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If you aren’t listening to this podcast, you need to determine why you’re treating yourself so poorly. Madge was floating electrons out when podcasting wasn’t cluttered with the celebrity drivel of C and D-listers interviewing each other about their new, dumb hobbies. Back to basics with this show. Observations that remain mostly evergreen, delivered without the narcissism of so many of today’s pod offerings.
I am learning so much about Holland’s Drag Race. Thank you! Much love from Missouri
I simply love the discussion, insight and perspective of this amazing womon. One of the best podcasts ever.
Madge is disgusting! She has planters warts!
It isn’t just my favorite podcast in the history of podcasts, it is also THE original independent, pirate-radio style, stream of consciousness podcast with insane guests and a rollercoaster of emotional experiences. Everyone thinks podcasts are cool because you can say anything then they go recreate this american life over and over. More than 16 years of podcasting and Madge is STILL the Lesbian of all media.
And also with you. I love hearing madge talk about her cunny and play Sylvia Browne clypse and dr liswood.
An extraordinary and revolutionary kind of podcast. Thrilling, shocking, disgusting. It’s also one of the funniest shows you’ll ever hear. If you’re searching for something completely mind-blowing, this is the show for you.
Come on,with a all star cast you will love it I laugh so hard I wet myself.
NSFW stream-of-consciousness girdle spillover.
A Dada masterpiece of scatological humor, general audio cut-up weirdness and political commentary. Purposefully 'bad' and brilliant art.
This is the best podcast out there. If you love bloated lesbians this is the show to listen to. She discuss topics from current politics to yeast infections. Love Madge!!!
Madge offers a uniquely unfiltered perspective in an increasingly sanitized environment. Not for everyone, but give Yeast Radio a try! I fell in love...


By kuiopys
I love this show. You should listen to it.
the show makes my toes curl, my back arch, and makes me drip. I'm in love.
After more than a decade of podcasting, Madge is still here as a counter voice. You might not agree, you might get annoyed, or you might laugh and laugh. Either way it's a fun mix of calls, opinions, creative story series, special guests, and a host that will contradict herself several times an episode. And we like it that way.
Those who rate low simply don't understand the podcast. It is hilarious. Madge, Cheryl, and Debra are great together. The inside jokes, calls, Phil, stories, and banter is perfect to sit back enjoy if you've got some spare time. I look forward to new episodes and live grums GURLLLZ!
I’ve been completely obsessed with this podcast since I started listening in the spring. Since then I’ve listened to practically every episode I can find. Madge, Cheryl and Debra are brilliantly talented. Thank you for the hours (and hours) of entertainment! XOXOXOXOXO
Listening to you GARLS is always a good time
Love the phone calls! They make me lapse hard!
If you love Jews complaining about the mundane............
Can't enough of this podcast. Love how it has evolved through the years. I would love to recommend it to friends, but can't seem to find the words. It's not for the feint of heart. And not for those politically correct people. But I am neither. Love the calls and clips. Madge has a certain contempt for her audience, but somehow I can overlook that. Just keep these coming. Please? Squish!
Uncensored, Hooked, so funny , never miss a clips lawlz... guests like Cheryl Merkowski ect lawlz. Unique culture of humor ! This show should be on like SIriusXM or something uncensored. Radio Talent IMO !
I've been a listener for many years. The first episode I heard is as clear as day to me. Madge was having a nervous breakdown as her dog had diarrhea all over the floor. The aural spectacle of hearing Madge manage the crisis of soft dog poop, an uncooperative vaccum cleaner, and the lament that she needed an assistant but couldn't afford one made me a laughing out loud listener on the NY Subway. She's been a faithful, intelligent, politically aware, and creative podcaster for all this time. Just learn to disregard that fishy smell…. She's yeasty.


