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I use to download the podcast all the time. Now they want to charge for their podcast? Tons of other podcast that are far more entertaining that are free.
I found out about them via Lost. But I really enjoyed this podcast more and will say officially that everyone should listen to it. I'd even say that it's worth the money. It's a great podcast to listen to at work. Delta Park - Keep rockin it!
Delta Park Project is hosted by a couple who have made pop culture the cornerstone of their business. Anna is a seasoned producer and Jason is a very funny man and together they make a fun, informative show. I highly recommend this show not only because it's good but also because DPP is what podcasting should be.
I love Jason and Anna's witty take on pop culture. The podcast is fast moving, entertaining, EXTREMELY well produced, and has introduced me to pop culture diamonds like Jonathan Coulton, Lost and Amelie. I strongly recommend you checking out the big show! - Starbucks Pat
Listening to Jason and the ole ball and chain of his practically makes me slide off my chair. They do some great reviews of TV shows and movies that I've never seen and probably never will see. Since I listen to their show, I don't really have to watch TV! The TV industry must hate these guys! In fact, I'm going to call up all the high power executives I know and warn them about Jason and Anna right now. They must be stopped...and I'm going to stop them. Keep up the great work, you two! -Brad (and his late dog Popper)
This use to be one of my favorite podcasts. It was a very spordatic "weekly" show. They have since had a baby which they now talk about throughout the show (Elliot is not pop culture). They have recently decided to focus on podcasting full time. To do this, Jason and Anna have created a subscription fee to get shows on time and somewhat weekly. The nonpaying fans only get a monthly show. As a former "superfan", I became super annoyed. Oh well, life goes on, and there are many other podcasts out there that are more entertaining and not trying to get your money.
lost 4 words
this podcast has a special place in my heart as it was the first podcast ive ever subscribed to been listening since 2005
I love this podcast. They are funny and light and seem to enjoy doing it. There's aways fun and interesting information and the production quality is top notch. They make me want to do a podcast with my wife.


Great pop culture podcast- Jason and Anna have a very entertaining show that covers everything that's on the tip of society's tongue at the moment.


By Gina67
If you only subscribe to one podcast, this should be it. Jason and Anna always make me laugh. Hometown news is great, the amilee game is fun. All in all its just a fun time.


By khurley
I love this podcast!! Jason and Anna are fun, laid back, and have a great sense of humor. It feels like it is just two friends telling me what is going on, what they thought of TV shows, etc. Hometown news is a hoot and a half! I tell anyone I know to listen as it is just great. I look forward to each new episode.
DPP is my must listen to podcast. Anna and Jason are witty, smart and have an easy, natural dialogue. This podcast always brightens my day. The Amelie Game and the Lost TV show segments are my favorites.


By Anna58
Jason and Anna- i love you guys!! this is the best podcast i have ever heard. i don't have time to keep up with everything that is going on, so listening to this podcast keeps me up to date on whats up. you guys are so funny and creative. i love hometown news, the amalie game, and especially the johnathan coulton stuff. i found out about him from you guys, and now i'm subscribed to his podcast and have bought several of his songs. the funny links on your site always brighten up a boring day. keep up the great work, guys! ~superfan anna
Listening to Anna (and that guy that's with here) are like sitting and talking to friends. It low key and friendly. Give it a try and you'll see I'm right.
I've been listening to this Podcast for several months and they do a great job. It's funny and very entertaining.
It's great, it's funny, it's wonderful every time. Somehow each segment always makes me laugh, no matter what kind of mood I'm in. This is one of only two podcasts I listen to, and it truly is amazing.


By Sammii
I LOVE the Delta Park Project. I first found their Lost podcast, the Delta Park Project Gets Lost, and they were so funny that I started listening to this one, too. It's funny, it's smart, and it's the only podcast I've been able to find that doesn't bore me out of my mind. It truly is great. Give it a try!
Look no further. This is the Podcast for you. Subscribe now and you'll be happy you did.
I'm currently subscribed to about 20 podcasts, but it is really only the Delta Park Project that I have to listen to each week. If you subscribe to one podcast you should make it this one, I laugh, I cry, and I love every minute.


By jonbell
... whoops, I wanted to comment on a particular episode, not the entire podcast. Please delete.
Jason and Anna are a joy to hear, with the easy wit and verbal jousting of the best of radio teams. The casual chemistry between them makes the listener feel as if they are old friends. The production is (generally) very polished and professional and the regular segments are consistently entertaining. Simply put, the best pop culture podcast around and one of my all-time favorite podcasts (or radio show, for that matter) of any kind.