Reviews For RandomChatter

Random Chatter is an entertaining listen! The hosts have a great dynamic between one another. This is a great entertainment based podcast!
I love all the shows on this network and this podcast format, in particular, but Lizzie makes the podcast unlistenable. At this point I fast forward when she speaks, but even that is getting old and I may soon unsubscribe. The constant shrieking and interrupting is unbearable. Andrea and Shannon on the network are much more friendly and provide more valuable feedback and commentary. The video game podcast they were on was awesome. Hopefully outer rim comes back soon.
Of all the Star Wars podcasts I’ve tried, this is the one that keeps delivering. Echo Base gives me intelligent, well thought-out discussion with a bit of fun mixed in. A Little Short For A Podcast is a new favorite!
This used to be a great podcast network. As soon as Erik Blythe left, the content went downhill fast. Lizzie is literally unlistenable, she talks over everyone and disparages every opinion that she doesn't agree with. There are many other Star Wars podcasts that are more worthy of your time. Steer clear.
If you are looking for a very fun show with guys who gets along and like to laugh, this is the one for you!
Love these guys!
Followed Echo Base from Forcecast (rest in peace) and look forward to them every week. Been listening for almost a year now and really enjoy the Outer Rim as well. Love any show with Eric and Lou, they're great.
The Random Chatter podcast (the flagship podcast on the Random Chatter network) is a hilarious take on everything and anything in the world broadly defined as pop culture. The show's main topic or theme brings a unique - and hilarious - perspective on whatever is often dominating the news cycle. Pokemon GO anyone (an episode that should not be missed, btw!). Erik, Lou and occasional host/guest Chris have great chemistry and bring unique, and hilarious, perspectives on whatever the given topic/theme is. I've come to really love RC podcast, and I think you will, too.


Glad you guys landed on your feet. I’m just happy I continue to get these great shows. Be nicer to Batman and thanks for turning me to The Expanse.
More podcasts from this awesome network makes me happy. Time to sit back and listen!
To Eric and everyone . Thanks for the your podcasts, I enjoy your guys input on the material that you guys cover.
Just found out about this show a couple weeks back, and apparently the review before mine is incorrect because it's still posting new episodes. It's a fun show to have on in the background because the hosts have good dynamic, are funny and pretty insightful.
I really enjoyed this podcast, but unfortunately, I do believe it is gone. I really liked Erik & Co.'s work on this show as well as the old Force.net podcasts and I hope he can someday make it back to the podast universe.


By josh c
THIS is one of the best podcasts but is there goint to be more shows??