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I can’t play this one ... I really want to listen
6 ****** if I could
Well researched, well produced, well recommended!
Most important podcast I listen to. Peter Day cover new strategies and models for businesses around the world.
Love the global focus and a variety of subjects such as 3d printing, emerging markets, and entrepreneurship.
I've known Peter for nearly 30 years and it is alarming that he manages to get better and better while the rest of us have given up on telling the story of global business out of sheer exhaustion! Keep on traveling and bringing the story to the rest of us.
the presentation to pompous
Peter Day travels the world to find the most interesting stories in the biz world. I am constantly surprised at the variety of businesses, topics and locations that Mr Day explores. I look forward to each new podcast. Only a few clunkers, like the recent show with failed fortune teller Niall Ferguson. However, those clunkers are rare.
Pleasant surprises all the time from this podcast. The USA get's such filtered, isolated news from around the world. This podcast really touches the ground in remote corners of the world.
Peter Day finds the nuances of key financial issues and allows us to comprehend their relevance to our world. I very much look forward to the podcasts!
BBC has long been known for its elegance in reporting style and content. This first in a potential series is outstanding & heartily recommended.