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Bob & Brooke are clear about their personal viewpoints so we can engage with their content critically. Of course they are biased - they are human! So is every journalist and listener. But they have the integrity to state their biases so we can put their analysis in perspective. This show is a gem and a centerpiece of my news consumption.
I just can’t listen to this elite pedantic crap.
This is my favorite weekly podcast. I listen every week.
My favorite podcast! The best and most compelling explanations! Truly a gem!
“is michael bloomberg the sort of antidote [some such synonym] to campaign finance [or some sort of closeted lib comment]?” (after inferring an equality between bernie getting nurses to donate to him v corporations donating to establishment dems) man bob thats a bad question. after a string of out of touch nytimes nonsense-type inquiry. thats the straw for me. later boomer. [unsubscribes from On the Media]
Your report on the corrupt, biased reporting of MSNBC, and the anti Semitic remarks of Chris Matthews about front runner Bernie Sanders was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you 🙏
Best thing on it npr
I find the perspectives here tasteful in how they discuss issues like misinformation and white identity movements in media. This is a more mature show than many. If I could offer a critique it would be that the hosts/produces seem to have a tendency to lose track of the original cultural events, which are important for the story; consider a story that’s a report about a former news article about an event...What is the story actually about again? One example of an exception to this trend was the interview with Contapoints, where a Major figure involved with an issue was put at the center of the cometary about the story.
Brooke Gladstone is my patronus. I sometimes find myself cringing at Bob’s naked bias and constant outrage. This show is rightfully very critical of Fox News, but I feel that Bob is increasingly trying to be some kind of counterweight to Fox News, as if being biased in the opposite direction will help the state of our media landscape. I sometimes wish he would just stick to smart, objective journalistic critiques and trust his audience to draw their own conclusions and have their own emotional responses.
If you care at all about how the media works, this is essential listening. The stories are exemplars of in depth, critical analysis and interpretation of how information (real, dis-, and mis-) forms our opinions and shapes our actions.
This has made me ask questions about the way things are reported that I have glossed over before.
Yes, I listen to Rogan and your show, How are you going to square that? Now I must question whether to continue yours. Over the years I have learned to be wary of news sources, which brought me to your show some time ago. It’s rare when I have subject matter advantage over yours, but today I do. At one point in this outrageous piece Gordon is clearly using the disgraceful and conniving practice of taking a subject’s statement out of context, and Brooke is right there in the supporting cast. You might as well be dirty cops. The worst journalistic practice or, trick, if we call what today’s show it really is; propaganda. It’s hard to believe any of you heard Rogan’s sentence about the ape movie you played, but didn’t hear the next few that put it in context. Fortunately, it’s easy for everyone to see your deceit by searching for the clip for themselves; I found it in about 6 or 7 seconds. All of this means that you are trying to make Rogan out to be something he is clearly not, and I now have to ask why you are intentionally misleading your audience. We really do have to watch the watchers...Trust is hard to regain. Good luck with that, I’M OUT!
But the Joe Rogan piece was a character assassination. Really, his advertisements are under fire? It was reckless and proves your middle of the road liberal views to the right. I don’t care about bourgeois politics, but you claim to be journalists.
Love the show & the project. 2 points. Bob mentions civic education in both episodes 2&3, but the point is not pursued. Civic education is not the same thing as political awareness or involvement. I’d like to hear more discussion on how better education in civics and history can be disseminated, in schools and otherwise in American society, and any studies of its effects on our politics. I’d also note that the discussion in episode 3 comparing the first gilded age, and the reform that followed, egregiously omitted mention of both the Great Depression and two world wars (not to mention Prohibition). Thanks. Keep up the astonishingly good work, Bob and Brooke! mefeller23
Is there any way to make everyone in America listen to this podcast? Thank you for all the research that goes into this reporting.
I LOVE this podcast! Though I limit myself to carrying 50 (changing) podcasts, no matter my mood or activity, I am always drawn to this one—and am always rewarded by that choice. To gain a fair, balanced understanding of current issues in an enjoyable, clear, professional podcast that brings in the most informed voices on the subjects at hand, join me here.
Balance your coverage i.e. less liberal bias and I'll donate. Otherwise, hopefully the money will run out and this podcast will cease to exist. I'm not holding my breath waiting for yout to change.
This would be it. OTM consistently asks the questions that are at the heart of the issues and brings in diverse voices to tackle them.
This used to be worst listening to—in fact, it was important. Now it’s biased and quasi-propagandistic. Interviewees cherry-pick historical facts to build one inexorable narrative, and Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone don’t even point out the missing details or complexity. This show is no longer balanced. It no longer has any intellectual integrity.
