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My first favorite podcast! My zune was full of HTT episodes lol. Glad to have them back!
Still interesting, always fun, and one of the few podcasts I to look forward to. It is due to the chemistry of the hosts. A lot have tried to emulate but none have been able to capture the magic. It is always a pleasure to listen in.
Just fantastic fun with Gene and Bryan. Started listening on the ‘iPod’ more than 10 or 12 years ago. Always check the feed in the hopes of an update. Hope the guys know they were at the vanguard of the podcast movement and how important their contributions were and still are today... ...And that none of their listeners are too proud to accept a gratuitous ‘reunion’ podcast or 2 or 20. Hope they are well. ~~~~ So great to have them back... wish I could rate higher than 5 Stars.
Hometown tales was the very first podcast I ever listened/ subscribed to. I’ve loyally listened since 2006. A great, well rounded show with a broad span of topics. From Tales of Soda to Spontaneous Human Combustion- there is a topic for everyone. I was so happy when they came back during the quarantine for COVID-19. I hope they will continue to produce episodes even after the craziness of the pandemic passes.
One of my first podcasts... and I have listened to each episode probably more than five times. Have missed this show so much. So happy to have you back, even if it’s just for a little while!
The first Podcast I listened to is BACK! Gene and Bryan, telling local legends, tales, and points of interest, and…SPOOKY GHOST/CRYPTID/ALIEN stuff!!! Served up with skepticism and humor, but always making the tale interesting.
So glad y’all are back! You have been missed
I've listened to a few episodes now, and it's 90% just b-sing between each other. Very little actual content, and when they do get around to it, most of the time they don't seem to know what they're talking about. In the one episode that eventually got around to talking about the paranormal, they spoke of it very sarcastically. A healthy does of skepticism is one thing, but they were making fun of the stories and constantly cracking (not very funny) jokes. I can't take them seriously, and the show is more like overhearing a brag fest than a paranormal show.
Light, funny and really interesting.
The triumphant return of a sorely missed Gene & Bryan.
Great Podcast i love the wierd news but sad new Shows come around now just dicovered this podcast so been listening to all the older shows. Hope some time opens up for yall to do this regularly again!
“Hometown Tales” is one of my all time favorite podcasts. Gene and Bryan do a fantastic job telling stories about local towns from around the world. Their banter and interest in local history is something to look forward to with each episode…I only wish they could produce the show more often. I’ve been a listener for years and really enjoy this show a great deal! - Steve Runner
I live this show! I hope that more are on the way.


i love this show! I recently started over again @ number 1 and im amazed at the things i missed the first time around. keep up the good work boy's. peg jones

By Imbd
I love this podcast. Keep up the great work guys. Great to have you back!
I haven't even listened to the new episode yet but HTT is one of my favorite podcasts. It must be hard to keep a show going when life is always getting in the way but I'm glad to see you boys are not giving up. I unsubscribed when Bryan siad he was all done with the show for now, but I kept checking back every once in a while and now I'm glad I didn't give up either.
Gene and Bryan are back and better than ever. These two will bring tales from your childhood and from one end of this country to the other. They put alot of prep into every podcast, each one worth every minute put aside to listen to.


By Jesaca
Wow, I guess I never knew just how much I loved you guys... while you guys were on. Now that Hometown Tales seem to be no more, I am devastated. I've re-downloaded the old episodes and will probably continue to listen to reruns until my personal grieving period is over. There are so many themes you guys have not covered, come back if you can!!
Miss you guys!!!!!!
Informative, funny, great listening. I enjoy the two different formats from regular show to themed show. Keep up the great work. And in closing Squanto was a Native American
Bryan & Gene are amazing together. The humor is so off the beaten path, its just great to listen to. And the guys keep me awake while driving home at 2 am. Loved the Disney podcasts - listened to the while driving to WDW.
I agree that part of the appeal of the show is the un-organization or lack of knowledge on certain topics. Banter is funny, Im a little sad the shows aren't as regular as they used to be, still look forward to each one.
Love the banter these guys have! Part of the appeal is the hit and miss on various topics. It's not a news show, simply two guys having fun tossing around speculation. Good light hearted take on heavy topics. Of course when you go at it long and hard for 300+ shows you might loose a little steam. No complaints here :)
Gene and Bryan have been on my podcast rotation for the better part of two years, and I have yet to listen to a boring show. It doesn't matter if they're talking about pork roll or La Llarona, each episode is packed with great stories, friendly banter and an overall fun atmosphere. It's really like listening to wacky ghost stories around the fire pit at camp! As a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic of all things paranormal, what I really appreciate the fact that neither host is particularly credulous about the paranormal claims. They're strictly storytellers, and don't interject their opinions one way or the other. I think that makes Hometown Tales entertaining for both believers and non-believers alike.


