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A clever and informative way of telling the story of a young major city. Bravo.
It's...not what I expected. It feels like the host is angling for sensational takes on "hot" design "issues," but that is probably an inaccurate and unfair perception on my part. The reason I have that perception is a simple fact however: the host scatters emphasis across sentences like a local news anchor and asks questions with that peculiar tone of winking incredulity you hear on local news. I couldn't get through more than one episode without becoming annoyed and disinterested.
If you like left leaning, LA centric talk with some DnA sprinkled in than this podcast is for you!
Should be called “Design and Architecture in LA,” because that’s the only place they talk about. That’s fine, and the content is generally pretty good, but the design world is bigger than SoCal. If you want a geographically broader picture of design, look at 99% Invisible or some Design Matters episodes.
I listen to this podcast mainly for the episodes on public transportation, especially in LA. The episodes are educational and the speakers featured on different episodes are knowledgeable and entertaining. I look forward to listening to future developments and changes in LA transit!
The answer is NO. Creativity doesn't give us the right to behave illegally or immorally.
Great content! Especially love the intelligent discussions about LA architecture.
I love this podcast and can't ever wait for new ones. Such great content!
I have been listening for over a year with ever decreasing enthusiasm. I just unsubscribed after a really boring segment about parade floats. I would love to hear a similar formatted show of National or World interest.
Frances Anderton is as interesting as she is knowledgeable. Curious about all things LA and the ties between the city and its history/architecture, Frances reports on everything from our sprawling autopia to green design to the beauty of LA's architectural treasures. She interviews a wide variety of experts and "people in the know" to stitch together her monthly shows that are as educational as they are fun.
I wish there was a bit less proselytizing. Does everyone on KCRW have to have an accent? Even with it's flaws it's our only on air look into the world of architecture and design.
As an LA expat I love the segment when people select and describe their favorite LA building. Interesting start to finish
I wish I could listen to the ones they have on the site too. But its wrapped in a RAM. Please post the mp3 link to Billy Haines and Hollywood Glam, What Can We Learn from Frank Lloyd Wright?, Is Prefab the Answer?, and well, actually the rest of the DNA recordings - *Please!*
Always look forward to Frances' witty interviews with design and architecture luminaries, but the shows appear so infrequently they are like Easter Eggs when they suddenly pop up.
I think that the content is rich and I hope there is more to come. This is a topic that I have lived for 15 years and am always up for learning more.