Dr. Alan Rubin's Healthcast

Reviews For Dr. Alan Rubin's Healthcast

Unless you are in the medical field, you're probably looking at this podcast to give you some useful advice in health-related issues. The description at the top even says "Dr. Rubin's Healthcast will tell you what you need to know to live a long, quality life." Judging from my own experience with "Smoking: The Saddest Addiction," you will instead find a thick cloud of judgment surrounded by an even thicker cloud of stuff you already knew. It makes this recent ex-smoker (no thanks to this podcast) sad that Dr. Rubin cannot put aside his own personal feelings about the addiction and discuss the real health issues surrounding it, such as how addiction works, how smokers should go about realistically quitting and what happens in the body when a smoker quits. If you are a smoker thinking about quitting, don't bother listening to this podcast. You might as well ask your mother to make a podcast about her thoughts on you smoking and listen to that instead.
One of my favorite podcasts due to the engrossing manner in which Dr. Rubin covers the information along with his pleasant voice. More, please, Alan.
I've been meaning to write Dr. Rubin and thank him for his time, providing these insightful podcasts. I like the way he explains medical issues and he seems to give a perspective from all sides. While I don't agree with some of his political statements (a few podcasts ago), I'm nevertheless grateful for his health knowledge. If there is a topic you are interested in, I suggest you download and give him a listen. Thank you Dr. Rubin for providing this excellent health resource.
I enjoy Dr. Rubin's topics as a student of cardiology and the prevention of metabolic disorders. However, I can't stand listening to it due to the high pitch ringing it the background.