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Ive been listening to Gaming Uncensored for as long as podcasts have been around. Anytime I see a new episode, it’s the first thing I play. Seriously great. Especially great around E3 with their E4 shows. Excited for more content!
I've been listening to Jamie and Tommy for over a decade and have always loved their candidness and relaxed attitudes. Their friend dynamic and excitement gets me pumped to play games even though I usually don't have the time. I have time for this though.


By jping7
These guys are great. Funny, engaging, and true gamers.
I have been listening to this podcast for years now religiously and love it. It gives a fresh, extremely biased (haha jk) look at games and MANY other topics. They also play segments that u can send in and trust me they will play just about anything, and i mean anything. Also please check out the gu website! I recently got involved and it is fan based, so awesome. Occasionally tommy or jamie will like ur posts ;)
"What is Up" is my line, yo!! Regardless, awesome podcast!
I recently found this podcast on sticher and I have say this is the best gaming podcast on the internet. Jamie and Tommy bring lots of Enthusiasm and passion for all things gaming. I love that it's a long podcast full of detail and opinion. These guy have a great balance between each other , there also lots of humor. So keep going guy you rock so glad your back that was the longest four weeks of my life. Have a great show Paul Christie
For me, this is the perfect videogaming podcast. You get just the right combination of hard gaming news hot of the presses with a sprinkle of crazy ranting.
Love this podcast.. friendly host's, entertaining talk.. and gets me through the work day. I would recommend to anyone! If your looking for a podcast to make you laugh.. and that has rants that will keep your attention.. these are the guys to do it!.
Is the guy mentally handicapped? I'm not being mean just asking
Great show! If you want hours of entertainment, then join the club. Jamie and Tommy are at their best when then rant on about random things (including, but not limited to, cupcakes). Silliness aside, these guys genuinely love what they do (play games and talk about games) and it's contagious. It makes you feel good about being a gamer. If you want the honest opinions on the latest news in the gaming scene, this is the podcast you should be listening to. The best thing is, if you send in a segment (which you should), they will most likely play it.
Paris and unclegamer lamed out.. so this is the spot.... great stuff guys. keep it 2 hours.. we love it!!
Love the show guys I'm glad you guys are not afraid to go 2 hours long helps me through my work day.
The show begins with a bit of that "morning zoo" FM radio station vibe, but then quickly turns into mid-morning talk radio- that's a good thing. Jaime and Tommy are PASSIONATE about gaming AND THAT'S WHAT MATTERS. OK, if you're looking for deep industry insight, then go to one of the professional outlets. But, if you want to listen to gaming news discussion by folks who love games as much(if not more) than you do, don't hesitate to download GU.
Jamie and Tommy might not be the most knowledgable podcast hosts out there, but they most definitely are the most entertaining and informative when it comes to podcasts that aren't hosted by somebody that works for a big name gaming industry website. They may not be the most accurate about alot of things, like the Nintendo Wii being a prime example, but that's just a part of what makes this podcast different from the rest of the amateur gaming podcasts out there! The listener submitted segments are very entertaining and insightful as well. You send in a segment about anything and they will play it just as long as it isn't aimed directly toward or at another listener. When Jamie and Tommy say that they will play just about anything, they do mean that they will play just about anything. No other podcast out on the net does that, and that's just what makes this podcast such a great podcast to contribute and listen to!
This show is hosted by a pair of goobers who want to be wacky drive-time deejays when they grow up, complete with stupid voices and and sound effects. I can't listen to more than five minute before I start searching for something else...


I can not figure out if this is a joke on gaming podcasts or for real?
When it comes to a good podcast, I prefer the guy on the show who is main guy to not sound like Chris Farley while drunk and the other guy seems like he is kind of scared to talk.
And not bad in a badass sort of way. One guy sounds like a blend of a drunken redneck and someone who's just a little "slow" in the brain, the other sounds like he's being slowed down by this redneck/mentally disabled hybrid. If he really is just "slow" then I appologize for being harsh.... If not then I don't know what the f*@% your problem is man.
Jaime is often very wrong about everything and the show is freaking long


By teran36
Great show, I have been listining for over a year now and my ears have not bled once


