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every nite when i jump in the truck<linelaul> i just cant wait to hear what toms got to say love this show
I'm hooked! I have wanted to be a trucker since I was a kid but life took a different path for me. Still, I am facinated by the lure of the open road; the freedom and time alone. I am living my dream vicariously through Tom when I listen. He breaks down every show with where is, was, and is going to, and sometime talks about the minutiae of trucking, which I enjoy. I never know what I'm gonna hear from Tom but it is mostly interesting (except when he plays Scott's messages that go on and On...and...ON...). Thanks for your consistancy and reliability, Tom!
Very interesting,and mellow dude.
Just what I need to hear! Tom Wiles presents common sense in an uncommon format. He shares a bit of his own life and explains the very difficult to explain,so that it is easy to understand.Thanks,Tom! MB
Tom is the BEST period, the Podfather of Truckin Podcasters. He inspired me to do my Truckin' Podcast. Jeff
Trucker Tom's Podcast has replaced Cnet's "Buzz Out Loud" as the first podcasts I listen to every morning when it's available. The reason I listen to the Podcast is I enjoy Tom talking about the trucking industry and where he's headed and his thoughts on politics and other every day events.
I really enjoy the audio and video podcasts. I also like the reviews and box opening videos. I also love the Finding America HD Videos.
I am just starting in the trucking business and find Tom's podcasts interesting and enjoyable. He talks about the events he encounters while trucking (I'd like to hear more details). He also covers a variety of topics ranging from computers, laptops, software to domestic and international politics. He has a lot good info on podcasting - microphones, techniques, conferences, etc. He is remarkably consistent in getting new podcasts published frequently.
As a fellow truck driver, I find that Tom is interesting and entertaining. He is thoughtful and intelligent. I enjoy listening to his shows as I drive all day in my job. Keep up the good work Tom, and keep the cool photos' coming too.