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Don/Jarrod - you guys rock! Thanks for all you do, keep up the good work!
Literally got a headache from this podcast after hearing them say the word brother for the 10 millionth time.
These Guys are Great!!!!!!! I wanna be an OFFICIAL BROTHER!!!!!!!! Love your guys reviews and I love this podcast. Listening right now as I mow my lawn!!!!
You guys rock. This is the best podcast I have found for movies yet. I have listened to the rest and now I got the best. I love how u guys work so wonderful with each other. This is now the first show I listen to each week on my way to work. You guys are great and if you ever get a chance check out Zombie Cast, I am a co-host on that show.
Sooo funny and informative...most of the time. But the interruptions are what make it so entertaining. :)
This is the one Podcast I make sure I catch every week. I've been listening for a year or so, and find something to laugh about in every episode.
These brothers are hilarious!
been listening for 6 months or so and have relied on this podcast to get me through every day of work since that first day. great audio and rarely any kind of technical problems, other than immaturity and toliet humor which everyone knows "wins" anyway. will not dissapoint!
DVD lovers... this one is for you! Don and Jarrod are great and are trustworthy in their opinions. They tell it like it is and I usually agree with one if not both of their reviews. What are you waiting for...hit Subscribe!
I have been listening to this podcast since podcasts first came out, Don and Jarrod produce the best podcast on the net, period. My Monday's are not complete unless I listen to "DVD Weekly Podcast". Keep up the good work, BROTHERS!!! Brian in Richmond, VA
I listen to this podcast religiously. If you love movies, tv, and everything else released on DVD, then you must listen. The Most Wanted DVD keeps me guessing every week. Support the brothers!!
If you like wrestling talk and the word brother then listen to these wrassling fans talk like wrasslers about dvd's and such. the content is not bad but the delivery is Wrassletastic.i counted 30 "brothers" in 3 min.
this is such a good podcast , if you like movies and dvd's then this is for you , at least try out the show i am sure that you will love it great job guys , your awesome keep it up
I have to say that every sing time I listen to the podcast, I know that I will always laugh. I only wish you guys got paid for this. Keep up the great work, and I always look forward to your show.
If you have never listened to these guys' podcast, you are rotting your life away. Don and Jarrod Rule!
This is by far the best podcast ever. The only reason I listen to other podcasts is because this one only comes out once a week. But it is the cast I really look forward to! Keep Up The Good Work P.S. yes the extra stars are because i give this cast 10 stars
I've tried them all and these guys are the best! What better then 2 brothers with different tastes telling you what they like and don't like about DVDs. And a great way to stay up to date with whats coming out. Warning: This show is soo good you will become addicted to it.
I look foward to this podcast all freakin' week!