By M0C0S
This show is lame. I stopped listening years ago. Can't believe these no talent kulo clowns are still around. They have no insight into the industry. A life well wasted is the best gaming podcast. CO-OP, rebel fm and geekbox are also good. If you want ranting listen to out of the game. For shame on you guys for wasting these good people's time. SHAAAAAAME!!!!!
Ok, I feel bad, actually... I have been listening to this show for better than 3 years now and I just realized today that I had not left an iTunes review yet. Ok, the show itself... Jamie is an incredibly charismatic and downright hilarious intro and opinion guy, while Tommy, being much more reserved, is the perfect newsman - letting Jamie rant through the week's stories and calling him out when he is off-base. For the work these guys do, it is an INCREDIBLY well-produced piece of media... it always has incredibly good sound quality and audio levels... (Important to a person like me who takes his iPod everywhere and wants to be able to hear the show over, say... a lawnmower.) Jamie, the man on Wheels - and Tommy, the yeti with a modem... two friends chatting about games, giving their snap opinions on the news of the week... gaming is almost secondary talk on this fun, family friendly kinda show. Their range reaches across just gaming to encompass sports, politics and the intricate finances of producing a free radio show. They offer segments from their listeners in the middle of the show, but these hardly compare to the greatness that is just listening to Jamie and Tommy. I give this show a well-deserved 5 stars, and would ask if anyone that ever reads this, if you have won or plan to win the powerball jackpot, please give these guys some money so they can quit begging us - the cheap, free podcast listeners - for money... like if we had money, wouldn't we have better things to do than listen to free radio at our job?
It might take a couple of episodes...but give these guys a chance, because they will really grow on you. I love the two hour gives them lots of opportunity to really explore topics. Also, after listening to enough podcasts, the intro becomes strangly addictive! This one is definately worth the space on your iPod.
Super funny, Rantastic Mayhem! Give a listen-you won't regret it. Come on boys-keep em coming!
Really sweet podcast, and interesting if you want to get some views on these games. RTS fans shouldn't necessarily rely on this show to hear about that genre--these guys mainly stick with RPGs and FPSs. But it's a good show to listen to while you play a game--many are the nights that I have played Half-Life or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City while listening to these guys. E4 coverage is awesome as well.
This is a pretty good podcast. Each episode is very long (I love that) and Jamie and Tommy talk about a large variety of topics (many of which I am interested in).
These guys have no clue about gaming they just waste everebodys time and make my ears bleed.
Tommy really is a drunk. Sure, he's in a wheelchair, but that doesn't stop him from hitting the sauce. I wonder what he would sound like sober. Either way, Jamie keeps him under control enough to get a show out every once in a while, and when they do, it's Solid Gold Candy Bars. The first step is admitting you have a problem. My Name is MattDawg420, and I listen to Gaming Uncensored.
Enough said.
Perfect gaming podcast. And to the jackass who gave Jamie and Tommy 2 stars, go f yourself.
This is not for thsoe looking for an intelligent gaming podcast. One guy sounds like he just came from Moe's and the other does not add much either. Not bad if you want to listen to guys ranting.
Five you need to have a good gaming podcast, 1... two guys that know what they are talking about, 2... have a good sounding show, 3... have good segments, 4... being funny and 5... for you to listen to this. Those are five things you need to have a good gaming podcast and they offer the first four but you need the fifth one and you will get the best gaming podcast out on the interweb.
Jamie and Tommy brings a odd couple persona to gaming news
Great podcast, great community, love the fact that anyone can be a part of it and voice their... voice on air!
This podcast is very informative! otherwise, I really wouldnt be able to follow Video game news.
Submit anything, they'll play it in their show. They're at their best when they go off on a diatribe about something or another.
These guys have a good thing going. While it sometimes takes them awhile to get to the video game part of the show they do make up for it by being fun and entertaining. Keep up the good work guys because I just cant get enough!
I've been a fan for along time (around episode 20-30). Jamie and Tommy Rule!!! This show is more fun than a bag of iching powder laced (We're not worthy...). While you guys my not be the most knowledgeable gamers out there, you very well hold your own. Just consider yourselves the "Seinfeld of Podcasting".
Set aside 2 hours to bring on the funny. If you haven't got 2 hours, use the ipods' pause button. Infinitely more entertaining than a drunken midget and a bearded woman minus the midget and the woman. Don't miss this!
This is the ONLY gaming podcast that plays listener submitted segments and that is important for three reasons: it allows your voice to be heard, provides a variety of viewpoints not normally found anywhere else, and provides an interactive experience for the listeners. Try this show once, and I guarantee you'll be hooked, and if you've ever wanted to do a podcast about videogames, this is the place to work on your chops.
This is one of the greatest podcast i've ever listen too.It's amazing that these guys are actually sober throughout the entire show even though it does'nt sound like it.
This is definitely my favorite gaming podcast. Not because of the news content, in fact less than half of the show is actual gaming news and it's news that I've already seen in my RSS news feeds, but because of the awesome chemistry that Jamie and Tommy have. This show is laugh out loud and get many stares funny and listening to them talk about their perspective on the gaming news. Jamie has some of the funniest one-liners of his own, such as "Dude! That's HUGE!" and when he gets really excited and starts coughing and hacking and laughing all at the same time... brilliant. Love this podcast, look forward to the next episode over all others. If you're looking for a podcast with the best insight into the gaming industry, news that you can't get anywhere else, check out Gaming Steve (also available through iTMS), but also subscribe to this podcast for a very entertaining show.
Great show, informative and a hoot. No Jamie isn't drunk, he just sounds that way. "it's not a hockey, it's a ........"
A great podcast where the hosts just talk about random things and sometimes it happens to be videogames.
Jamie and Tommy are really funny, but not too humorous that you get nothing out of the show. They are also not too informative that you don't even want to listen. Keep up the great work guys!!