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A very much preferred podcast I listen to every week!!
Very responsive when I’ve emailed them. Super helpful and never make people feel dumb because of their questions. They make it fun to discover cool stuff and learn new tricks! Love that they use show markers because I don't always have time to listen to the whole podcast (and there is occasionally an item that doesn't interest me) so I can skip ahead if I want to.
Each episode is full of helpful information that will reduce your stress level when your computer or i-devices don't behave as expected alone or in trying to communicate with routers,etc. The tips and problem solving provided each week can be helpful, even powerful. Also, each episode is entertaining as John and Dave emulsify the technical information with their good humor and barrel-aged chemistry together. Accept no substitute! Mac Geek Gab is a gem.
I thoroughly enjoy each episode I listen to, even though you talk over my head a lot. Even if I don’t get the detail, I do get the gist of most (many?) discussions. Sometimes the talk goes down too many rabbit trails and I get lost back at the fork in the road.
Haven't missed a show in over 10 years. My podcasts come and go but this isn't one of them. Excellent work 👌🏼
Dave and John do a great job providng useful information in an entertaining format with a light touch of humor. I'm a long time Apple product user, started out programming commercial educational software for the Apple IIe, and yet I still learn something new, or that I had forgotten every episode. So if you don't want to get caught, listen to this podcast!
This is my favorite Mac podcast for a number of reasons. Here's 4: 1. They focus on helping people by tackling the hard problems that really annoy and frustrate the Mac community. Their wealth of practical experience helps find solutions, even when the problems are daunting. 2. They have fun while keeping the show friendly to all ages; I have no worries encouraging my whole family to listen and learn new things along with me. 3. I always learn something new and am a better Mac user as a result. 4. The production value of the show is outstanding; it's a fantastic sounding podcast and easy to listen to in the car or at home. For these reasons (and more), I look forward to this podcast each week!
These guys know their s*it. If you have ANY interest in really becoming good at preserving, enchancing, and/or maximizing your iOS/macOS products, this is the place to come.
I've been listening to these two guys for years... They are always on point, and always share great info in a super friendly way. Even people without a very technical skillset can enjoy the information and situations they share. And for those that are a bit more geeky, we are at home here also. Just remember.... Don't get caught...
Exceptionally fine edu-tainment by a couple of helpful, long time Mac users. I look forward to every episode. If you enjoy continuously learning a wee bit about your devices plus family friendly geek's then this is a great podcast for you.
If you want to get your geek on these are the right guys to listen to. Dave and John are extremely knowledgeable and cover a broad range of topics. They inject humor and make some complex subjects accessible to most of us.
Dave and John are funny, smart, and always willing to help. If you like technology, and Apple in particular, you will love this podcast.
As a photographer and consultant who works with many clients with Macs and iOS devices, I find the tips and information shared by John and Dave (and their listeners) to be invaluable. The way in which they explain things in a high-level but easy to understand manner is fantastic.
John and Dave eventually get around to almost every Mac user problem or concern. You may not remember the solutions, but you'll have the confidence that most Mac problems are solvable!
I enjoy their weekly podcasts
John and Dave are the click and clack of the Mac. Every week I find at least four new things I did'nt know how to do.
If you're inclined to make better use of your Mac and other Apple devices, or need a question answered or problem solved, this show is a great resource!
If you use Apple gear and you're a geek... this is the podcast you want to listen to religiously. They say you'll learn four new things each episode but they're being modest... you'll learn more than four (and often a lot more than four). I've gotta say, Mac Geek Gab is my favorite tech podcast. And, it's the only podcast I listen to every single week no matter how busy I might be. . Trust me: MGG rocks.
Like this podcast. Gets to the point. Lots of interesting problem solving, tips, etc. Answers listener questions. Oddly, the only podcast I have that is like this. Most Apple podcasts are largely Apple rumors, or self involved bloviating rants. But not this one. Non Political - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - so far😁 On a issue recently brought up. I also do not get links. I do get chapters, thank you, the only podcast I've found that does chapters. I also get the summary paragraph and sponsor paragraph. But no lists or links. I'm an iOS and Apple podcast app user.
For a while now, all of the show notes/links have been missing. Frustrating when they talk about some neat product, but I have no link to it.
The podcast never fails to tell me something new. I appreciate that the guys seem to understand we are listening to learn and they stay on the technology topic.
The best, the only podcast to learn about the Mac/Apple/iOS world.
You will learn 4 new things every week and it is presented by your best friends. The best of the best
Did your Mac let you down making you frown? Don't be distraught - listen to John and Dave and don't get caught.
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I've been listening to the show for 5+ years now & enjoy every minute of it. The amount of knowledge Dave, John & Pilot Pete have is awe inspiring. I've learned a ton since I've started listening & enjoy the show each week. Keep up the great work & don't get caught....
Love your podcast. I learn so much every podcast. I hope I never have some of the issues you diagnose and repair. Your fun communication with each other keeps me interested, even when an issue could not happen to me, lacking the hardware. I'm considering becoming a premium subscriber.
Found these guys through Mac OS Ken. Geek Gab is a great show. These 2 guys are very knowledgable and do a stellar job fielding listener questions.
