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Christopher Lyndon is such a treasure of a host, and a rarity; very well read, deep thinker, and open minded, on so many different topics. I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts, but this has been a mainstay for me for the last 4 years.
Lydon is a well read master of inquiry who knows how to construct a question that digs into the heart of the issue. Whether is David Foster Wallace, Dickinson, or Mark Blyth, Lydon knows the subject and how to place it within the times we live. He has a talent for asking the questions you wish you could articulate, or that the interviewee has always wanted to be asked
Often, even when I've seen a title/subject of an episode that doesn't appeal to me, I find that if I begin listening I become interested and find benefit. Almost always excellent interviews and conversations on a wide variety of worthwhile topics.
The show on Johnny Hodges, the great alto saxaphonist, was, like Hodges’s own work, a masterpiece of sensitivity, inquiry and grace. Thank you.
Great radio program - ideas, music, literature, drama, politics !! Thank You Chris Lydon !!!
Unlike many podcasts, there is no set subject here, nor does it play to whatever current hot topic is dominating the mediascape. Just every week, for one hour, you’ll get a really good discussion that will take you in unexpected directions. As good on art, music, and philosophy as it is on politics, history, & technology. Open Source always offers voices and perspectives that you won’t hear elsewhere.
Just started listening this year after hearing the Whitey Bulger episode on WBUR. This show is awesome and super intellectual; it’s impossible not to learn something every week. Lydon is a great interviewer; this dude blows Terry Gross completely out of the water. I enjoy hearing his questions as much as his guests’ answers. Speaking of guests, I’ve yet to hear a dud; he’s always got interesting journalists, writers, filmmakers, psychologists, philosophers, and scientists on, usually 2-4 in a single show. This show positively rocks, and I don’t think I’ve heard a better “conversation-style” show on American radio (or in an American podcast, of which this show is apparently the first one ever created back in 2003).
Literally the best podcast. I’ve been listening since 2004 and i swear it’s made me a more thoughtful human.
Thoughful, thought provoking, and assumes its audience is actually interested in digging a little deeper in order to better understand. What a pleasure to have Chris Lydon talk to us and with us, not down to us in the belief that we have tuned in merely to be infotained as is so often the case elsewhere. He is right. Keep it coming - good work!
Christopher Lydon is keeping me sane.
Christopher Lydon is great, and he does fascinating deep dives into music and literature. I was first hooked by the episode on Bach's St. John Passion. Since then, I've subscribed to the podcast and been underwhelmed by the title--Bob Dylan as poet (when everybody was talking about it), for instance. Then listened to the podcast and was intrigued. This happens over and over again: the podcast is about something I think I know about or am not interested in, and I find myself growing more and more interested. You should listen to it.
For a far-left who despises modern day Democratic Party, this is great source for thoughts and ideas for advancing social and economic justice and fight neoliberalism. A small drawback is that the host sometimes tends to put words in his interlocutors’ mouths.
This is the only thing I listen to every week. The content leaves Fresh Air's middle-of-the-road pop pandering in the dust. Not quite as diverse or comprehensive as Against the Grain (could use some radical politics to balance things out), but neither is it interminable and dry, as that is. And I do think Chris is one of the very best interviewers out there, especially because he is not timid or ego-bound but seems to be seriously putting himself on the line and exploring things for himself, along with the rest of us. So really, it's tops. I just wish there was more.
This podcast gives me something to look forward to every week. Christopher Lydon is a great interviewer, his voice is soothing and comforting, and the way he shouts out his crew at the end of every episode, especially his producer Mary McGrath, is squad goals. He and his team find the most interesting people to talk to, from experts in their respective fields to everyday people. Open Source makes me want to move to Boston where all the ideas apparently live!
Hands-down favorite podcast. Christopher Lydon can navigate an interview brilliantly. The research, thoughtfulness, and insights make this a memorable podcast series. Get your mind blown today
Open Source is one of my favorite podcasts because it features the most intelligent conversations you’ll hear on the radio. Christopher Lydon rounds up the smartest people on his show’s subjects and leaves out political spin. This show is always enlightening. Just when I think I understand an issue, I will hear a discussion that informs me even further. I often wish the conversation would just continue. Open Source is essential listening.
Chris Lydon is a national treasure. Nuf said.
Love Open Source Always_ FINALLY !!! In this Episode!! Someone who ADMITS that the DEM Loss is because WOMEN POWER is still not accepted. I have been believing it, seing it, realized it, since the election, and I was yet to find in ALL the post-mortems I ve read about why the democrats loss..NOBODY addressed the WOman s Issue!!_ It s a TABOO. It is a n issue much IN DENIAL!_ and I am glad that in here, even if as a footnote, someone finally said it straight up. ....Jeeeezzz! _ Thanks Open SOurce_ Lydon always rocking- P.W.
the best
Vital in our current times, Christopher's show is a must-listen for all who strive to be informed.
Christopher Lydon has a true gift for arranging an engaging and enriching show every single time - the caliber of the guests and conversation is unparalleled. He leads conversation better than anyone out there, always has diverse and thoughtful guests - I always emerge smarter and better after having listened.
Great host and guests. Very good show.
