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This is a terrific podcast. I listened to seven episodes at work yesterday and plan to listen to more on Monday.
But he makes reasoned arguments and I like to hear reasonable people talk about their ideas and opinions. The shows are short and to the point. Dave uses sarcasm, humor, and personal stories to illustrate his point when it is appropriate, all of which I enjoy. The show also sounds great. Regardless of your political leanings, you'll more than likely find something you like in this show.
I have listened to a dozen or so and find them witty, humerous, just the right length and the common sense, straight-forward, bluntly obvious answers to the WTF's and DUH's that surround us every day.. @#$%, I"ve shed several pounds of B.S. I didn't realize I suffered unto others.. Keep up the good work!! Give a few a listen, you won't be disappointed..
Conservative opinion at its best. Dave has a terrific delivery and sticks to his positions. Very enjoyable. I look forward to each new episode.
This show is very informative and entertaining; I've been listening to Dave since episode one, and out of the 60+ podcasts I subscribe to, this is definitely amongst my Top 5 Favourites!
Great show! I've been listing to Quick Hitts for a couple of years now and I still love it just as much as I did in the beginning. Dave does a great job of getting his point across intelligently and succinctly. He doesn't ramble on for 20 minutes before getting to his point. Plus, he manages to make subjects like the economy and smoking bans entertaining somehow. Keep up the good work, sir!
His tagline (You've been smartenized) is pretty silly, but Dave Hitt's analysis of the world is right on the money. Pandering to nobody, definitely not in the corner of either the political left or right, he cuts through the nonsense and finds the truth of any subject he covers. He is logical, amusingly cynical, and in the end, it is hard to disagree with him.
I used to agree more with Dave Hitt's views on the world. These days, I find my own opinions changing, and that's what keeps me listening to this podcast. Unlike most opinionated commentators, Hitt respects different points of view, he can admit when he's wrong, and he addresses topics that few people are talking about with a well-researched and funny podcast.
What an awsome show. I enjoy it everytime and love the fact that dave will bring up some topics now and again that arnt on other peoples radar. keep up the good work!!!!
This is a great show. I may not agree with everything the man says, but he prepares well and puts together a great show. Prepare to be smartenized!
I used to listen to Quick Hitts. It was fun, witty, and balanced. Lately, Dave Hitts is on some right wing crusade put a gun in everyone's hand and rid the world of Michael Moore. I know discrediting Moore is like fishing from a barrell, but at one time Dave could do better than that. Pass on this one.
Dave Hitt has opinions and he doesn't bother mincing words. I listened to three of the shows and cannot tell you that I agree with everything he says. However, he offers his opinions in a logical and well-presented fashion, and I just know that I would enjoy arguing with him - arguing with people who do not respect opinion is fruitless, arguing with those who do can either strengthen or change my opinion. Excellent podcast and highly recommended.
Hits a topic, provides information and opinion about the topic. Dave does this very well and gets to the point. Whether you agree with his opinion or not, it's good to listen to - you'll probably learn something - thus the term smartenized! Check this one out.
Dave has found a wonderful way of explaining the subjects of today's world with a great sense of humour. The object of hoping people will look at his chosen subject with a different point of view from what one held before listening is applaudable.
This podcast has really made me see issues in a different point of view, and has really caused me to think about things just a little bit deeper. I recommend it to anyone who is willing to see things a different way. This podcast by far is one of the best I have subscribed to; don't wait another second to get it.