The show is centered on macs and idevices, but the discussions range to things we geeks and wanna be geeks like. This is the only podcast I make sure to stay up on
Great advice from two great guys that always bring out some new product or solution. I always learn something new.
It's is a great podcast. It is like always being 1st in line at the Genius Bar. I'm amazed about the amount of knowledge I am gaining.
One of the great mac centric podcasts, a must in your tool chest of tech related podcasts, especially fot the Apple Ecosystem.
I have three favorite Apple podcasts. This is the one I would give up last. Consistently good.
I love the MGG podcast, and I listen to it every week. I discovered it last June and after listening to about a dozen of their podcasts in a week, I became a Premium subscriber. If any Mac or iPhone user listened to any of their podcasts, you should do the same. This podcast is not only extremely informative, it is also entertaining. Dave and John think like all Mac users; what app/feature frustrates them, what apps/features they like and use, but the thing is they both know a lot more than the vast majority of Mac users. Their goal is for everyone to learn 3 or 4 new things each week. But, I learn a lot more, and I was an Apple Authorized Service Provider and the manager and owner of an Apple Dealership in the 90’s. If you are a Premium subscriber and ask a question by email or leave a voice message, they will always respond. I had a problem with my iMac and chatted online with Apple Support 4 times, and they didn’t know what was wrong. I emailed MGG and they knew how to fix it. Dave and John always know how to fix anything related to Macs and iPhones. So if you’re interested in Macs, iPhones or iPads, you need to listen to this podcast, and check how much you learn from it.
The two main hosts know their Mac & related technology and dispense answers with a moderate touch of humor while not skimping on tech details. On the few occassions where they do not know the answer, they pose the question to the listeners who quickly fill in their gaps, sometimes right during the recording! The mix of humor and tech details keeps the show entertaining while informative. I listen to every show!
I listen to a few podcasts about Macs and Apple. I just discovered this one. I like that this podcast isnt just about Mac news and rumors, they have great advice, tips, apps, reviews and ways to do things. It is one of my favorite already.
I listen to a few Mac podcasts but I just discovered this one. This one doesn't seem to be just about Mac news (which I do like) but this one is also full of useful information, procedures and apps for making my Mac more useful. Great podcast!
These two guys have kept me ahead of the curve making sure i know as much as an hour a week and supply ( Yes guys i listen to you in the car, which stops me from using my phone). The live show really make sure their info is relevant and up to date for the public and really do take the feedback and info and share the best of it. Love the show! and it is easy to listen to, for geek or tech interested.
Great podcast! Not only do I learn new things with each episode, typically I learn about new products to buy! Dave and John clearly put a lot of preparation and seem like great people. Even if you are a Mac/iOS newbie, do NOT be intimidated, listen to each episode and eventually you’ll pick up so many pro tips.
John and Dave continue to be informative, entertaining, and a fabulous source for problem solving, tips, tricks, and reviews for most anything having to do with Macs. Very little wasted time with blather - very high level of useful information. One of two podcasts I will listen to without fail.
I listen to every new episode. These guys are great. If you use your Mac on a daily basis, you gotta listen to this podcast. It is great resource on how to solve those problems that you run into.
Been listening to this podcast for years and I learn something new every time. They also always involve the listeners/listener question in the show, so it’s different but current and applicable each week.
In my opinion this is my favorite mac related podcast. I like the laid back non pushy attitude of both hosts ( and PilotPete ). If they don't know the answer they aren't too proud to admit it. But beware, they might cost you money, because most of their recommendations are worth spending for. If you like the Nosillacast or MacPowerUsers, you'll like this show. One of the few podcasts I am willing to pony up some cash for at this time.
Love this podcast. Dave, John, and occasionally Pilot Pete cover all things Mac and beyond. Always gain something from every show. Love their in-depth networking info, and their recommendations for hardware and software. If something is good enough for Dave and John, I certainly will check it out.
I gave the podcast 4 out of 5 stars, but most people who feel the way I do about it would probably give it 5 out of 5. To me that’s perfection, and this podcast isn’t perfect. However… I first sat down in front of a Mac in 1985, so I guess that makes me a long time user. I’ve listened to podcasts for over 10 years now and have tried almost all of the various Apple / Mac related podcasts during that time. For the vast majority of them, I listen to them for a while but then get tired of them for various reasons. Examples would include MacWorld, iMore, even TMO’s own Apple Context Machine. However, this is the one podcast that I have stayed subscribed to the whole time. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to dive deeper into the world of Apple and the Mac. Thanks John and Dave!
I listen weekly and typically learn at least one new trip or tip. I appreciate the detail and discussion of issues and topics.
straight-forward, user-friendly, laid-back approach...just "wicked awesome"!
Thank you Dave & John. I have learned so much from you. This is a fantastic podcast if you like diagnosing computer/network problems and learning. Be forewarned however, this podcast is not “free”. The “Cool Stuff Found” episodes will surely cost you something along the way ;)
Great year guys for the weekly pods and looking forward to another year of them. Happy New Year from Japan, or "良いお年を (yoi otoshi o)"