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“Doomed to Repeat” is fabulous. Thank you for your excellent work.
I listen to a lot of podcasts, but if I were forced to listen to only one, it would definitely be On The Media.
Essential inspection of the news reporting process.
On the Media helps is a counterbalance to disinformation age in which we live. It targets are often the originators of lies, hyperbole, spin, half-truths, and convenient memory lapses and their enablers. It takes on those in the media who will not say truth to power or engage in reasoned debate. It is sometime funny, but it is never just for fun.
None of these so called journalist did any real reporting on Obama. But now with Trump they are all experts on America! Pathetic. Just admit y’all let Obamacare yea away with anything/everything! IRS Clinton’s runway meeting On and on and on. And we will admit Trump is a fool. At least he is honest about his intentions. Your shiny story should have been about Obama. You know this!!!!!!!!!!
If you don't listen to this show, you don't actualy understand all the other news you read/watch/listen to.
Used to love this podcast and would listen to it all the time, great production value, updates regularly. Recently though it’s become more and more of an opiate: slow music, intellectual voices droning on, and its developed an enemy: people who care. Finally had to unsubscribe after an episode on the Overton Window where their antagonist was described as the media with “their hair on fire.” It’s absolutely insane to think that outrageous things couldn’t and shouldn’t be called out. Until the hosts can realize that people that care about politics aren’t the problem, it’s off my list.
Thourough, compelling, and intellectual. It always leaves me wanting more!
This program gives me hope in the midst of the current crisis of unreason. Each episode is thoughtful, fact-based, and delivered in a civilized tone. No snark, no banter, no talking over one another. Just informed people digging deep into a topic. Refreshing!
You have a President who has unemployment at an all time low, a booming stock market supported by 4% GDP, and peace negotiated with North Korea. And all these fake news losers can do is tear him down. Sad.
Highly informative and thorough take on the media. Great hosts!
I usually continue reflecting over the many issues that are raised in many of your programs. Thank you for providing us, listeners with such a thorough job in so many important topics that we are facing today You guys are truly a treasure!
Self reflective and witty. Love this show
The Media commenting on itself. Can you say biased squared?
Love this show, Brooke continues to amaze with insight and questions that open avenues of thought I had failed to consider. Keep up the great work!
An insightful look at media which is often quite funny. Covers all sorts of media (print, cable, TV, film, internet and even video games). One of the few NPR shows with an opinion. In this day and age it's even more vital. I can't recommend the series of poverty in America enough.
My weekly dose of progressive guiltmongering, my counterpoint to Jonah Goldberg.
If you're interested in journalism, you're likely to find this radio show/podcast thought-provoking and insightful. It's actually gotten better over time.
Haven't missed a show since 2005. Just plain excellent analysis of the media. Hey Bob, easy on the snark! You guys are serioulsy great though; don't know what I'd do without you.
Deep dives into topics in the news right now. Solid production quality and super interesting.
Do you like sanctimonious hosts who take heavy breaths to show how frustrated they are? How about ones that use phrases no one actually uses in real life (like "he who pays the piper picks the tune")? Then this is for you! It's fine if you work in the media and want to know what people are saying about our industry, but otherwise definitely skip this. Also the music is so lame.
This podcast comes from a SUPER liberal perspective. If that’s what you are looking for, it’s a decent source for balance. However, the title is a little misleading. This is not necessarily about the media. It’s more of a liberal soapbox.
Can’t say enough good things about this podcast. One more reason to look forward to a Friday!
Fascinating insights
On The Media is hands down the best analysis around on the media landscape—thorough, intelligent. extremely well researched.
OTM should be an essential part of your media diet. Period.
Best topics, best writing, most informative, most entertaining hosts, most interesting interviews. I never miss a week.
I don't even remember where I first heard of this delightful and erudite podcast but I cannot recomment it too powerfully. I'm a little behind in the episodes. And one of my favorites was an interview with Glenn Beck a couple of months ago. But the hosts cover an amazsing array of subjects, from gerrymandering to, well, any issue you can think of. If you'd like an honest, intelligent discussion, this is one I recommend far more than most other podcasts.
