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I sub’d just for the iconic graphic on the frontpage. I can look at her for a happy while. “What I did while on Chinese Wuhan Flu lockdown, soft martial law.” LOL 😂
Easily one of the best podcasts ever created. It’s always serving up original fun with unique characters and humor.
Tiki TV is incredible. I love the off-beat humor and the fun that is had on set. It is also educational. Dang it this is the best podcast ever!
Loved these podcasts


Tiki Bar is great. And lala is smokin hot.
I miss you guys! Y'all got me through the dark times in the early years of the 21st Century. Isn't it about time for a Tiki Bar Reunion Series?!! ;-)
Every episode is absurd, short and sweet, qualities that would make most things perfect. Oh, and there teach how to make old fashion drinks, what more can you ark fro, I mean for. PS Lala is the best thing… err, person to ever come to ze internets!!
The humor is like what you find on a cocktail napkin and I didn't find those funny even after 5 drinks. The only reason I gave it 2 rather than 1 star is Lala is hot as a firecracker and a pleasure just to watch


By Jyynxx
Cheers!!! No, really, cheers, I'm drinking right now! Thank You Tiki Bar T.V.!!!!
I guess the year-long silence speaks loudly...the bar's closed. Well, it was good while it lasted. We'll remember you, guys.
Jesus this podcast is perfect. Whether I've just come home from the bar, I'm nursing a hangover, or pregaming before drinking, this podcast is the perfect background. I like to sit back, chug a couple rolling rocks and enjoy. Remember kids, DON'T drink and podcast... PS - If you like this, and you're like me, you're going to LOVE Alcoholics Unanimous.
The five minutes I spent watching half of one of these and a few minutes of another could have been better spent kicking my own self in the arse. I'm afraid I will have nightmares about this crap. Tries so hard to be quirky and different it ends up just being horrible. I watched because I was bored out mind. Far from alleviating my boredom these episodes intensified it and added anger to it as well.
Love Tiki Bar Tv! Please make more! Just watching the shows I missed after being away a while. Awesome.
Amazing podcast!!!! We miss you!!! Make more please!!! I'm a liscenced bartender and a big fan!!!
Great podcast, but it looks like they are done... They haven't had anything new all year...
I love each and every show Just can't wait for the next one
Seriously fun and outstanding entertainment. I've consulted the Internet Oracle. He said you must make more episodes or humanity will cease to exist.
Hi Guys - Did you guys throw in the towell? There is still about 56,034 drinks to teach us?
Hightl recommended!
Logo!!! Nothing to see here!!!


By RR55
Not for the serious. Good fun and silly. I love it all. For the tiki lover. If you love tiki, then you will appreciate this!
Just watched all these episodes. Never heard of this podcast till just now. I want more, keep em coming.
To me, this was a total waste of time. I can't even see what anyone else could ever get out of this, and a god freind of mine agree's. I would give this podcast 0 stars if only it were an option.
Please make more!!!!! You rock.
Seriously! These guys are awesome!
Great episode! Doc Tiki, Johnny Johnny and Lala are back and better than ever! Awesome job guys! Can't wait for the next adventure!
This is my favourite podcast love the cast and the humour. I do hope they make more episodes in the future.
Until it became a pod fader this was one of my favorites. Too bad they couldn't find a way to keep it going.
Please make more This was a favorite podcast but I crave something new
All the one and two star raters are most likely the hecklers at New York Bars, on Comedy nights, that have no humor themselves! These are really funny, and great drink recipies also. Outtakes, and other episodes are hilarious! I just wish they would have at least an episode each week, or at least twice a month...... Perfect skits for the old "Laugh In" television series!
This show is perfect and I'm not just referring to Lala!
Drunken creativity at its finest!
If this were broadcast television it would be the most unrealistic reality show ever. No, that's not right. It would be the most authentic shallow situation comedy ever. No. Hmmm. Mix a totally improvised script with editing thatweaves the bloopers (usually the best part of a production) into the story and you have Tiki Bar TV. Pay no attention to the green-eyed show icon. Lala does not look like a demonic hell-spawned succubus in the show. And the tatoo is clearly photochopped.
I'm waiting for Tiki Bar: The Movie
At first, I didn't find the show funny. Then I watched a few more episodes, got to know the characters, and I'm in love with the show. Try out a few episdoes and you'll love it, too!
this is a great example of what the internet is for: education, comedic intoxication and original writing with an enjoyable cast. thanks to you i now have over forty new ways to forget how far the floor is from my head. Cheers to the Tiki Bar!
Good fun, Lala is adorable. The show has gotten better with every episode. But, what the hell is taking so long for an update! Next episode idea "Night Of A Thousand Lala's". Damn it!
Well worth watching. The show may well be centered on the vivacious Lala. The humor found within is sure to draw you back for episode after episode, of inebriated fun. Be sure to watch the Bunnys episode!
Is this podcast over? Postings have been VERY infrequent as of late.


My Favorite; Dry Halloween as it has the best effects and story line than most of the skits. I have watched all of the episodes and the earlier ones are better. There needs to be better writing and story lines. The acting is fine and the set is fine. It appears they just want to goof off and not put to much effort into making this a serious attempt to produce quality skits.
I've been watching this podcast from the begining and it never seems to disappoint me. I love the little plot twists and play on words...ie the drink names. Great idea guys!! A MUST watch program!
Like the podcasts, is funny, creative, and very colorful, every "chapter" has a different theme with it's own beverage.
I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! While LaLa is both beautiful and fun, Doctor Tiki & Johnny Johnny are clearly the brains behind the operation. The quick ad libs and surpising four letter adjectives are timed perfectly for a Rum out-the-nose laugh. If you haven't seen all episodes get them, and do it quickly!
great stuff I go my ipod about 3years ago a their where only a few podcast then and now their so many but from the start you guys have been the best have all podcasts have seen them all and great stuff keep up the great job
Five stars but does fall a bit at times, possibly to the inebriated state they sometimes appear to be in. They do a great job of adding interest and fun to (usually) a short list of drink ingredients, which flies by so fast that you will need to hit the pause button if you are interesed in following suit. The exotica of lounge music, too long ignored, adds yet another layer of excitement to Lala's gyrations. You non-fun types BEWARE: the use of alcohol is a pleasant given.

By pfm
My only complaint - they need to quit their day jobs and do this full time. TBTV needs to be weekly!
Keep up the great work