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If you listen back to some older episodes, you get some gold story telling. Lately however, you’re getting dry, bitter rants either slandering other people or complaints about never making it. This show is one that could have been great, and maybe one day it will be! But for now, just check the back logged episodes if you need to fill a short drive.
Trumps Hair was a great podcast! I love your frank way of speaking.
Lance's free form soul bearing will take you for a spin. He's got a great voice and is easy to listen to wherever your sould may be.
From the heart consistently. Connection to the audience is number one.
This podcast was fun to listen to. But that was three years ago. Lance seldom publishes new work anymore. And when he does, it's a sullen and vulgar rant. Sorry Lance, I've dropped my rating and un-subscribed.
If you're looking for something that you can just lay back and relax to, this is the one. It's honest and raw. Be it pointless at times, it can really open you up to some new ideas whether you agree with them or not. Keep it up Lance.
Can't wait to hear what stories he tells next. My personal favorite story would have to be the Goofy Cast "Dos Jefes"
This is a great podcast. Like an intamate little conversation between you and Lance. Humor, depth, something to think about, it's all here. A MUST subscribe!
I downloaded a dozen episodes of "Verge of th Fringe" in anticipation of my recent to the Eqast Coast. I logged 950 miles on a rental car over the course of four days. I had never heard Lance before, but he became my good buddy during a three hour drive from the Jersey Shore to southern Delaware. I wished I had downloaded ALL of the episodes, Lance is a great driving companion! His stories are interesting biographical reminiscences; some make you laugh out loud, some are a bit melancholy, but all of them are delightfully told by a great performer.
You know sometimes you just need to hear someone talk. Maybe their story really isn’t pointful, deep, or mind-blowing, but none-the-less it draws you in? Most of my good friends stories aren’t earth shattering, but the important part is in how their stories are told. And Lance Anderson can tell a pointless story well. Now that may sound insulting to some, but really that’s a major compliment. Many of his tales are really good; they have a good beginning, middle, and end. Other times, well, let’s be honest, he’s just telling you about something that happened, not really important, but at the same time intriguing. And every once in a while, you just go huh? But that’s what makes you come back each time. It’s sorta like the lottery, you just don’t know…sometimes you miss every number, sometimes you get a few matches so you feel good, every once in a while you hit a winner and your happy. I think to truly understand this statement listen to the 3 part “No I didn’t even kiss her”. It embodies all of what I described. I listen every time he puts out a new podcast, so why not try him too…
I picture Lance sitting on the corner of his bed with a laptop and a pina colada, with the drive to bear his soul to us all. He's a storyteller with a heart, an honest star. He's got a lot to say, so join the rest of us on the Verge.
Tired of disingenuous pod schlock? Looking for a podcaster with struggles, successes, regrets, dreams . . . someone real . . . someone like you? Well, you found it! Enjoy! Tim Coyne The Hollywood Podcast
Lance Anderson is funny, but his show is more than just jokes. When you listen to the Verge of the Fringe, you feel like you're hanging out with him and he's sharing a piece of his life with you. I love his philosopy and his honest, intimate look at his life. It's not your average podcast. Beth B.