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Reviews For Mac Geek Gab (Enhanced AAC)

This podcast is GREAT! This is the best podcast that will refine your troubleshooting skills. And who knows! you may just find some cool stuff! Thanks for all the hard work guys.
Always has great information. I really do learn a lot and I have actually found a lot of great apps/utilities based on their recommendations/discussions. Keep it up!
I’ve never been sorry for listening to MGG! After several years of it, I still learn stuff every week, and it’s not just typical advice, it’s the Good S*%#!
Every show begins with the promise that you’ll learn at least five new things each broadcast. For many, many years I’ve listened and you know what? Promise delivered! Every single episode! Stop denying yourself the pure pleasure that is this podcast... subscribe now!
I’ve been a premium subscriber as long as it has been available. Wouldn’t miss an episode. Most importantly, Dave or John always get back to you promptly when you query them and the answers are always helpful. You can see the show is a labor of love for the two of them and a joy for us Apple buffs. May they “Live Long and Prosper”
Love the topic, content, format, and the geeks of course. The stated goal is to help you learn 5 new things an episode, which seems lofty, but often spot on. If nothing else, there will be a few things you re-learn, or be unable to forget since some topics come up with higher frequency. Always a delight to listen to.
I really like this Podcast 👍 📱 💿 💻 I have been listening to it for a long time now and it's the best out there for mac, iPad, iPhone, troubleshooting, useful tips, finding cool new software, and more I like it so much I became a member to support my fav mac geeks John and Dave. I have learned so many great tips and troubleshooting techniques. John and Dave are very knowledgeable and entertaining.
I have learned at least 5 new things every time that I listen to this podcast. This much is true. Sometimes I think this doesn't apply to me, then I find myself in the same postion and say "I heard about that on the Mac Geek Gab podcast a couple months ago". I rifle through the archives and find the exact information I need. Won't stop listening.
It just keeps getting better!! Have listened for a number of years, continue to learn something each time. The synergy between Dave and John is a lot of fun. Good stuff!
Very informative and learn a lot of new things every episode, also entertaining too 👍🏻
They give advice about tech they are generally looking up while advising. And ad reads wayyy too long.
John and Dave put out a fantastic show each week, and I have been enjoying it for many, many years. It is one of the few things I can think of that makes a commute into the office on a Monday an even remotely worthwhile endeavor. I truly appreciate the effort they put into the production, and the approach they take to producing the show just makes sense to me. They have a great format, and I hope they continue helping us for many years to come! I definitely learn at least 5 things each time I listen, and really enjoy the community they have built around fellow enthusiasts.
I have listened to Mac Geek Gab since almost the inception of the podcast and never miss an episode. I do always learn something everytime I listen. I trust there advice and too often it costs me money, usually well spent.
Dave and John troubleshoot all your apple products and related tech gear.
I'm a Unix guy from the early 80's amd only got into Macs when they switched to Intel. Even then, I was still much more involved with Unix and Linux than Mac. I didn't even buy an iPhone until a few years ago! I'm much more in the Apple ecosystem now - watch, phone, Mac, HomePod, Apple TV. I know my way around quite well (I've worked retail sales at an Apple store since 2015) but there is still plenty that I do not know and this show often fills in gaps for me. Yes, sometimes I get annoyed when one of them will say something incorrect that they could have avoided by a quick visit to, but overall, I like the show and although I listen sporadically to many other podcasts, this is the one I do not miss.
Dave & John are super responsive when I’ve emailed them. They’re really helpful & never make people feel dumb because of their questions. They make it fun to discover cool stuff & learn new tricks! I love that they use show markers - I don't always have time to listen to the whole podcast (& there is occasionally an item that doesn't interest me) so I can skip ahead if I want to.
If you use Apple gear and you're a geek... this is the podcast you want to listen to religiously. They say you'll learn four new things each episode but they're being modest... you'll learn more than four (and often a lot more than four). I've gotta say, Mac Geek Gab is my favorite tech podcast. And, it's the only podcast I listen to every single week no matter how busy I might be. . . Trust me: MGG rocks. April 22, 2019 Update: MGG still rocks. And it’s still the only podcast I listen to every single week no matter how busy I might be. . . If you use Apple products, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll learn at least five new things in each episode. It’s what the hosts promise, and it’s what Mac Geek Gab delivers in every episode.
I have listened to every show all the way through except a handful. That comes to about 42 *days* of listening to these sometimes garrulous but always entertaining and informative geeks. 'nuff said? When I help someone and they ask "How do you know all this stuff?" I often pass the credit on to John and Dave.
This is the best source of tech when you want to know about Apple and other tech. Dave is a Networking guru and knows his stuff when you need to know about this topic and other tech. They are welcome to answer any sent in questions from listeners as well as you can become a premium listener for priority answers. Highly recommended!
Every episode I learn new things so I can better use Mac & iOS. The cool stuff found and deep dives have informed me about tech & apps that I can’t live without: Sonos, Plex, Synology RT-2600. I started listening 11 years ago when I got my first Mac and Dave and John are still going strong!!
Dave and John are nothing short of spectacular. If you are into the Apple culture or Apple tech ths is the end all podcast for you.