By BonesTb
Freaking great show!
The best show ever made.
XA.... You are a moron! Madge is brilliant and Cheryl is my favorite lapsy!
WTF is this mess? That was my initial reaction, and slowly, Madge has infected me with her brand of dark humor that the uptight members of the community just can't seem to get or embrace. That's their loss, for Madge tempers her insanity with some of the most lucid observations of society around. Cheryl Merkowski's co-hosting has had me falling on the floor laughing more than a few times. Not your cup of tea? then move on, because the rest of us are privileged to 'Share the Yeast' and have Madge in our lives! Try'
A MAN pretending to be a lesbian.He has such a anger issue and he is NOT funny at all.
Such a GREAT program. They've always got new content. If you watch this show long enough, Madge will enter your heart and become the dysfunctional family member you've always wanted! Give it a chance naids!
Rants about the wacko right wing nuts in this crazy country and also some poop talk. Cheryl Merkowski from shares her distorted life of sickness. Other guest and lots of interaction. What podcasting is all about!
Just cuz your homophobic don't hate madge. She disgusting and Cheryl is too. Other colorful characters include the EXTREMELY obese Schrockbella. Bring back HagathurdAIDS! most disgusting person I've ever heard of besides schrock.
Ive been listening to Madge Weinstein for about two months now and I can honestly say that her podcast is one of my favorites. In her show absolutely nothing happens besides hysterical banter about prolapses with Cheryl Merkowski, trotski h umping some inanimate object, and the endless ridicule of Shrockbella Mortenstein. I love the show and will always be a fan.


I used "lesbian" as the search word and this came up. Is it supposed to be funny?


By Brackie
The podcast I look forward to hearing the most. Madge is very funny and quite interesting.
Love the Yeast. My favorite podcast and one of the more creative podcasts out there. Madge lets you know what she thinks and she doesn't hold back. She talks about her life, politics and the people around her that drive her crazy. Give Madge a chance, listening to this show is an experience.
This Podcast requires exegesis and a detailing of background. It is possible that it will be condescended to by, or make uneasy, the neo-americunts and the "official" avant-garde critics, and that it will be dealt with superficially elsewhere as merely "bloated" or "clean blood" or "my cousin from Redbank New Jersey" or any of a dozen convenient banalities, not excluding "prolapsed." But the fact is that "Yeast Radio" is most beautifully executed, the clearest and the most important utterance yet made by the podcast generation, whose principal avatar she is. Just as, more than any other voice of the Twenties, The Sun Also Rises came to be regarded as the testament of the 'Lost Generation,' so it seems certain that Yeast Radio and Ms. Weinstein will come to be known as that of the 'Bloat Generation.'" Quite simply, Madge Weinstein is the most important American voice since Jesus. And we need this lesbian's deep voice now more than ever! Listen!
I can't listen to this podcast anymore, it's depressing me. The only good parts are Cheryl.
Not even funny, just stupid, and then it sticks on your hard drive like cancer, never quite going away no matter how many times you try to delete it. If you listen to this poor excuse for entertainment, you'll feel like you need a shower afterward...
If it wasn't for Madge I don't think I'd be able to get through my day. It's the highlight of my day, I always feel at home. I've been listening to Yeast Radio for 3 years now and I hope to still be listening to it much longer and I think I will. It's a great show. Lots of interesting topics are discussed. Some days are more political and some are more for entertainment. You get a lot with this show and you won't regret subscribing so do it now if you haven't already!
But unfortunately, the show lacks content and is just hate mongering. Too bad, I thought it had potential to be funny.
If you enjoy being abused as a listener, I guess this is the show for you, but personally I've had enough.
Madge tells it like it is. She doesn't mince words or sugar-coat anything. If you don't like don't get it. Get to know her. Ms. Weinstein is Madge-estic. To know her, is to love her.
her yeast infection if only she used Douglass Brothers Apple Pectin and Pea Powder soap. Douglass Brothers Apple Pectin and Pea Powder soap soothes and heals tired skin. However, Madge is not tired. In fact, she is relevant. Only you have to listen beneath the stream of consciousness. Looking for the pulse of mid west? Look no further you're there. Kentie
More, more, more! Keep 'em coming, you matriarch of all that is bloated. I want to know more about what gets stuck in your teeth. And, if it's not too much to ask, what can you scrape out from between your toes? I'd pay for lint from between your breasts. I don't say this to just anybody, you podcasting mama. My only regret--in life--is that I never got to breastfeed with you, but we shall not regret the past, nor shall we slam the door on it. Keep podcasting; they work if you work them.
First podcast to really tell the truth and get down to business without worrying about offending anyone!! Madge is wonderful. You may not understand it the first time you listen to it, but as they say: good taste is aquired!!!! BEST PODCAST EVER!!!!!!!
Madge is a nappy-headed ho.
The only remarkable thing about this podcast is that more listeners haven't seen it for the pedantic, poorly organized, insulting, tedious and overrated piece of crap it really is.