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Was such a fantastic podcast
Really, superb. I am completely new to animation but I've been listening to this podcast and the animation terminology has stuck with me so well that I'm making connections to other articles that I'm reading about the subject. So informative and fun to listen to. Greatly great stuff. Thank you clay for making them!
I am vey impressed with this podcast for the great guests and the way they are interviewed. I have seen other podcasts waste time and lose focus, but this is very interesting from beginning to end. I'm glad I found this!
A great resource for anyone interested in Animation. Reading books or watching interviews on TV is good, but you can tell how heartfelt and candid Clay's interviews are, he really gets people to open up and talk about their life and work in a way you can't find anywhere else.
This podcast is the most fantastic thing ever. Every single episode is so inspiring. If you have any desire to be an animator, subscribe now. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.
For anyone with an interest in animation, especially Disney Animation, this is an excellent podcast to listen to. I wish there were more episodes, but what's here is already quite a treat.
I'm a lifelong animation fan and am currently attending Animation Mentor as a character animation student. I've worked in Interactive Design for the last 13 years and am gearing up to make the leap into the character animation industry and The Animation Podcast has served as a GREAT inspiration for me since stumbling upon it a month ago. I am completely addicted to these podcasts and listen to them daily while I work. The interviews are intelligent, inspiring, entertaining, and just overall amazing. This is definitely a "must listen" for any animation student and/or enthusiast!
Clay we need more! These podcasts are awesome and great to listen to while I animate as well!


I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. The guests are great and it so full of valuable information!
Thank you, Clay, for this gift to animators and animation enthusiasts. Your interviews capture knowledge, stories, and anecdotes that might otherwise have been lost. I was an avid listener some years past, regularly listening to these interviews. Well, I finally saw Treasure Planet last night and was hungry for a bit of the back story as I was blown away by the animation. It occurred to me that a search among your podcasts might reveal some interviews. Sure enough, there were a half dozen that fit the bill, so I resubscribed and downloaded those, and now look forward to hours of fascinating discussion among some brilliant creative minds. Thanks again, Clay, and hope you'll produce more!
Clay Kaytis makes a great contribution to understanding the creative energy behind popular character animation. Being able to record interviews with many important contributors to this medium and then distribute it across the wide open world of podcasting, it's affect on upcoming artists (and even just common fans of the art) is immeasurable. I wish that something of this depth was available back when I studied the craft in the 70's. So little comprehensive info – written or otherwise – was available then so this is a great leap forward to insuring inspiration for the future lifeblood of the art form.
I started listening to this podcast for inspiration, and there it plenty of it. But I must have listened to each one ten times by now and I just keep pulling knowledge out each time. I'm a game animator and I find these podcasts INCREDIBLY helpful on daily basis. These podcast are gifts from the masters of animation, these words usually are only being passed down from animator to assistant, and are now reaching our ears. Thanks again Clay.
What more can i say. if your in to animation or just art in general, then you MUST LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!!! p.s. More episodes, please!!!!!!!!
What a great podcast for the animation world! Clay interviews well renown animator that have been doing animation longer than I've been alive! Very insightful and meaningful interviews. A great insight to the early days of animation, old school as well as new school. If you're an animator or are fascinated by the animation industry check it out, you won't regret it!
I'm so glad to have found this podcast! I was searching online and couldn't really find much in the way of Animation resources, like forums, or sites for aspiring animators. But this podcast haold the words of some huge experts! Great Job!
If you're an animator "in the bizz", an animation student, or just someone insterested in the artform, you should definately tune in!
I am only 14 years old, but i LOVE this podcast. I am into animation, and have worked on short clips and videos on my own. This is a VERY inspiring podcast and i cant stop listening once i've started. Even if you dont animate, this podcast if for everyone who enjoys the art of animation. This is definitly my favorite podcast.
What an awesome podcast! Whoa, just realized I'm a starting to sound a little like Keanu Reaves, I better stop that. But seriously, this is a great podcast. For those wanting to get into animation, already in the business, or even just share a slight interest in animation.....this podcast is for you! Very cool. Very informative. Very entertaining!
Clay has managed to put together one of the best podcasts I've ever heard, and that's not limited to the realm of animation, either. His guests and research, his intelligent questions(reflecting his own experience as a feature animator at Disney)all make for a fascinating show that flies by. A rare and entertaining listening opportunity. Oh--and good music and a great intro voice (in the person of his wife), too. Subscribe to this one.
This is like sitting in on an Animation Master Class taught by *TRUE* living legends. These are the guys behind Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, etc. etc. I mean, he got a sit-down interview with frikkin GLENN KEANE!!! It's truly inspiring to hear the stories of industry giants who tell about how challenging yet ultimately rewarding it is to produce full-length animated features. This is one of the most important podcasts available.
This insider scoop on Animation is NOT TO BE MISSED! The only drawback is how infrequent the shows are, but I'm sure Clay is a busy man with his own animation deadlines!
You're not going to get this kind of information from any book. If you want to know more about the ins and outs of animation as well as behind the scenes info, Clay has made it very easy to do so.


By Breana
I enjoy this podcast very much. It has great interviews every week, which allows its listeners to get a variety of different perspectives towards the field of animation. For prospective animators this podcast is worth the listen, as it it contains to occasional usuaful tip towards making that dream of animating become reality.
If you enjoy drawing, animation, or just hearing about animation, this is an excellent podcast to heaer. It's not animation, but about animators and animating -- a sorely needed repository of people talking about their craft and how they came about it. The key to this podcast is hearing working animators talk about their own experiences, how to get ahead in animation, and their thoughts about art and animation, something truly rare these days. Artists talking about their art, honestly and with candor. It's truly fantastic.
Even the depths of the most special special-edition-Pixar-DVDs can't compare to the abyss of pure-animation-geekiness that is The Animation Podcast! (...but casual animation fans won't feel like they're drowning.) I don't know if it could get any better than this... Love it love it love it.
This podcast is incredibly well put together. Clay Kaytis is an animator at Disney and has access to some of the greats of yesterday and today. Clay is the most gracious host I have ever listened to. He really lets his guests shine during his interviews. The information and insight into the industry is not available anywhere else. I highly recommend this podcast. Please check it out and pray that he has more time to give us more fantastic interviews.
very informative. A MUST LISTEN TO if you're into the history or how-to of animation at all. Don't forget to check out the new enhanced version for pictures too!
It is so wonderful to hear some of the industry greats discussing their backgrounds in animation. I myself am an animator, but I know several non-animators who love this podcast just as much as I do. So far, in 9 episodes haven't been disappointed once in the content. On the contrary, I've been drawn in even more and more. This is a truly great podcast.