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This is my go to podcast for my Sunday walk. I love Evan and her way of guiding a conversation. It really is a nice way to keep up to date with what is going on in the Southern California food scene.
Today I learned the details of what happened to Bread. What was once considered to be dirties by immigrant hands, is now selling (not o my to me) for upwards of $10 a loaf. The listening is so unpolitically comforting and smart. Thank you Evan!
This is a perfect show with no politics or BS. Just some wholesome people talking about cooking.
Congratulations. I have followed for years. This is necessary KCRW, thank you!
Good Food has been my favorite podcast for a long time, but during these past months it’s become a necessity. Evan, you talk to your listeners like we’re your close friends. I’ve laughed, cried and always learn something new. Thank you for an hour that means so much!
Evan’s curiosity and kindness is evident in every interview. Great variety of subjects and empathy for producers, cooks, restaurant workers, especially in this new uncertain reality. Happy to have discovered this podcast, I’m also digging into past episodes!
In depth looks at many different aspects of the food business. Evan, the interviewer, speaks clearly and slowly, unlike so many speech. But I would like the names of her guests, businesses, etc., referenced with maybe links in the notes so I can find more about them. Also, Evan, it’s restaurateur” not “restauranteur.” Not the only person to make this mistake, but... I just wish I lived in LA so I could check out the places she talks about!
In all the chaos that is 2020, Good Food has been my happy place. I listen while cooking my own dinner and always am struck by inspiration and transported to amazing restaurants in LA that I’ll one day hopefully get to try. Thank you for bringing this joy to our ears and highlighting the creative magic of cooking in California!
I’ve been a listener for years and years. Evan is a gracious, thoughtful host with well-researched and humanizing stories. It’s flat-out great storytelling. Every episode has a new book or documentary or article I’m compelled to check out. One of a small handful of podcasts I never miss.
Evan Kleinman brings all aspects of the kitchen and dining to life with an incredibly apetizing tone of voice. After each episode, there is always a note or two to take on a great cookbook, interesting receipe idea or new resturaunt to try. Absolutely love this show. Thank you for it!!
A good measure of how successful a podcast is if you come away having learned something. Every episode I learn many things. From technique, to culture to geo-politics and all manner of deliciousness. Evan Kleiman speaks from the heart, knows everyone and asks questions I want to know or didn’t know to ask. Her calm manner and soulful passion shines as she extracts every morsel out of the interview. Their restaurant recommendations are spot on and serve to pinpoint people, places and menus that make Los Angeles/Southern California dining extraordinary.
I miss Evan and Good Food. There has not been an episode for three weeks. The last one was January 3. I subscribe and also went to KCRW website. Nothing about taking a hiatus or anything about the show’s absence. Does anyone know what is going on? Or, not going on???
Evan has taught me so much about food. This podcast has arguably changed my life!
I like this podcast it’s the best
Evan is a treasure. I listen to this show every Sunday as I do meal prep or make a big slow cooker of something. I’ve bookmarked so many places on Yelp that are mentioned on the show. When the world feels like toxic media all of the time, Good Food can cleanse that terrible stuff from your system.
and i love this podcast
I’m a little ashamed to say I’ve been listening to this show for years (10+) yet I’ve never done a review. This is a great show! If u eat food, this show is 4 u. I like to listen while I’m cooking...or not. It has some great recipes, inspiration for trying new ingredients & really awesome interviews with tremendous chefs & experts in various food related industries. In fact, a show about salt is why I stopped using Kosher Salt to season my food & started using mineral salt & have since moved on to pink Himalayan salt. A little thing but kind of a big thing when you love to cook & appreciate good food. I’ve heard many professional chefs say they like & use K. salt....tsk, tsk, tsk, if only they knew! It’s diverse AF, Ev is always talking to people who love to cook & love good food from EVERY background. And someone’s review said it best, she makes it seem so easy. It’s like she’s just talking to a friend about food & you get to listen in. What a treat. If you subscribe... enjoy. Shout out to Jonathan Gold & my guy Anthony Bourdain... R.I.P.
Thanks for not getting too political. I know it’s likely that you’re politics are not mine, I appreciate your respect.
I have been listening to Good Food for a very long time and look forward to every episode. As a native of Los Angeles who had to move away for work, Evan and her team help to keep me feeling somewhat connected to a city that was such a big part of my life.
Been listening to Good Food for 15+ years and it just keeps getting better and better. There is no one better at what she does than Evan. She makes it seem so easy, which is proof of how talented her and the team are, cause it definitely isn't. Yes, it's a food show....but it's really about using food as a lens to explore so many other subjects. I'm so grateful for all they've taught me over the years and LA is lucky to have a woman like Evan to tell the stories of this great city.
So entertaining, so educational. Evan and her team do an exemplary job in all things food and drink.
I’ve been listening to Good Food for as long as KCRW’s website has been streaming it, and now as a podcast. Evan is a great interviewer with a focussed progressive perspective. She delights in food’s pleasures, while sharing her fascination with its producers, artistes, and critics. Her warmth and generosity in interviews is underscored by the impression that she secretly might know more than her guests about their topics. Good Food made me aware of the broad-reaching cultural, political, and environmental implications of our food-related lives long before food justice was part of our discourse. Thank you for this show!
My only problem with Good Food is that I sometimes feel inferior for not living in or around LA. Those of us east of California may not be so on top of trends as this food scene, but at least we can get a taste via Good Food. But it is about so much more than trends. I love the news and culture coverage that is nationally relevant, and the market report that takes a close look at a certain ingredient available at the farmers market is genius (again, even if the rest of us can’t just walk down and get that ultra local goat cheese). The episodes are long, but easy to pick up in hits here and there.
