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Thank you! Both deep and light.
Elvis is great at dissecting the creators that come on his show.. and right when things are going to an actually interesting and deeper place the 20-30 min is done... who is keeping u to this short format..??
Powerful, binge-worthy, well constructed, intellectually stimulating interviews. My only critique is not enough female guests.
You wrote a response to someone else’s review and i thought that was insane so i wrote this review to call you out on it.
@cmdm It’s obvious you have not paid attention to the roster of people Mr. Mitchell has interviewed over the years. Your review is garbage and I am calling you out on it. Do a little research before you write a review.
sadly this guy can’t find women to interview...well...we’re only 52% of the’s that...
Great questions and attention to detail. Elvis is a fantastic interviewer.
Elvis is the King!
I'm amazed every week that Elvis Mitchell has produced yet another intriguing and insightful interview. I learn so much about art, culture, and the creative spirit. He makes profound connections between different works across and within genres that reveal what's really at heart of different artists life's work.
Elvis Mitchell, host of The Treatment, is an F-ing pro. He delivers extraordinary interviews with some of the most exciting creators in Hollywood. Great voice, great audio quality, and compelling conversations are afoot in each episode.
Very awesome!
I'd like to appreciate this show more. Good conversations, thoughtful questions, rich dialogue. But only about 10% of his guest are women. Does he genuinely have so little interest in female authors, performers, leaders, etc? Give me a break. I'm tired of supporting things created by men that are so woefully masturbatory in their singular appreciation of other men. Next.
Elvis Mitchell has the perfect voice for podcast interviews—smooth, soothing, bass. It’s obvious that he’s interested in the guest and the work in question. I love the variety on the podcast itself—movies, tv, cultural exhibits. So much to choose from.
Love everything about this one!
And I still listen every week. Elvis is great.
Elvis is a master interviewer who unquestionably does his homework. He's also got the best segues in the business
The Treatment is always highly informative, thoughtful, and entertaining in a way that only a show hosted by Elvis Mitchell can be. No matter the guest on his show (even the windbags that are full of themselves slip on every occasionally) Elvis is always kind, compassionate, and truly brings out the best in his guests. The connection he forms with his guests if obvious as conversations always display an ease that allows great candor and fun in his interviews. If you are not already listening to this, what are you waiting for?
Love this show.
This show give me so much joy and so much to consider. I love Elvis’s preparation and his deep appreciation for literature and cinematic history. Thanks, E.
This podcast manages to get interviews that are more in-depth than a lot of podcasts that are three times as long. This is mostly possible because Elvis Mitchell is one of the best interviewers that I’ve ever heard. His seemingly endless knowledge of film gets to the heart of the conversation quickly, and he’s always able to riff on anything that a guest references. His passion comes through with every episode. The level of conversation from the guests is rich and always goes beyond the superficial answers that are given in a lot of similar interview situations. A great podcast for anyone interested in the creative process.
Honest, candid interviews with interesting artists and content creators. Elvis gets the best in the business to sit down and really open up about their work.
Elvis is a fantastic interviewer who really explores the inspirations and thought process of filmmakers in his interviews. a very good podcast.
Yeah Film Independent. Yeah LACMA.
Elvis Mitchell's interviews are smart and entertaining. This podcast is a must for film buffs!
Elvis and Charlie Rose are in my mind the two best interviewers in the entertainment world, so being able to listen to the wonderful conversations in this podcast really is a joy. Minus a basic plot details, Elvis never asks the obvious questions and his knowledge of the most indie or limited release films is amazing.
Elvis Mitchell is a great host.
Elvis brings it like no other. He's KRS-2: knowledge reigns supreme, educational coolness. Always turns me on to new art as well as artists, never a lame guest. Elvis asks deeply personal questions & always hits it out the park. He keeps you on the edge of a cliff even when you didn't think you were interested in the subject matter. I hope he has a storage unit full of golden microphones!
He doesn't listen to his guests. Nor does he watch their films. This guy is ethically challenged.
Consistently great.
The quintessential broadcast radio show comes to the iOS-sphere.
A friend just introduced me to this podcast. I love the Christopher Nolan interview. Completely changed my view of Inception.
The show is just jammed pack with information.
Elvis listens and responds in turn with great insight. I look forward to speaking with him on or off the mic.
This podcast is awesome and I almost gave it five stars. I loved everything about it except for Elvis' voice. Not that his voice is bad, it's good. Too good. It seems like he's trying really hard to make his voice sound cool and I find it distracting from the interviews. I keep waiting for him to say schweaty balls.
Mitchel is in the same league as Fresh Air's Terry Gross.
Mitchell's conversations with filmmakers are uniformly thoughtful, thorough, and pull no punches.
Thank you so much for your show. I've known of Elvis Mitchell via other media avenues and was not aware that he had a radio program. This show is great! I am hooked. I love Elvis's voice.
Intelligent, well-informed and compulsively listenable, it is my favorite podcast. I wish it was more than once a week.
Informative beyond belief. That's to Elvis for doing such a great job.
I read somewhere that to inspire others is the greatest gift! Sir Elvis selflessly and seemingly effortlessly gives us ( both his audience and guests) this gift ...without fail.....everytime one tunes in to The Treatment!!!!! He was the highlight to my Sundance experience last year and that says a lot as it was my first time ( I didnt quite muster up the courage to ask him to attend our screening, but he is so very gracious that i imagine he would attend if i had asked!) He is kind, brilliant and disarming ( a marriage one rarely sees) He is warm and curious and - along with his Producer and her razor sharp wit and his tireless team- he brings us valueable and - more importantly, visceral- interviews! The Treatment is Film School.....Honest human interaction.... behind the scenes.....curious dances and ideas...character study and story ...we get a rare chance to dive into the minds and hearts of his writers, directors, actors....filmmakers. Elvis! mmmmm! Thank you !!!! Thank you helped me find my way home!!!! With Warm Aloha, Christina
This is the only podcast that I have ever felt compelled to review. I've listened to this podcast every week for the last two and a half years on my commute to work, and without a doubt, this podcast has introduced me to quality films, books and television programming that I would have not sought out by myself. Thank you, KCRW, for making this outstanding podcast free to the general public, and an extra "thank you" to Elvis Mitchell -- you are truly a gifted interviewer.
You'll almost never hear Elvis Mitchell ask the question, "...and what was it like working with blah blah?" And if he does, it will be integral to the examination of a filmaker's art. Listen to the intensity with which Elvis' subjects participate in these interviews. You wont find that anywhere else.
This is one of my top 5 favorite podcasts. Elvis Mitchell is an eloquent speaker who is very intelligent and informative. Is there anything higher than 5 stars?
the treatment is one of those great arguments for buying an ipod. the interviews are always interesting. mitchell's questions go beyond the surface
Elvis please keep up the Great work.The world is listening.
i really enjoy this show and look forward to it every week. But WHAT is with all the fashion interviews lately?
I love this show and listen to it every week, but for the past few months that means unsubscribing and re-subscribing each and every Friday. No matter what I get a bad URL error whenever iTunes tries to update this podcast. I wish they'd get some technical help, because whatever they're doing wrong is pretty annoying.
I agree with all the other reviews that regail Elvis' great interviewing prowess, but I also want to recommend this podcast to all the other folks out there like me whose local Public Radio affiliate doesn't broadcast The Treatment. The shows are insightful and highly entertaining! I'm glad I stumbled upon these broadcasts!