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Excellent, balanced and comprehensive analysis.
Especially great reporting in this episode. What a combination: ‘can of worms’, ‘Trojan horse’ and ‘pandora’s box’ these devices/systems are! Their social and legal contexts are far from understood and settled. As in the Chinese proverb, I would prefer not to live in ‘such interesting times’! Also, don’t want to be the Guiana pig for some company money grab with their delusions of grandeur! They bring Big Brother under the guise of ‘doing good’ with cool tech on a road paved with good intentions. I prefer businesses to NOT play god with human playthings.
Molly, host of the Marketplace Tech podcast, highlights all aspects of the digital economy and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
The host of the Marketplace Tec‪h‬ podcast, highlight all aspects of technology and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Molly Wood is a joy to listen to!
good show, she knows her content and has great guests
Get back in your lane Molly, more tech, no politics. At least it’s short.
Imagine if Molly and other APM hosts were just more upfront about where they stand/see things, maybe there wouldn’t be as many frustrated listeners. This is why I have more respect for places like Pod Save America or Daily Wire.
Molly makes tech news fun, and that’s not always easy to do.
Why not just stick to the ... marketplace?
Thank you, Molly (and APM).
Please interview more sources and cover disability and tech more broadly! Loved the weeklong series in August and September Haben follow-up, but disability exists in paracosms of virtually every story involving people, and with 1/4 of society disabled it would be great to hear daily questions about accessibility with regard to products, systems and more.
I’m changing my long time rating from 5 to 1, would be 1/2 if able. I left Kai Ryssdal’s Marketplace podcast just after he took a hard left when Trump was elected. I stopped my hundreds of dollar donations then but kept on with Tech but today when Ms. Wood mentioned the president doing something untoward with no evidence or context that was the last straw. Her interviews have an agenda. I’m very interested in tech not opinion. I can go to CNN or MSNBC if I want reporters to give me their opinion. I went back several times to see if Mr. Ryssdal moved back center (where I thought he was during the Obama years) but nope. He’s full of hatred of our country and president just like Ms. Wood is not exhibiting. I unsubscribed today. It’s a shame because I have heard some great things about tech from some of the folks who were able to talk about tech and not politics. Since NPR has lost the “Public” from its existence they can go get the cash they need from companies they support. I’ll work to end taxpayer subsidy for shows like this. The best episodes seem to be done by stand in hosts. After six years I’m walking away from this now dysfunctional podcast.
Love this straight forward, well crafted podcast with just enough insight to inform and lead.
I have been a long-time listener to Marketplace tech; Since Wood has taken over as host, the podcast has become more anti-tech with a political agenda that provides little to no substance besides a biased opinion. Wood seems under informed, lacking understanding, and changes the narrative into the latest political controversy. The interviews appear to be staged to support the biased and lazy reporting. Unsubscribing from podcast, it’s too bad since this was a great tech podcast with the previous hosts.
Great podcast. Molly crushes it with her extensive knowledge base, experience and wit! Love it!
Host and guest demand social media platforms ban and prevent all groups that do not conform to their “correct speech “.
Since Molly Wood has become the host of this show it has slowly descended into the realm of opinions and politics in the context of tech. I want to hear more about tech in the market place not the opinions and politics of others. Unfortunate.
NPR seems only to make shows that tell me how privileged and lucky I am to donate to my local NPR station. Well this podcast has convinced me to no longer donate. I also now support decreases in funding for Public Radio and Television.
Molly has a great mind for tech and hunting down the hidden. But I hate the anti conservative politics that she weaves into everything. An example? US has reason to suspect China of spying by way of tiktok. How does MW report it? The evil dictator Trump has deprived the deserving citizens of the USA of a life enriching app all so he can steal an election. No investigation from non political sources. No evidence. Just anti Trump hate. I don’t love Trump but I can be honest about the good things he’s done and the bad. MW only sees bad from him and it taints her reporting. It’s too bad. I miss the good old days. Unsubscribing.
Great!! So well edited!
If you’re looking for a show where the host doesn’t hold tech’s feet to the fire, this show is not for you. Journalists should be adversarial by nature and Molly is a superb journalist. I don’t always agree with her analysis but this show is a breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work Molly and everyone behind the scenes!
I am a 11 year old and this podcast is my favorite
Molly frequency glosses over the facts and instead concentrates her energy on delivering snarky, politicized commentary. If you are looking for tech news, this is not your best source.
