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One of my favorite podcasts, I love the topics they cover and the deep dives. Very helpful info! Only reason I’m dropping the rating to 4 stars is the amount of sponsors is getting high (thankfully the ads are skippable) and it’s annoying to hear them fumble though technical difficulties while recording which keep happening lately. Like once in a while is fine but when there are multiple interruptions in an episode just edit it out!


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One of the themes for this show is that we can each learn five new things each episode. Honestly, I usually do…and often more. Been listening to this show for many years and I look forward to catching each episode. Keep up the great work, Dave and John. Thank you, Scott from Fresno
Very informative podcast like other reviewers have said. I actually do learn at least 5 things every show. One of my go to running podcasts. Thanks for all you do.
Not only informative and entertaining to listen to but also a bit soothing. This is by far my favorite Mac podcast! Keep up the good work guys!
Awesome show. I learned about you after listening to Leo and the TWIT network. Only suggestion is after listening to WWDC episode is pls do a video podcast on apple podcasts too. It’s nice to have both available like the TWIT network has available that is so easy to access. Besides that awesome show I look forward to every week.
I've been a listener since 2006 and I continualy enjoy learning from John and Dave ever week. They do a great job tackling multiple level questions in a fun and entertaining way. Don't let the name fool you, if you are a PC user you will gain alot from listening to these guys.
As the owner of an Apple-focused tech support business, I have found Dave
I have been listening to MacGeekGab for many years and do occasionally listen to other Apple podcasts. There is no comparison. Dave and John (and occasionally Pilot Pete) provide clearly explained answers to questions re Apple technology and 3rd party infrastructure supporting Apple technology. They are knowledgeable geeks with an ability to communicate to both other geeks and to non techies. They serve as collectors (from their own experience and from listeners )and communicators of "cool things found" and "quick tip" The show notes they provide for each weeks podcast are clear and accurate. Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to many more years of the same!
I have been listening for many years and I still enjoy these podcasts. Great tech info. Enjoyable format. Just don’t try so hard to set up each other’s responses to the listeners’ questions. Update: It's now almost 5 years later and I'm still enjoying the show and trying to learn and remember 5 new things each episode . Yet another update: Dave and John are still keeping it upbeat, interestin, and relevant during this time of sheltering-in-place and the gradual move towards normalicy.
Light on monotonous Apple corporate news and heavy on real, employable tips, Mac Geek Gab is easily my all time favorite tech podcast! I’ve been listening since 2008 and have never missed an episode. When they say the goal is to learn five new things each week, they mean it. I’ve learned more real-world tips and tricks from listening to John and Dave than I ever could have from reading blogs, books and magazine articles. If you’re longing to get more out of your Mac, iPad and/or iPhone, this is the podcast for you! Now, if I could only find a way of obtaining one of those super-cool MGG coffee mugs I’ve seen photos of... 🤔☕️
A great podcast that I have been listening to for years and it only gets better.John and Dave are very informative.
This is hands down my number one Mac podcast. It’s great for learning new things as well as diving into the geekiest things. I never miss this podcast. Dave and John have always been prompt and knowledgeable when answering my questions. Thanks for providing this.
If you’re a ‘mere mortal,’ and want to become a better-informed Mac user, this is the place. Great to listen to. Been listening for two years and I always learn at least five new things each episode.
After retiring from a company that was all into Windows I purchased my first Mac. Mac Geek Gab has been a wonderful learning tool. I never miss an episode and highly recommend. Job well done to Dave and John.
I’ve been listening for years. This is a great podcasts if you’re into Apple products more than your average consumer grade.
If you use Apple gear and you're a geek... this is the podcast you want to listen to religiously. They say you'll learn four (or five) new things each episode, but they're being modest... you'll learn more than that (and often a lot more). I've gotta say, Mac Geek Gab is my favorite tech podcast. And, it's the only podcast I listen to every week regardless of how busy I might be. . . Trust me: MGG rocks if you're an Apple user. September 4, 2019 Update: MGG still rocks and is still the only podcast I listen to every single week no matter how busy I might be. . . If you use Apple products, I guarantee you’ll learn at least five new things in each episode. It’s what the hosts promise, and it’s what Mac Geek Gab delivers in every episode. Just listen... and you'll be hooked.
Dave & John continue to inform while entertaining! Must listen to each week!
Dave & John are great. MGG is one of the most informative and helpful podcasts for users of Apple products. I’ve been listening to them for several years and believe in their mission to the point that I contribute to their cause regularly. But you don’t have to be a premium member to get help. 10 fingers up!
Thank you Dave
Every show begins with the promise that you’ll learn at least five new things each broadcast. For many, many years I’ve listened and you know what? Promise delivered! Every single episode! Stop denying yourself the pure pleasure that is this podcast... subscribe now! It’s a family and you’re welcome to become a member.
I’ve been listening to Dave, John (and sometimes Pete) for many years and attribute much of my expertise with Apple products to them. I pay attention to their recommendations (hence Synology 2600AC router replacing my old TimeCapsule) and always learn AT LEAST 5 new things every time I listen. I’ve tweeted or written questions to them and have always gotten responses. A fantastic podcast for Apple product users.