I have been listening to this podcast for well over 10 years and it remains one of my weekly treats that I look forward to every Saturday. As a person interested in everything food, from producing it to eating it, the podcast curates topics that are always current and pertinent. Evan is a great conversationalist, her questions are always thoughtful and on point which makes for an engaging and enjoyable listen. Highly highly recommended.
"Good Food" is one of my favorite podcasts because it showcases how food - it's origins, variety, meanings, and the influence of those who prepare it - impacts our lives on multiple levels. Evan Kleiman is perfect as host not only due to her passion for and knowledge of the subject matter, but also because she is a skillful, engaged interviewer. This is why"Good Food" remains at the top of my playlist rotation.
There’s a reason this has been around for so long. Evan Kleinman is an LA treasure as much as her friend Jonathan Gold. Both never put themselves before their subjects unlike other podcasters who barely let their guests get a word in. She asks the questions you are thinking about, her subject matter is thoughtful and entertaining and her laugh should be marketed to replace all mood enhancers. This review is long overdue. Good food amd Evan have been improving my world for years. (No I am not a relative. 😊)
I've been listening to this show for 15 years and it's consistently great. It's not a cooking show, it's a show about food, where it comes form, who grows it, who cooks it, who eats it, and why. But be warned, if you don't live in SoCal, listening to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market report in the dead of winter can be torture, hearing about all the lovely fresh fruit (or the tomatoes!). I will really miss Johnathan Gold's segments.
Started listening to this amazing podcast about six months ago. Now this has become an integral part of my everyday commute from work to home. Have finished listening to all the available episodes recently and will keep listening to it every week now. It’s really hard to find such great radio presenters these days like Evan Kleiman. It’s very informative and well designed program that you would instantly like and keep listening. Even thought I am from Northern California but my love has grown more towards LA after listening to this podcast.
Evan Kleinman gets better and better with her interviews and topics covered. The show doesn't shy away from difficult issues that resonate all over the country, not just California. Her tributes this year to Jonathan Gold and Anthony Bourdain are wonderful. thank you KCRW
Would be better if she stuck to articles about food and left out the politics.
So I am from Boston. It doesn’t matter. Their still lots to learn for this foodie when hearing of the LA food scene. You are keeping me sane when I choose this podcast over he news of the day.
Good, not great. “Splendid Table” is certainly better, but I appreciate the conversation on the way food is entwined within our cultures. There’s a lack of interesting food podcasts, so I’m glad I found it. The real negative here— the way she says “culinary”. I don’t get it.
Always love the show and download every week even. This week’s revisit of Jonathan Gold’s ‘Straight Out of Compton’ review completely blew me away. I’ve never heard rap being talked about in such a poetic and painterly way. Hearing the review read over the track was beautiful—if only it could’ve been Jonathan reading it. Thanks again for the wonderful and touching work.
If you're going to have a white guy report on Asian food, at least get your ethnicities straight. Bonchon is Korean and not Japanese. I'm offended by your choice of who to report and his inability to get the basics right / missed editing. Don't write about Chinese food if you can't bother to have one Asian person on staff who could have pointed out the mistake
I look forward to listening to Evan Kleiman every week. She has so much joy in her voice and is an excellent interviewer. I learn so much about what’s going on in Southern California cuisine- they do weekly reports from the farmers markets, interview chefs, and talk with Jonathan Gold about his latest restaurant reviews. But I also learn about what’s happening in food and restaurant culture throughout America. Evan discuss the latest cookbooks, water and agricultural issues, and the latest political issues relating to food and food systems. The farm bill episodes were particularly enlightening. Each show is full of diverse stories.


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I look forward to every episode of this podcast. It is informative and interesting in a mellow and enjoyable way. Evan’s style is warm yet intelligent. I love the Jonathon Gold segments as well.
I love Evan’s comprehensive approach to food and culture, examining both individual recipes and restaurants, and the bigger issues in our society today. Each week is full of excellent stories and conversations around food and beyond.
Her voice is soothing and intelligent. I love her insight.
Evan is brilliant and this show is so smart and just an absolute must each week.
I don’t even live on the West Coast and I listen to this podcast the moment it drops. Wonderful interviews, great food ideas and also I learn things such as about farm worker rights. It entertains and education - food for the soul and mind. Thank you!
I love this show but the social commentary is underdeveloped. How can you talk about survival wages, sexual harassment, and not Women of Color. Ezra you need more wocs on your show
Evan is amazingly knowledgeable and talks to her guests as a peer, which is how they treat her as well. I always learn a lot from this show.
this show has great flavor. it showcases a diversity of voices and food, exploring all levels from farm to table and beyond. it touches on the usual restaurant reviews and food trends but also government regulation and migrant labor. highly recommended.


Although I don't cook at all I look forward to listening to your podcast weekly for the social insights it has regarding food/culture. Keep up the good work!
I love Evan and everything she does. Her show is fabulous, and she’s seemingly given a whole lot more to the LA food scene than it ever had the grace to give her. Her interviews around food politics and production inform my cooking and shopping all of the time. Would be nice to hear less of Jonathan Gold, though. His egalitarian roots aren’t as obvious as they used to be, and it sometimes tips the show into feeling more precious and upscale than it means to be.
Always a great show. Every, single week!
This show always has an interesting and sometimes quirky lineup of topics. It covers serious stuff like nutrition, food policy and livestock conditions, but it's not afraid to have fun and tackle more offbeat and frivolous things too. Evan Kleiman handles it all perfectly.
I stumbled upon this food cast about a year ago and have loved it ever since. Yes, as an East Coaster myself, it may be a bit regional, but many of the main stories featured each podcast are the kinds of conversations we should be having throughout the country. You’re the best, Evan!
I love listening to this podcast - even though I live on the East Coast. One of my favorites...