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I just started listening to this about three or four months ago. Binge watched a lot. I can't believe that she's leaving. I wish her many successes in her transition to a new life. I hope she knows how much we appreciate all the effort she put into every single episode.
Thank you so so so much for making so many of these. I look forward to them for forever! Thank you so much for doing such a fun and happy podcast.😃😃😃😃😆😆👍🏼
This podcast is the best thing I have ever listened to


The host is very enjoyable to listen to
Great program always something to spur new concepts in cognition
I found this by accident and I’ve been binging it for the past weeks. Great, important topics, not heard anywhere else. Bold show about psychology!
I love this show for its stories, varied perspectives, and well-researched information. My only issue is the frequent re-releasing of episodes, which clutter my subscription feed and make me forget what I have and haven’t listened to.
This is playing on my phone and won’t freakin go away!!! I’m trying to listen to something else and this won’t stop. How do I delete this podcast? If it worked I wouldn’t be so upset now! This totally defeats the purpose of it’s supposed calming affect!
Wish I’d found this sooner, it came recommended to me. Great conversations, interviews and content.
This is where you get your cutting-edge psychology/neuropsycholgy news. This podcast has consistently been months or more ahead of its peers in explaining The Next Big Thing. Definetly check it out.
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I love the diversity of information. It’s really enlightening.
It is the best to understanding the brain, mind and eveyone around us. A must listen for everyone to understand others brains and capabilities.
There's so many pods on health and many are a real bore, especially mental health ones. This is anything but; how refreshing! Each episode has held my rapt attention. This is my new favorite health pod. 5/5
I get so much pleasure listening to this podcast! If you like good mind/brain/psychology topics then subscribe.
Thanks to this podcast I have a lot more reading to do! I most love the interview with the man with locked-in syndrome. What an inspiring and interesting story. Excellent quality!
Based on my experience listening to psychology-based podcasts, this is by far my favorite. Ms. Malcom always seems to ask the very questions I would ask if I were with the subject. Enjoyable as well as top-notch educational.
I love the subject of psychology and this podcast delivers.
This podcast is very interesting and synthesizes emotional and insightful sociological anecdotes with scientific research. Always fun to lsiten to and very informative. Love listening to this while I run!.
This is a highly informative podcast of a radio show all about the human brain. It's completely accessible to laymen, you need no neurology training to understand the content. I choose based on topic, as not every episode is to my particular taste.
What a great podcast! Interesting, informative, and inspiring.
All in the Mind is fantastic and riveting. I wouldn't miss an episode! Keep up the good work! Debra M. Seattle, WA
I have the type of job where I can listen while I work. I have a better understanding of the importance of compassion since I started learning more about the brain. The quality of my life has improved. I'm not saying I can fly but this show has expanded my universe a great deal. Three of my favorites podcasts respectively are the ones on fear, consciousness and caffeine. I've listened about 10 times to the one about consciousness with nobel laureate Gerald Edelman and still don't get it. Time to read about his theory on neural Darwinism. I'm definitely inspired by your show. Great work!
Wow These podcasts are addictive ... When I start a podcast, I simply fly into a strange lovely world of ideas and stories that I strongly wish to be involved in. Simply, I love it. Dr. Ammar Hadi Neurosurgeon .. Iraq
I just had a 5 hour drive and caught up on the ones I couldn't listen to beforehand. The time flew by and I walked out of the car feeling brilliant! :) Don't stop producing these!
I love that they include the sometimes very personal point of view of the people, not just doctors/social workers describing the diseases. And sometimes it's about social diseases, same treatment, the people who are involved are thoughtfully and kindly included. Thank you ABC Radio International.
