the Christian and the Atheist

Reviews For the Christian and the Atheist

A slack jawed atheist sits back and listens thoughtfully to christian rhetoric.
This show is a discussion between two guys who--although each has his own beliefs--are searching for the truth. Emery (atheist) and Scott (Christian) don't argue and they don't fight, but they have an honest discussion of issues about faith. Recently they have been discussing, chapter by chapter, a book by Geisler, "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist". These discussions include a third person, a Christian who is less liberal than Scott. Episode 60, about morality, was one of the best and most honest discussions I have heard on a podcast. I've decide that if I were to re-convert to Christianity, I want it to be the brand of Christianity espoused by Scott.
These two raise interesting topics, and then fall completely flat. Chris (Christian) frequently makes comments explaining Christian belief, and Nate (supposed Atheist) does not even try to challenge him . I thought this would be some really interesting, often heated discussions, offering points to think about, but it is completely monotone and uninteresting.
Hey, I really think this is great that you're discussing the difference between atheism and Christianity. I am a Christian and I really like the answers this guy gives. I do see the atheist's point of view, and why he would say what he thinks, but I wish I could tell him why I believe what I believe. Is there any contact information?