My favorite podcast. I begin my week w/on the media. Thanks
I just rediscovered On the Media with the 11/28 episode “We need to talk about Poland”. Excellent.
For years (and years) OTM’s Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield give us plenty to think about with their always-original slant on questions old and new. I’ve been a fan since the 90s when fans like me recorded broadcasts on cassettes for later listening. Podcasts!
Very enjoyable show.
Purple Project Partisanship Democracy is collapsing because an unnamed authoritarian is in a house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue supported by an unnamed cable network and an unnamed political party filled with low information voters. Because the Purple Project (aka OTM) doesn't explicitly blame Trump, GOP and Fox it nonsensically claims to be "strictly non-partisan and apolitical". It is just coincidence that this sky is falling series is launched during the Democratic primaries season, asserts that attacks on the Democrat-only impeachment vote is an attack on the constitution, and decries the abnormality of a POTUS pandering to "his base", ie a POTUS bolstering his own party. Obama's "guns religion and cable news" was different don't you know. OTM just randomly singled out Fox as hyper-partisan rather than MSNBC. Right. If OTM thinks it is "media to the rescue" it is as delusional as Trump, and as fair and balanced as Fox. The purple claim to apolitical perspective is sadly ridiculous. My 4 stars rating is fast becoming just an aspirational score that OTM can save itself from further sliding into the trite and boring anti-Trump bubble.
You all need to do another Epstein episode yesterday. Sans Alec Baldwin and instead with Whitney Webb, Liz Franczak or Brace Belden. Every second you sit on this is chance for another Project Veritas to beat you to the story and poison the well.
A consistently smart, probing, thoughtful dive into matters that matter. Always willing to take on their own role, and the role of media across the political spectrum. Love this show.
This show just keeps getting more insightful and brilliant. Anti-anti-intellectualism. Please listen, please think.
I have a voracious appetite for information and perspective, especially as they relate to current events. Listening to this podcast has opened my eyes to the true nature of American politics, how and why we engage with technology the way we do, and busted myths about U.S. history. If you want be more understanding of the how’s and why’s of the world around you this is a great place to start.
Just wanted to say that On the Media has been producing amazing work lately! As a sociology instructor, I plan on using several episodes for class.
Thanks for making historical insights so exciting. Exploring the ‘American frontier’ is a gem.
In these crazy times I appreciate that they are holding media accountable, even themselves. They call out bad behavior, poor reporting and shoddy journalism. This podcast helps our democracy by educating the electorate, demonstrating critical thinking and standing up for journalism at a time when true journalism is under attack.
... with the exception of Open Source. Good, in-depth reporting, asking questions that others aren’t, and avoiding the usual cast of pundits when looking for answers.
Love the first, looking for the second part? Impacted me heavily emotionally have dealt with eviction myself. Thanks for this work!
Can’t seem to find part 2 of the Scarlet E series!
By far the most informative and important show on my podcast list. Brooke and Bob are doing God’s work in these trying times!!!!
I am unable to find part 2. Please advise. I am entering the real estate investment world after retiring from public school teaching. This program will definitely inform my decision and my philosophy as a landlord. Thank you.
I love on the media.
Listening to the rebroadcast of a past year’s segment about hurricane coverage - I thought I was media-savvy and weather-savvy but not so, this episode is a public service.
This show has taken a strong stand that Wikileaks is not journalism. IMHO that makes On the Media a propaganda outlet and destroys all trust I had in them
I enjoy this radio program. Invoking thought, making sense of the weeks events, in an informative understandable way!!
And finds self innocent! Was looking for thorough breakdown of media spin but just more circling of wagons... reinforcing the same narratives. This is the sort of podcast that can survive under the Trump admin but will evaporate when he leaves office.
Bob Garfield is an incisive interviewer and occasionally a forceful and refreshing pundit.
Hands down my favorite. If I was stranded in a desert island and only had the bandwidth to download one podcast, this would be the one.
This is my weekly dose of progressive guiltmongering, my counterpoint to Ben Shapiro. I spent decades in metro journalism so I like to keep up with media issues. As media analysis goes Gladstone & Garfield don’t make an effort to be reasoned or balanced so it’s entirely too predictable to be very interesting. I keep unsubscribing and coming back hoping for a little more political nuance and texture, but I’m always disappointed. Get out of your bubbles, Bob and Brooke.
Thank you Brooke! This has long been my favorite show. Thorough, thoughtful, concise, rigorous and insightful. They are pros
On the Media is brilliantly produced, well researched and delivered by tough as nails journalists who work diligently to make sure that all Americans (as well as the rest of the world) have access to “informed reporting”. This show is world class journalism that works very hard, and succeeds, in providing all sides of issues. They will call themselves out when a mistake is made, and the passion to make sure information is accurate and current is evident in every show.