Love that I always learn new things. They make it fun to learn and make me think of other things that I would like to learn. Making learning fun is not easy. I also am thankful that there is not any talking over the other person. Thanks for all that you do! Barb
I suppose it's time I updated my own review of our show. Says the last time I published one was on March 27, 2009. Yes, it's odd to review your own show, so I'll simply review our listeners: all of you folks are fantastic. You contribute questions, tips, and Cool Stuff Found each week without fail. And with that, John and I spend whatever time it takes to go through them, do our best to get answers, and then share as much knowledge as we can each and every week when we get together. It's an honor and a pleasure to be stewards for our community, and I truly look forward to doing it for a long time coming. For now, though, I'll just say that I'm looking forward to this week's show! Thanks so much, y'all.
Learn at least 5 new things each week. Sometimes more or less but it's good stuff.
This is simply the best source of Mac tech support available in podcast form. Always friendly and helpful, the hosts have created a great resource for your Mac questions. Whether you're the family computer tech or a professional IT technician the Mac Geek Gab should be in your weekly podcast playlist.
Finally I got your podcast... after hearing you in MacObserver. I really enjoy your pods. Thanks
John & Dave answer submitted questions and share tips from listeners and their own experience. They try really hard to make their answers understandable by all, including new users to the Mac & iPhone. I listen to every show!
I am glad I’m not a premium subscriber.
Dave and John do a great job of presenting tips, tricks,new gadets/technology in a funny casual way. I've been an IT guy a long time supporting Macs, and I still learn something from the hosts and listeners every episode! Always worth the listen.
This is my favorite show in my feed every week. I always learn something new here. If you use and love Apple products you must listen to this podcast. I really appreciate the tremendous amount of time and effort Dave and John put into this show every week to help everyone get the most out of there Apple gear. Thanks guys for such an awesome show!
First, it's just lots of fun. On top of that, Dave and John answer your questions about Macs, iPhones, routers, and lots more. Along the way, you end up learning more than you could hope for. If your a Mac user, an iPhone user, a PC user, or a luddite, you will love this podcast.
Dave and John put on a great show. Very entertaining and you learn cool Mac tips and tricks at the same time. Keep up the great work.
A very much preferred podcast I listen to every week!!
Each episode is full of helpful information that will reduce your stress level when your computer or i-devices don't behave as expected alone or in trying to communicate with routers,etc. The tips and problem solving provided each week can be helpful, even powerful. Also, each episode is entertaining as John and Dave emulsify the technical information with their good humor and barrel-aged chemistry together. Accept no substitute! Mac Geek Gab is a gem.
I thoroughly enjoy each episode I listen to, even though you talk over my head a lot. Even if I don’t get the detail, I do get the gist of most (many?) discussions. Sometimes the talk goes down too many rabbit trails and I get lost back at the fork in the road.
Haven't missed a show in over 10 years. My podcasts come and go but this isn't one of them. Excellent work 👌🏼
Dave and John do a great job providng useful information in an entertaining format with a light touch of humor. I'm a long time Apple product user, started out programming commercial educational software for the Apple IIe, and yet I still learn something new, or that I had forgotten every episode. So if you don't want to get caught, listen to this podcast!
This is my favorite Mac podcast for a number of reasons. Here's 4: 1. They focus on helping people by tackling the hard problems that really annoy and frustrate the Mac community. Their wealth of practical experience helps find solutions, even when the problems are daunting. 2. They have fun while keeping the show friendly to all ages; I have no worries encouraging my whole family to listen and learn new things along with me. 3. I always learn something new and am a better Mac user as a result. 4. The production value of the show is outstanding; it's a fantastic sounding podcast and easy to listen to in the car or at home. For these reasons (and more), I look forward to this podcast each week!
These guys know their s*it. If you have ANY interest in really becoming good at preserving, enchancing, and/or maximizing your iOS/macOS products, this is the place to come.
I've been listening to these two guys for years... They are always on point, and always share great info in a super friendly way. Even people without a very technical skillset can enjoy the information and situations they share. And for those that are a bit more geeky, we are at home here also. Just remember.... Don't get caught...
Exceptionally fine edu-tainment by a couple of helpful, long time Mac users. I look forward to every episode. If you enjoy continuously learning a wee bit about your devices plus family friendly geek's then this is a great podcast for you.
If you want to get your geek on these are the right guys to listen to. Dave and John are extremely knowledgeable and cover a broad range of topics. They inject humor and make some complex subjects accessible to most of us.
Dave and John are funny, smart, and always willing to help. If you like technology, and Apple in particular, you will love this podcast.
As a photographer and consultant who works with many clients with Macs and iOS devices, I find the tips and information shared by John and Dave (and their listeners) to be invaluable. The way in which they explain things in a high-level but easy to understand manner is fantastic.
John and Dave eventually get around to almost every Mac user problem or concern. You may not remember the solutions, but you'll have the confidence that most Mac problems are solvable!
I enjoy their weekly podcasts
John and Dave are the click and clack of the Mac. Every week I find at least four new things I did'nt know how to do.
If you're inclined to make better use of your Mac and other Apple devices, or need a question answered or problem solved, this show is a great resource!