This is simply the best source of Apple tech support available in podcast form. Always friendly and helpful, the hosts have created a great resource for your Apple hardware and software questions. Whether you're the family computer tech or a professional IT technician the Mac Geek Gab should be in your weekly podcast
I've been listening to the show for 10+ years now & enjoy every minute of it. The amount of knowledge Dave, John & Pilot Pete have is awe inspiring. I've learned a ton since I've started listening & enjoy the show each week. Keep up the great work & don't get caught....
Just updating my review after I saw there may have been an issue with reviews being tracked. This is still a podcast at the top my listen list each week. Every episode as is the goal I’m learning new things. Whether it’s how to do something or tools to make things easier. Several apps the guys have talked about have been huge helps for my workflows. Cannot recommend this podcast enough to any user level wanting to learn more.
I’ve been listening to this podcast almost since the beginning. You can’t do better than to spend your time with these two!
Started listening way back in 2012 when I got my first Mac, so I could learn what’s what, and I’ve listened every week since!
Dave & John are an amazing dual providing welcomed technical advice to listeners’ questions, new found OSX & iOS hints, reviews of new Apple & 3rd party products and generally anything that an Apple enthusiast wouldn’t want to miss. This is my go-to podcast every week.
Been listening for years!!
Dave and John are a wealth of knowledge and enjoy helping listeners with problems even when they have to hunt the answers down. I have learned things I use several times a week and always learn new things each episode. Been listening since 2006!
I never regret listening to MGG! After about 7 years of it, I still learn stuff every week, and it’s not superficial advice, it’s the Good S*%#!


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1 Star
I’ve been learning so much from John and Dave. One of the main things I’ve learned is how to have a good attitude when your Mac acts up and does weird unexplainable things. Even the pros get stumped sometimes but they’ve created a nice community where everyone helps each other. Great guys, great show. I highly recommend listening.
I been a listener for a long time. Great weekly dose of geeky Mac and other tech stuff. Sometimes it’s Dave and John and sometimes it’s John and Dave! Isn’t that right John. The format is simple and is generated by the listeners and Mac community. Thanks! And Don’t get Caught!
The Hosts and Listeners are here to have fun, while learning several things each episode about the Apple Ecosystem. Great Podcast! Listen and learn: “Don’t get caught!”
This is the ONE Apple, Mac, iOS, etc. podcast to catch if you only have time for ONE. Applies to any level of experience Apple user, and is 100% that everyone will learn from every episode. Don’t miss this one!
Imagine a podcast where the hosts really care about you. A podcast that is informative and fun. A podcast where the podcasters actually respond to your emailed or telephoned or messaged questions within a few days or sooner. You can’t beat Dave and John ( and occasionally Pilot Pete). Simply the best!!
They’re super responsive, really helpful & never make people feel dumb because of their questions. They make it fun to discover cool stuff & learn new tricks! I love that they use show markers - I don't always have time to listen to the whole podcast (& there is occasionally an item that doesn't interest me) so I can skip ahead if I want to.
Truly a great podcast, not strictly for geeks. Lots of great tips and they answer questions that I would ask if I wasn't so embarrassed.
Very informative and helpful. I truly learn multiple things each time I listen. Thanx for a great show!
This podcast is a great source of tips and ideas for Apple users.
Like they say their their the click and clack of the MAC world. I learn at least 5 things ever time I listen.
I enjoy listening to your podcast! My hubby calls me his geek girl! I do learn at least 5 new things if not more! Thank you for helping us not so geeky people learn some important & helpful things about our Apple Products!
I’ve been using the Mac since 1985, and listening to The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab since almost the very beginning. If you want to learn about trouble-shooting your Mac, this is the place to go. The podcast is entertaining and very informative.
This podcast is GREAT! This is the best podcast that will refine your troubleshooting skills. And who knows! you may just find some cool stuff! Thanks for all the hard work guys.
Always has great information. I really do learn a lot and I have actually found a lot of great apps/utilities based on their recommendations/discussions. Keep it up!
I’ve been a premium subscriber as long as it has been available. Wouldn’t miss an episode. Most importantly, Dave or John always get back to you promptly when you query them and the answers are always helpful. You can see the show is a labor of love for the two of them and a joy for us Apple buffs. May they “Live Long and Prosper”
Love the topic, content, format, and the geeks of course. The stated goal is to help you learn 5 new things an episode, which seems lofty, but often spot on. If nothing else, there will be a few things you re-learn, or be unable to forget since some topics come up with higher frequency. Always a delight to listen to.
I really like this Podcast 👍 📱 💿 💻 I have been listening to it for a long time now and it's the best out there for mac, iPad, iPhone, troubleshooting, useful tips, finding cool new software, and more I like it so much I became a member to support my fav mac geeks John and Dave. I have learned so many great tips and troubleshooting techniques. John and Dave are very knowledgeable and entertaining.