By RST10
Used to be one of my favorite podcasts but lately it seems they're just going through the motions. It's become a wikipedia recitation on the topic of the week.
I listened to one of your recent podcasts today and I feel let down by some of the comments made by Brian. Why must you put down other podcasts and websites? I thought that you would be above that. You aren't the first podcast/website to have Tales or Hometown in their title. I don't know how much longer I will listen. Very unlikeable!


By Brigdh
Do these guys do any research on their topics at all? I constantly embrassed for them at the number of stuff they get wrong or don't know. This show is really not worth your time.
These guys are AWESOME! I love their twisted sense of humor. They aren't afraid to be "unpolitically correct". They never mean to be rude to anyone but they just say what ever pops out of their mouth and they laugh about it too, which makes me laugh even more! Do you know how hard it is not to burst out laughing when you are listening to these guys in a "quite" office atmosphere!?! Keep up the good work guys!
Every week I am looking for this podcast!!! Great show to listen to while commuting into NY!! I get to listen to interesting facts and sometimes get a good laugh. I wish it would actually come out more than once a week.
I just recently discovered these podcasts and LOVE THEM! I listen to one, or two, every morning while having my tea and breakfast. Keep 'em coming!!
I have just finished all 280 episodes after 4 months of listening to the archived episodes. Gene and Bryan explores urban legends of the world, but primarily the midwest and NJ. They talk about everything from finger tips found in bowls of chilis, the ultimate sandwich of Oregon, places where water flows uphill and of course ghosts, UFOs, bigfoot and things of that nature. These two guys have great chemistry and are a lot of fun to listen to. They are lighthearted and a fun loving bunch of guys. If you want to relax and unwind, load up Hometown Tales onto your iPod and enjoy all 280 episodes. There are few if any repeated subject matters, each episode is fresh and new. Highly recommended!
Have listened since the begining. I always learn something new and interesting. Great Production Value, Always interesting, Never Dull! The whole package. Myth's and Folklore in a very organic form, Two dudes just chilling and talking about cool stuff, Who cares if it is all true?!!?!!
These guys are very close to producing a good paranormal podcast. Maybe my expectations are wrong. I expected a paranormal-themed podcast largely composed of tales and reports of the supernatural. What I found instead are two kinda funny guys with good chemistry who sound like they think they're VERY clever. It's a bit much... like I'm listening to two friends chatting with each other and trying to impress each other and show off instead of two guys concerned with making a good podcast for an audience. Maybe some people like that. I personally would prefer it if it were less "them" and more paranormal tales.
i LOVE this podcast! they say every town has a tale and if it does, gene & bryan can find it! this show covers folklore, urban legends, cryptids ( as in cryptozoology), ghost stories,strange or somewhat unknown tales about your state & tons of great and unusual topics. if you like the strange & wierd, just download this show. this is one of my top 5 favorite podcast ever!! thanks gene & bryan!!
What every podcast should aspire to be.
I have been listening to this show for about 3 years now and I still can't wait for each episode to be released. These guys dive into topics that I love... the wierd, the strange, and the unexplained...along with flat out cool stories. Very professionally done also. Keep it up fellas.
Anyone who likes myths and local legends needs to give this a download. Fill what ever audio player you use, burn an entire case of audio cd's, anything you've got to do, do it. You wont regret it. Reliable weekly updates, great hosts, first class audio quality, and I've been pimping them out to everyone I know.
I love this show!! Gene and Bryan are hilarious and have a lot of fun. I just wish the show was longer, 30 minutes isn't long enough! I look forward to it every week, keep up the great work!!
I've been listening to Hometown Tales for quite awhile now and it remains at the top of my list. I love you guys!
Love the show of all the paranormal to the slightly weird.
I have had such a great time listening to Hometown Tales. This is a rare podcast in that the hosts take their stories with a grain of salt. It's obvious from their presentation that they have a healthy dose of skepticism, yet enjoy the folky aspects of paranormal stories for what they are. Absolutely great to listen to - funny, fresh, exciting, and always teaching you something new. I love it.
Gene and Bryan make a great team. They're witty and funny and their shows are always entertaining. GREAT podcast!
i listen to this when i go to sleep. I think I have a bit of a crush on Bryan. :-)
This podcast is excellent. I listen to it every week. Keep the tales coming guys.
If your looking for a nice place to kick back, listen to some good BS stories and enjoy 20 min to an hour. This is the podcast for you. They cover all different types of tales from all over the USA, but even include some worldy ones as well.
best podcast under the genre of folklore in my opinion. keep up the great work Gene and Bryan!
The best
Thanks guys! I love listening to your podcast. Great format - don't change.
I listen to at least 8 a day. I don't know what I'll do when I catch up.