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By draj33
This is he Best comedy in the iTunes Store. I download and listen to this "fascist expert" and laugh and laugh.
I have been listening to Dave Emory since I was a senior in High School…Probably not a good idea. If there truly is a horror (movie) out there in my opinion it is the things that happen in real life…but even more frightening is the things that are happening in real life behind the scenes unseen, unchecked…and below the surface. This is where Mr Emory takes us, to that realm we wish did not exist. There are times I listen to this show and think he is got to be crazy to think this but then his prediction of coming events come to fruition…then you have to wonder…is he a Prophet? I don't think he is but it makes you wonder…one thing he uses is the written facts as his guide and he puts the pieces to the puzzle together to create the picture, although it is one we probably do not want to look at in anyway or anytime soon.
Dave helps you see the world differently. I don't always agree with his conclusions but I'm definitely always entertained.
The interviews with Russ Baker first attracted me to this show. After listening to several other episodes, I've found it to be a really fascinating broadcast with tons of little facts I'd not heard before. One thing, though: we gotta get Emory to forget the word "milieu"!
I first came across Dave emory on kfjc in northern California. His work was phenomenal then and continues to impress to this dau
Dave Emory never fails to fascinate. Some will call his ideas paranoid conspiracy theories, others will believe it as truth. When I first heard Mr. Emory I didn't know what to think, and I still don't. His research is solid, and although his conclusions may be radical they are rational. I would invite you to listen and decide for yourself, because he is always thought provoking. I used to listen to his radio broadcast and I'm extremely happy to be able to hear him again here.