Radio Open Source is a podcasting institution. Big ideas in politics, media, culture, philosophy. Cited at the first-ever podcast, its relevance is awe-inspiring; it's as fresh as ever. An essential part of your weekly routine.
Christopher Lydon is an idiot. That was my conclusion after listening to him smirk and chuckle his way through an hour on sexual violence. Progressive he is not. I'd just found this podcast, but it's not one I'll remain subscribed to.
No soundbytes, no sophmoric snickering. Lydon just gets down to business and delves into the subject.
The challenge for today's podcast listeners: what to listen to, and why? Christopher Lydon and his staff have a long history in issues reporting. Lydon looks out and seeks deeper meaning; a penetrating sense-making. For those looking for deeper insight and are discriminating with both their time and what they intellectually consume, subscribe. It's really an investment in yourself. Enjoy.
This show is a must if you want to be informed on the most important issues of our time
Great podcast for people who miss intelligent conversation about thought-provoking topics. None of the ranting that is so common to current talk shows. Thank you, Christopher Lydon.
Radio Open Source is like an awesome neighbor. Always off to do new and exciting things, and bringing home a constant stream of interesting people. Chris Lydon does tend to come back to what he knows-Yale, Emerson, jazz- but always new and fresh.
I’ve been a fan of this Podcast for years - from it’s inception to its hiatus (with occasional short podcasts) to its recent return to Boston radio. It’s always interesting and thought provoking. Even when the subject sounds boring I’m always glad I’ve listened. Definitely recommended!


Great content week in and week out. Chris's unfailingly polite and insightful questions open up not only the guests' minds but the listeners as well. The show is a must-listen event in our household every week.
In no particular order, the best NPR long-form shows are the Ray Suarez-hosted Talk of the Nation, This American Life, and the shows Christopher Lydon has hosted: first The Connection and now Radio Open Source. Lydon’s man of Yale, former NY Times reporter persona can be a bit much at times, but I’m willing to forgive him that because his topics are immensely interesting, his guests are top-notch, and he succeeds far more often than he fails in conducting an interview. He’s also immensely interesting to listen to in part because he doesn’t follow much of a script. He often thinks out loud, which makes the show unpredictable and rewarding. I also admire Lydon’s “stick-to-it-iveness.” He lost the host chair of the very popular and widely aired "The Connection” because of a dispute with what seemed a very inflexible station manager at WBUR Boston. Lydon didn’t give up on radio and the internet, though. Radio Open Source began as a show on the NPR station in Lowell, MA. He did great work there. When the grant funding for that show ran out, Lydon took it onto the internet as a podcast and also partnered with the Watson Institute at Brown University. Now he’s back on WBUR. Congratulations, Chris. I’m sure ROS is going to be picked up by NPR stations all over the country.
I’ve followed Chris Lydon since his WBUR days in the 90’s in Boston. His leaving The Connection was a huge disappointment to all WBUR listeners but we were glad to see follow him on Radio Open Source. He’s a voice of reason and a true renaissance man and he brings those qualities to his interviews. I strongly recommend this program.
If you care about music, religion, politics but not in the superficial side, global affairs, you name it, this program is a breath of fresh air.
Christopher Lydon is and has always been the #1 guy I’d listen to on any radio or podcast he did. I remember his voice from 20 years ago, til today.All this time whenever I heard it, I’d think, “gotta listen, Christopher Lydon is speaking…” Radio Open Source is one of the most important shows on the air waves. Keep it up .
If there is a more eclectic, more elegant, more intelligent town hall meeting anywhere on the airwaves -- radio, television or the internet -- I'd like to know where and what it is. Chris Lydon is the master of the universe. - Tim Leland
been listening to chris for years. he’s a real treasure!
You never know what Christopher Lydon might be talking about from one day to the next, but you can count on the conversation being interesting. It might be a unique angle on something everybody’s talking about, or it might be a subject matter you never even knew existed. But if Lydon’s talking about it, there’s food there for thought. You can find junk talk any time, any where, but if you’re looking for a meal for your brain, tune into Chris everyday and see what’s on the menu.
Long-time listener to Chris Lydon via podcast, going back years. He asks great questions and knows when to let the guest speak, and knows how to push back when necessary. Podcasting (and radio and media in general) need more like him. Subscribe!
Radio Open Source is always thought-provoking, insightful, and produced with excellence. It is well worth the time to tune and listen.
Get some challenging conversation and stimulating topics on a range of subjects from literature, art, history, politics, music, etc. Try it out!


This is the way an interview should be conducted. No Fluff and the questions you want answered with a sense of history. Bravo!!
A few years ago I found myself in need of about 90 minutes of workout five times a week. To justify the time I gave up most of my evening television and went to podcasts. Radio Open Source is one of the few podcasts that has remained in my rotation from the beginning. Deep and often brilliant discussions that are better than anything on television, they’ve been part of my education. I only wish there were more programs at this level. bravo!!!
I’ve followed Chris for years and years! He’s the best, and I love listening to his reporting!!!
Chris’ energy is always a jolt of sheer intellectual joy—his passion, openness, and just plain smarts can light up any topic. Not your canned talk show! Rather a searching, relentless exploration of the ideas that make our world spin. Music, books, politics, history, life life life . . . all there. Shows are expertly researched and brilliantly produced; the website is a thing of beauty. More, please!