KCRW does a great job at getting most view points on the program. Highly recommend.
In this age of flashy news as entertainment and biased talking heads, I rely on Warren Olney as a an unwavering voice of unbiased journalism. The content is intelligent and the tone, no-nonsense. Thank you. I worry for the future when people like Olney retire.
He's good at covering the important topics. He does a very good job of having people from a range of opinions from conservative to liberal and people in between to express their opinions. It helps to have a more well-rounded perspective on any of the topics.
You should be more honest with the name of your podcast. I was hoping to hear all sides of issues and tease out for myself what is and isn't truth. So slanted and using opinion as fact. thanks for helping to spread the hate and divide in America.
Always informative and intelligent. Keep up the good work!
To the Point is public radio's best, no-nonsese, comprehensive news and public affairs podcast. Mr. Olney is the connsumate professional: well-informed, measured, fair, inquisitive and unpretentious. The guests are extremely well-chosen by what must be an excellent production team, and Mr. Olney expertly manages them. Unlike other shows, To the Point never seems scripted. It's spontaneous. The hosts and teams like On Point, One-A, Morning Edition and All Things Considered should carefully listen to and learn from Mr. Oleny and the To the Point team.
Wonderfully hosted by Warren Olney, unbiased and asking good questions to quality guests, who offer various perspectives without the usual aggression and one-upping, just communicating their ideas with the listeners. Highly recommended as a daily news digest.
I like the host, but I hate that he keeps bringing on more and more and more guests until it’s like 5 people talking for 30 seconds each and no one is listening or responding to another. Too diluted.
What a refreshing, straight shooting, informative show. Long time NPR listener and supporter and I somehow failed to find this show until a few months ago. So glad I did!
I have been listening to Warren Olney everyday for 16 years. Still missing Which Way LA but I consider my self lucky that this real journalist has not abandoned the absurdity of the current news cycle for an ocean view just yet. He's the best there is. Thanks for everything.
If you are a left leaning liberal, you have found you podcast. The show is not balanced and does not give differing opinions on any subject. I we looking for a podcast that truly debated the issues from all sides, but this podcast presents one side and suggests if you don't agree you are uneducated and ignorant of reality. It is truly insulting to any reasonably intelligent person.
It is wonderful to finally hear the host challenge a guest as he or she is shown to be obviously bias and speaking falsehoods or not entirely telling both sides. Wonderful podcast, this is great.
Really interesting, reasoned, balanced discussion every day.
"Thanks for having me." "Thanks for having me." "Thanks for having me." "Thanks for having me." "Thanks for having me."
Remarkable journalistic instincts. Incisive questions. Sharp, informed guests. Nonpartisan. Balanced. Informative. Thanks, Warren, for your worthy contributions on so many critical, relevant topics.


By bytor
So the Nov. 3rd episode is called "Will the campaigning ever end"! and then the Nov. 4 and Nov. 5th episodes are about....TA DAH! You guessed it, politics! Tried this for a few days but moving on to something else!
This was my favorite show on my local NPR. Like the other reviewers said this is fair minded with a great mediator and insightful guests that actually provide more than one angle to the subject being discussed. Glad to be able to get the podcast!
My favorite podcast for current events. Well produced. Great topics. Wonderfully hosted. No talking points, always substantive. Listen every day.
I'm so happy I can listen to the show again! I missed listening since the show moved to 1pm.
Olney is one of America's finest journalists.
I've been listening to Warren Olney since he started 'Which Way, L.A.?' after the riots in 1992. What a brilliant journalist he is, with incisive, disciplined questions + a quick wit. Although I've moved from Santa Monica to Northern CA, I still listen to his shows religiously - NOT to be missed in this world of infotainment. His team's research + Olney's balanced approach give one hope in this polemicized/politicized news world, where setting reactionaries on warpaths seems to be the only raison d'être. THANK YOU, Olney + staff!
If you care about hearing both sides of issues, moderated by an objective host who doesn't yell or editorialize, this is it.
It's the news. Not views. This show takes a news item an grills both sides of the issue with purpose. If you are looking for the real "meat to the heart of the dog" reporting then this is your show. If your looking for reporting that already supports your view point then move on. Old fashioned news delivery with up to date context. I LOVE this show! Thank you for making me think, question, and learn.
If I miss the delayed 10pm broadcast on WNYC AM, I download the podcast. 'Nuff said.
Ollney has a superb stable of people to interview. Not afraid of embarrassing answers.
Best current issue program in the country. Before Warren Olney I just listened to uneducated propaganda. Thanks for covering all sides of a topic. The reviewer below shouldn't have rated the show one star because of his technical problem.
Many sides, interesting guests. I get all my news from here
"Troops withdrawing from Iraq" podcast says it won't play on my iPod touch that I've been using to faithfully listen to this awesome news program. Please fix ASAP!!!
Warren Olney's To The Point is a superb radio show. His intelligent questions, as well as his impartiality make To The Point a refreshing change from all the histrionics of other shows on radio, and on television. I have listened to his show for 8 years and I think I've become a much smarter person because of it. I often stay in my car, even after I park, because I am so engaged by what I hear on Olney's show.
Great guests and great host.
If you rely on podcasts for news, you'd be hard pressed to find a more reliable source. The format is reminiscent of Tim Russert's "Meet the Press." To the Point is old school and honest reporting, worthy of Edward Murrow invocations. All sides should agree on this one.
This program, day after day, year after year, consistently hosts well-informed guests and seeks to understand any issue by examining the facts at hand. Great daily news source...
I wish all news was done like this. Each episode has multiple guests representing different points of view on any given subject. Unlike other news programs however, there's actual discussion here as Warren Olney moderates and gives everyone mulitple chances to make their case in a civil way. The show is structured in such a way so that it's impossible to allow things to be reduced to having guests shouting over each other.
This is a very good show, that goes deep into specific subjects. Mr. Olney is careful not to wear his biases on his sleeves, and he asks pointed questions of all sides. I wish the show were longer.
I've been addicted to "To the point" for years now and I think Warren is the greatest radio journalist around. I highly recommend this potcast to people of any political background to stay in the know. Always well balanced by opposing views and highly focused on "informative" instead of "opinionated".
The best host and true journalist that ask the tough question in a polite manner.
I agree with the other reviews about how nice it is to have Mr. Olney in your headphones. If you want to get away from all the loudmouth TV pundits that push political agendas (on both sides), get this podcast and get the news from real experts. Mr. Olney does not pontificate, he moderates an intellectual discussion. He brings experts on the show and gets multiple perspectives on the issues. "News" talk show TV hosts push an agenda and have, with self-amusement, become more and more settled into their perspective rather than striving to present objectively. This program aspires to a higher standard and does it well! Thank you KCRW and Warren Olney!