Reviews For podCast411 - Learn about Podcasters and Podcasting News

This is an excellent series. I feel like this series guarantees success as a newbie podcasrer
I stumbled across podCast411 several months ago after thinking I might want to try my hand at podcasting--no podcast from me yet, but I am still listening to Rob on podCast411. His interviews of podcasters are very interesting, and I've added a lot of podcasts to my subscribe list based on hearing about them here. (Admittedly, I didn't subscribe to the podcast about pig farming, but the interview was inspiring nonetheless because Rob also went in to the "why" and "how" of their podcast, so others can benefit from their podcasting passion and philosophies.) Thanks Rob - Don't ever stop.
Learn about podcasters and podcasting as Rob interviews and the community shares the 411 on how to better podcast. R U Listening?
Want to learn how to podcast? This is the show for you. Very good interviews, conducted by someone with both knowledge and passion for the topic. This is the definition of good podcasting itself. Highly informative, always interesting, strongly recommended.
Rob does a great job digging up interesting podcasts in addition to interviewing the well known luminaries of the podcast world. A great resource for podcasters and podcast listeners alike!
Rob does a good job interviewing anyone and bringing out interest. It's partly just getting people to talk about something that they care about and that makes listeners interested, but it seems like there is something more... It's a very good podcast a worth listening to!
Just caught the show. Loved it! Its a one stop shop for interviews.
Who knew a guy talking to other guys about their podcasts would be entertaining. I sure didn't. There are a lot of great tips if you decide to start your own podcast.
I have been a long time listener of Rob’s show. In fact, I started my own podcast learning from it. I believe I am in debt to Rob after the great reviews I have received on my own pocast (What’s up in Taiwan). Please subscribe to Podcast 411 before you jump on the podcast bandwagon, it can save you quite a bit of time.
The first podcast I ever listned to was Rob's Podcast411 when he interviewed Reality Bitchslap's C.C. Chapman. That was the day I started my own podcast. If you're new to podcsting and are looking to start your own show or just want to learn about other podcasts that are out there, this iIS the show for you!
Absolutely the most reputable and most popular podcast where podcasting is the focus. You'll learn who's who in the podcasting world, how they do what they do, and hopefully find some great new podcasts to listen to! Rob's interviewing style is polished and relaxed, and he brings the best out of every guest. If podcasts are more than just a casual listen or two for you, you MUST listen to Podcast 411.
I love the podcast 411! Rob does a great job interviewing people and a great job editing. I also LOVE his choice of subjects ;) This is a great place for newbies to learn about new shows.