News isn’t “fake” when it is as introspective and self-probing as On The Media. Excellent journalism!
Such a smart group of individuals. I appreciate the attention to detail and willingness to bring in multiple perspectives. This has helped shape my perspective on media + human nature. I can see / understand better the reasons “why” I’m evoked to a certain emotion or feeling. This. Was. So. Needed. Thanks, team!
I love this podcast/program so much. Great analysis and honest reporting. I always recommend this podcast as a must!
I listen to these podcasts to say informed, not to hear rants. Both podcasts are superb and are a productive way for me to work out at the gym or go for an hour's run. News is so stressful now that the radio is tuned to VT Public Radio Classical. Please listen to these fantastic podcasts!!
One of my favorite podcasts! Brooke will you be my mom?
Brooke and Bob kept me sane during the presidential election of 2016. Their reports during the ongoing sexual harassment story were informative and super entertaining. They're passionate and committed—I hope they never close up shop.
Leaps & bounds my favorite podcast. Recommended for everyone.
We’ve been listening to On The Media since 2008. Simply put, each episode is probably the first podcast I listen to on a Friday when it becomes available. If you work in tech, entertainment, and obviously the media, you should listen to it to. (MC) Frankly, if every American listened to this show, our country wouldn’t have nearly as many problems as it has today. And reporting/the media would be much, much better. (EC)


“A Journalist of Consequence”? Yikes. Not enough stars.
The hosts provide incredible media analysis and insight into how information moves through society.
It's about the Media, which means it's about everything. Brooke, Bob and all the other OTM team members search out interesting takes on contemporary issues (and sometimes important historical reviews,) all through the lens of our Media—newspapers, television, social media, news . . . Brooke's reporting on poverty in America should be required listening for politicians and policy folk. Bob's interviews of media makers—both fair and fowl—should be legend.
When I refresh my lineup of podcasts every week, this is always the first one I listen to.
A Podcast that gives backstory, comparative history, and a hearteningly contextualized reality check on the news cycle we are awash in. Well written, well sourced, well worth your time in 2018.
I am pretty sure I have not missed an episode or podcast extra since I began listening in March 2007. Of the 15 or so podcasts I listen to, this is the one I will not miss. OTM makes me more discerning, equipping me with better questions to ask as I approach and consider new phenomena in the world. It helps me remain skeptical without becoming cynical, and is consistently entertaining. I feel a deep affection for its two hosts. :-) They have most definitely improved my life, and my partner, who also listens regularly, reminds me that we should also remember and credit all the other less visible staff members who make the show possible. It has been especially nice to have OTM this year as I am living abroad and away from the goat rodeo that is the state of US politics currently.
I really appreciate the perspective of this show, and it’s one of my favorite places to get news. I think they got a little off-track after the election ... things seemed to get more contentiously political ... but I think they are coming back towards their mission now. This show is at its best when it’s unbiased, direct, and fairly monitoring the media and the way current events are reported. Please keep working in this direction!
You call yourself journalists, yet you twist words of the subjects to fit your narrative. When your argument falls flat, as it always does, you bring out bully accusations. How predictable, and how impotent.
If you care about news and what you can believe or should be leery of in the media, check out this show.
I always look forward to this podcast. It doesn’t always go in the direction I expect which is one of the many reasons I listen. I especially enjoyed the discussion between Brooke and Bob regarding the direction of the podcast. Keep up the good work!
the last few months have been so biased and I find Bob almost delighting or provoking discention that I have come near to stopping listening. I understand his bias which he expressed in a program when Trump was elected. However, I want reporting without personal biases and where he seems to be going is causing me to think about not listening. That is not a good thing. Brooke holds her own well in presenting both sides. Recent podcast have been very disappointing. Do we really want to polarize and push others to our way of thinking or do we want to open doors of reflection and thoughtful decision making.
They have taught me sooo much... Especially if you're a person who pays attention. Bob and Brooke really drill down and show you how the media matters and what we're exposed to as a typical end user. Love. Highly recommend...


Great show
Great podcast