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Super-great. Couldn’t be better.
I like the topics but the ramblings and off topic rants are tuff
Listen to many different Podcasts Mr Michael Butler is the best. Honest funny and informative with a touch of Class
My favorite podcast. He’s always honest and has way of making you feel like a friend having a rock conversation. T You either get it or you don’t. More Paul Stanley impressions!
Fun content and entertaining episodes. Annoying when he tries to sing along. Just play the songs.
Michael Butler rock ‘n’ roll incarnate funny charming ridiculous smart great interviewer and above all entertaining.
Great guy, great music. Knowledgeable yet humble, with great taste. Thanks for the music and the fun.
I listened to the episode about the Rock and Roll hall of fame 2019 class. It was near unbearable to listen to. As a fan of Def Leppard I was interested in other's takes on them being inducted this year. His opinion of the being inducted was favorable, so there's no bias in this review. I was however unimpressed with the episode on the whole due to the host not knowing several names of people he was speaking of. This included the late guitarist of Def Leppard, which he referred to as "the dead one." Very unprofessional. It would not take much more time to write down names of people you may mention in an upcoming episode. He also read a list of snubs from the HOF from a website that he calls a joke, but proceeded to read every name on the list. This all left a bad taste in my mouth, and I don't know if this episode was a one-off, but the overall feel was very negative, and not one I would enjoy listening to regularly.
Such an Awesome Podcast! Honesty and Pure Raw Rock n Roll! Truly one of the best out there ✌🏼👍🏼
Extremely uninformed and biased view of rock n roll hall of fame nominees.
Sarcastic and funny as hell! I especially love the album reviews and the self-effacing jabs he takes at himself and the show. Great music podcast from one of the pioneers.
Amusing and informative. Butler knows his stuff.
The inventor of the rock podcast. One of a kind, one man show, only one way to rock! That's with Michael Butler!
Although I may not always agree with Michael, I still find his show very entertaining. He's one of the godfathers of hard rock and metal podcasting, and deserves all the respect in the world as a result. All hail King Butler!
One of the earliest podcasts and still going strong today. Michael's wit and musical knowledge combined with great storytelling and yes, even the trainwreck aspect, make this show enjoyable every week. I can't wait to listen to each episode.
this guy knows his music and will make you laugh c u at rock n pod expo
Michael Butler clearly states that he is not for everyone. That can't be further from the truth. If your like me and love sarcastic humor and are a fan of primarly rock music with big guitar riffs and melodic hooks, The Rock and Roll Geek Show is a great place. I have discovered many new great bands over the years from this show. Michael Butler makes me laugh and my day at work more enjoyable. Over time I have learned he is one of the first rock podcasters and set the tone for many pale imitations. I really am amazed how he never dissapoints. Great segments, Great humor, Great Music, Very highly recommended
No doubt this guy has a great podcast endurance with good content. Congratulations on that. I don't like it because the F-word was out before I got four minutes into my first listen. You make think me prudish as you are entitled to your own opinion, yet I know we are diminished when we use foul language. Don't advertise Clean Lyrics if you don't have courage in your convictions.
I have loved this show for many years. Michael is a great guy and a man who knows his music. I have gone to a few shows with him and he is cool to hang with.
Michael Butler who's only claim to fame is a weak podcast, playing in Jetboy, and playing on the worst album Exodus ever put out. He's not interesting, his show moves slow, all he does is beg for his listeners to buy off his "sponsors" websites, and he's a general blow hard know it all. If you want to hear a better metal podcast I would suggest The Classic Metal Show, Eddie Trunk, and Talking Metal.
This Podcast will make you feel super great, you’ll never feel better rocking with Butler
Listened to him way back in the day 2005 and he's the same hilarious but rockin host.
Been listening to Micheal Butler and his music podcast for awhile now. At first listen you have to really try on how annoying or tedious his talking can get. Good note he likes the music on a love hate basis. Its hard to tell what he is into? He downs the new music and artists. But if you like metal and R&R then this guy is for you.
The iron maiden book of souls review was my first listen and it was awesome until he got drunk butchered the story of "the empire of the clouds" with his screaming and obnoxious yelling. And then saying it was a mythical airplane from the 50's. When it was a Zeppelin Like craft in the 30's and yes it's a true story. Cool fun fact. The syncopated riff at the 7 minute mark is actually S.O.S. In morse code! Anyways man stay away from the alcohol and your show will be amazing.
