Dr. Alan Rubin's Healthcast

Reviews For Dr. Alan Rubin's Healthcast

One of my favorite podcasts due to the engrossing manner in which Dr. Rubin covers the information along with his pleasant voice. More, please, Alan.
I've been meaning to write Dr. Rubin and thank him for his time, providing these insightful podcasts. I like the way he explains medical issues and he seems to give a perspective from all sides. While I don't agree with some of his political statements (a few podcasts ago), I'm nevertheless grateful for his health knowledge. If there is a topic you are interested in, I suggest you download and give him a listen. Thank you Dr. Rubin for providing this excellent health resource.
I enjoy Dr. Rubin's topics as a student of cardiology and the prevention of metabolic disorders. However, I can't stand listening to it due to the high pitch ringing it the background.