Bedtime Stories My Kids Love

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By shirjfj
It’s such great episodes
Iiaxout what do ya hateeeeeee NOOO everyone should love Podcast OMG!!
im 9 yrs old and I like it like nice
I love it -8 years old
It’s eww


By iiAxout


The title says it all.
I couldn't stand to listen more than 5 minutes. The extremely annoying synthesized looped background track made the story almost impossible to follow. I'm going to get a beer and some Tylenol.
Make more! I love this podcast!
My kids love the Man in the Can stories. Good original stuff!!!


My kids remember teh advertisements more than they do the stories
The stories get weaker and weaker to the point of apparent ad lobbing. Not well scripted past the first two.
My boys and I love this podcast. Very well done and exciting story. Nice use of words that the kids can figure out what they mean but they are still challenged a bit by them.. Keep the great stories coming!


This is a great podcast. Great to listen to with parents and kids. We look forward to the new podcasts each week. Keep them coming!