This is a great podcast. Michael is a good guy and funny and knowledgeable. He knows enough that he should be on Sirius or be syndicated. Really like the way he involves his listeners. Very unique show. Keep up the good work. Stay Frosty!
i had all but given up on rock and roll untill i got into this podcast, thanks for saving me!
Great show if you like rock. No nonsense, not overproduced or fancied up. I have discovered lots of new bands listening to the show. Also a very personal and honest show.
Recently discovered this podcast, and it's definitely my favorite. Michael Butler weaves classic rock takes with latest rock trends, and his love of great rock music is infectious. Always honest, super-informative and entertaining - Fantastic!
Knowledgable, witty, fun and honest - one of the longest running music podcasts for the aforementioned reasons. ALL music fans should subscribe.
Hi, first time listening and sorry but it sounds like someone caught you in the john with a mic and u forgot you had a show to do. Too many beers man
Forty wasted minutes of me life...about as enlightening as a 2am conversation outside a bar
I have been listening to Michael Butler for years, and he inspired me to start my own show. His mix of stories, music, and reviews are second to none! He knows about all aspects of the music business and he is never shy with giving his opinion. Happy 10th Anniversary, Michael! Looking forward to many more!
I love this podcast. Never miss an episode. Great tunes, offbeat and amusing observations on rock and life. It's like hanging out, sipping some fine Tecates, listening to good music with a buddy.
Classic rock at its best and a real, down to earth host!
I have listened to the geek podcast for a few years now and it is the best one out there. I've found many bands by listening that I would never had heard from otherwise. Michael Butler treats the listeners like the friend next door talking about Rock and so many other things. It's 550 strong and hope for many many more to come!!!
What can you say about Michael Butler that hasn't been said many times before. He's the best. He knows his stuff. He's fun to listen to. He plays good music. And he likes Rick Springfield. Works for me! Subscribe and review his show!
I found out about this show from Talking Metal and now I like it just as much, maybe more. Mark Strigl seems to have taken over TM. It was better when Ostronomy and him had more of a balance. This show is good because Butler seems like a normal guy. He has his own thing going on. You should get Ostronomy on to tell some Ace stories.
The best Rock and Roll podcast around! Its a crime that this guy doesn't have a show on Sirius. Butler does a perfect job of making you feel like you're hanging out with a friend and talking about music. Look forward to this every week! Buy the app too- filled with years worth of shows that will turn you on to a lot of great Rock and Roll!!!
I love Michael Butler. been listening for 3 years. I love his interviews with rock stars, and stories from his personal life. He is a great host, with a great taste in music. Now excuse me while a take a sip of this fine Tecate......ahhhhhh. for reals...thanks Michael!
Butler keeps the show loose and fun, and he plays the best music of any show on the Internet. His show has led me to buy music from bands I likely would never have even heard of otherwise. Podcasting sells music! (or more specifically, the Rock and Roll Geek Show sells music!) Long Live the Rock and Roll Geek Show!
This dude pretends to interview Iron Maiden on one of these pod casts. Acts as if he's talking to them while playing back audio from a different interview. If it wasn't so sad I'd think it was funny.
Michael Butler is the Godfather of Podcasting...for all things Rock this is where you need to be.....Thanks Michael
I just discovered this podcast and like it a lot. I particularly like when Michael does his track by track album reviews. Good job!
This is one of the best podcasts out there! If you are really into Rock n Roll and are ready to hear not only some of the best bands around, but hear some of the more obscure bands that you may not have heard before! It is really fun to hear this guy geek out! Some great past interviews! Just give this show a listen and you will understand why so many podcasters were influenced to start their own show after listening to this guy!
Michael Butler has single-handedly created an art form: The Rock n' Roll Podcast. There are many imitators out there, but none have the insight into classic rock n' roll and punk rock that MB has. Or the personality. Always entertaining, always on the cutting edge of what's happening in the rock world. I dare you to listen and not end up discovering something new to buy. Lots of people say that the death of the music industry will deprive us lowly music lovers of the filters we need to help separate the good from the bad. Well, here's a perfect replacement: The Rock and Roll Geek Show!
This guy really knows his music and is always good to listen to. He's introduced me to a lot of music that I would never have known exsisted, old and new. If you love rock music you have to give this show a listen.
Michael Butler is the father of Rock 'N' Roll Podcasting. Even a rock know it all will learn a few things by listening (and ultimately subscribing) to this great trainwreck of a show. Thanks a lot for the shows Michael, we really appreciate it.