This show is much more about ‘sociology’ and personal opinions on topics like ‘internet censorship’ than actual ‘technology’ or ‘business’. Molly’s an activist masquerading as a journalist and It’s kind of a joke.
I wake up to Marketplace Tech every weekday early morning on KPCC in Los Angeles. The content is timely and rich. Molly does an excellent job analyzing what can often be complex issues. I especially love when she paraphrases articles or documents and gets right to the point. Awesome!
I love hearing about what's new in the tech world. The stories are always interesting!
I have been getting my tech news from Molly Wood for years. She is not just reading the news she understands it.
Part of my regular daily podcast listening. I think it’s great and i wouldn’t change anything or anyone.
I wish it were Kimberly Adams all the time.
I like the topics and the guest speakers, but overall it’s mostly just driven my Molly’s own personal view on things, which often leads to very unbalanced conversations. Still informative, but know you’re not getting just news, but a lot of opinion, which is mostly anti-tech companies.
I love the regular marketplace podcast but ... This podcast is played as a segment of the regular marketplace podcast, so if you are a listener of marketplace you will hear the same thing twice. Only listen if you don’t get the regular marketplace podcast or if you like redundancy.
Listen to MarketTech EVERY morning. Essential to my life and work. Molly is fun and on top of things. Jack in California


By Web dev
Any podcast that accepts advertising dollars from Bayer cannot be trusted
I’m done. Been very patient over the 3 yrs or so that I’ve been a subscriber. It continues to get more and more political. Anti-Trump, climate change, racism...every hot button issue out there. I want tech news. Not politically leaning “news” loosely related to tech. This week was the final straw. “Climate change is responsible for “The Un-housed” (not homeless) and also for racism. To loosely put those blatant political messages into a story about what tech companies are doing to combat climate change is nothing more than a loosely veiled political statement. Consider me “unsubscribed”.
Love the podcast, but I have one gripe. Please, please, please... stop using the Google and Amazon wake words in your stories and ads. The advertising part is the part that irks me. Love the show.
I love this podcast. Molly Wood is inquisitive and upbeat despite many dark realities she reports on. I will agree with others that the commercials are too long for such a short podcast. I have had trouble convincing friends to subscribe because of the extraordinarily long commercials for what ends up being only 4 min of content.
This is great podcast and Molly Wood is an excellent reporter and host. She also has the best voice anywhere and I can listen to her all day.
Bias + fluff, this one has gone down the same hole that weekend did and that the so-called “make me smart” began in.
Love this podcast, which in 5-7 minutes provides interesting perspectives on important people, companies, issues and trends in the tech world. Thank you!
And I am a business consultant to companies looking to succeed in the innovation economy and marketplace tech helps me keep abreast of the important news with context that is very helpful.
This show is well put together and at first blush seems to provide a nice condensation of financial news. After listen for a while, however, you start to wonder why they take certain slants which seem to favor one side of some polarized issue. This seems kind of odd when you are expecting a reasonable attempt at factual analysis. You chalk it up to your imagination or perhaps your own bias. You finally realize there is a definite pattern to their bias. They seem to always favor existing entrenched businesses or policies over anything which may threaten these interests. This is quite disturbing and odd since they “present” themselves as a polished and fact-based program. I have come to see this, however, only as a smokescreen for a deep and frankly disgusting bias which permeates their reporting. I thought Trump was just being self-serving and disingenuous when he complains about “fake news” from the major outlets. As I am beginning to see, however, there is actually substance to the fact that most news shows serve only their sponsor’s interest and have little regard for honest journalism. Oh well. This “marketplace” program appears to be just another platform for fake news.
This podcast would be significantly improved if it could find a good host. The two I've heard - Ben Johnson and Molly Wood - have seemed under informed and more worried about proper politics rather actual tech issues. Very much an underperforming podcast.
A daily story that goes deeper than a flashy headline
It's about 45 seconds to 1 minute of advertisment at the outset and the end. For a podcast clip so short, posted each day, it gets to be too much - especially, when you listen to them back to back.
I’m a big Molly Wood fan. She makes tech stuff understandable for non-techie folks while not making us feel dumb. And she’s funny.
It’s NPR you know it’s good.
Maybe 5th grade science? Kind of about what people who are not really into technology talk about when they think they are talking about technology... 6 minute podcast but 2 minutes of ads.