I have been listening to this podcast for a few years. Natasha is one of the best. She ranks with Terry Gross (Fresh Air) and Krista Tippett (speaking of faith) as one of the most thoughtful interviewers available on podcasts. As a therapist, I look forward to new insights into the human mind, and agree this is a well produced show with good writing and much humanity. I wish PBS would pick up this show to give Natasha a solid american audience. The SF Bay Area would love her as much as I do. Good work, Austrialia Broadcasting
Natasha Mitchell is a vibrant, intelligent, curious and eloquent lady with a wonderfully well-rounded and entertaining show. She asks insightful questions because she is genuinely interested in each interview she does and researches thoroughly and thoughtfully (think Terry Gross, only Australian). Each topic is timely, considered from several viewpoints, and gives fascinating insight into the functions of our complex, multifaceted brains. She makes the science of the mind accessible to laypersons, yet complete enough to satisfy those of us who have studied psychology academically. The perfect podcast for anyone who likes to ponder the innerworkings of the human brain!


By Peg63
The disclaimer says the show is not aired in its original form due to copyright violations. What it doesn't tell you is that the show is completely different from the description and has nothing to do with what you anticipated.
very informative
It isn' just about pshychology or medical issues. You can listen to stories of/about ordinary people with extraordinary issues re: dealing with difficulties in life. It's medical journal and life stories all at one place. I love this show.
Great podcast! Highly informative. Just wondering why the more recent episodes are not being saved. I was listening to the article re philicide but it was erased by the newer one re: consciousness. Thanks.
Well done, informative, succinct & interesting.
This Aussie podcast is well done and thought through. At first I only occasionally listened to it when I had exhausted my normal favorites. But over the past few months it has really grown on me and I’ve adjusted to the Aussie personality to looking forward to each new podcast. Every week I find myself all over the internet learning more about that week’s topic. Even my non-science minded brother has started listening to it too.
I love your podcast with all my mind, but please please stop writing 'SUMMARY:' on the summary. I know. I know... It's alright... Just don't do it again. Now go back and do your thing my herald. My mind hungers.
This podcast is always informative. I highly recommend it if you'd like to know how a brain works.
Subjects are discussed in a way they are understood and scientifically solid at the same time
This podcast is a meal. The only problem is I will run out of them far too soon. Interesting topics and varied speakers in each post. Love it!
Love her accent, her wit, incredible intelligence and spot on follow up questions. Just wish I can hear her EVERY DAY!!! I'm a college student studying anthropology and I'm fascinated with the brain ever since I heard about this incredible import. Now, THIS is worth getting an ipod over.
If you like the tone and in-depth coverage of the likes of the BBC or Deutsche Welle and have any interest in psychology you will like this podcast.
I've listened to several of these podcasts now; every single one has been really fascinating and very intelligently produced. The humanity of the people both doing the program and the subjects of the program shows through. I don't detect any particular biases, so listening is a pleasure. When controversy exists, both sides have been explained and presented quite fairly, which unfortunately is quite rare these days. I've learned something. And it's fun listening to the Australian accents.
Excellent and varied program. Usually thought provoking.
As a recently graduated psychology major, I find that All in the Mind keeps me connected to the ideas and research that originally got me interested in Psychology as a scientific pursuit. This program is acessible from a wide variety of viewpoints and is suitable (IMHO) for children 13 and up.
This podcast is a bit strange! With topics like stalking people and hearing voices inside one's head, this program is not for me!
I recommend this podcast. It's smart, interesting and entertaining. If you listen to NPR you will LOVE this podcast.
This show is intelligent and engaging. Each episode tackles one topic and covers it thoroughly allowing each interviewee to completely express themselves without rude interjections from the interviewer, in contrast to the sound bite quality of the topics on most shows. My only regret is that it feels like forever between shows at once a week. I can however understand how this timing may effect the quality of the show. Please keep the show coming you are doing an amazing job!
This is always one of the most interesting podcasts I subscribe to. I find myself impatient for the next update. Great topics, interesting interviews, and what subject matter could be more interesting than the human mind?
All in the Mind makes neuroscience real by exploring cutting edge discoveries in a remarkably clear, exciting and compelling way. The show illustrates with real stories how neuroscience effects how we live and the choices we make. Then it goes beyond the edge to explore how our culture is influencing neuroscience. Enjoyable, stimulating and fun.
This podcast, from Australia, is a look at the latest research in neuroscience. Typically the show has experts discussing a topic and people who talk about how the topic has affected them. You'll find out schizophrenics won't look you in the eye and instead of getting grumpier as we get older we actually get happier.