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I have been listening to Chris on the CCL podcast for a year or two now and I enjoy his summaries of what is going on in the world of collected editions. Check it out!
Chris’s show is the best put there when it comes to collected editions. Hands down one of my favorite podcasts out of the long list of podcasts I subscribe to!
This podcast streamlines all the comic book-related information in magazines, preview catalogs, and/or websites that I simply don't have time to go through. I enjoy that it covers a healthy bit of indie and lesser-known comic book series as well as the staples that DC and Marvel have to offer. The host also has access to industry sources and provides helpful resources that any interested party can use. Kudos to the people who make this podcast. It is truly a blessing to comic book consumers everywhere.


This podcast is my #1 source for comic book collected editions. I have been listening since 2010 and have yet to listen to any other podcast that is as entertaining or informative. Chris has a great broadcasting voice and covers great topics and news relating to new and older releases alike.
Niche topic (collected comic editions, dug), but good info on what's going on.
This is a long overdue review, but better late than never. I'm a longtime listener of Chris's podcast (glad he returned after a short absence), and I would like commend him on consistent reviews, news and updates on the world of collected comics. This is the place to go if you want to know what's happening and when to expect it. I've purchased on Chris' recommendations and haven't regretted it. He not only knows the Big Two and modern comics publishers, but he has a deep appreciation for knowledge of the classics and for comic strips. He's a very passionate and engaging speaker, and I look forward to new episodes each week. Keep it up Chris, and thank you!
As I have converted from single issues to collected works, this is my "go to" comics podcast. The "Comsumer Reports" of collected comics. Bravo Sir! Bravo!
Thank you, god, for this wonderful podcast. I've been a fan for years, and I always listen to this one before all the others. Collected Edition goodness!
This has always been one of my favorite comics podcasts. I hadn't noticed right away that it was back, but that just means I have a bunch of CCL to keep me busy for awhile!
Very knowledgeable guy!
Welcome back Chris!!! CCL is the best comic book podcast out there for serious collectors. Chris's knowledge of comic book history is amazing!
Great to have one of my favorite podcasts back after a brief hiatus!
love the show im so glad Chris is back.......
I have always been a single issue collector but this podcast has helped me grow into starting a collection of trades and hardcovers. I've gotten a few recommended on the podcast and have loved them. This podcast is as helpful as it is enjoyable, Chris really knows his stuff. You won't find another podcast that will make you want to stock your library full of every book referenced the way this one does.
Comics-related podcasts are a dime a dozen. Most times it’s fans fawning and/or just a concentration on the Big Two. But Chris Marshall is more democratic in his coverage. Plus, his podcast is unique in that he focuses only on collected editions (trades, archives graphic novels, etc). It’s one of the only comics podcasts I listen to.
Chris gives a comprehensive overview of all things related to collected graphic novels. The best part is when he gives his opinions, which can be really honest and down to earth. There are so many comic book podcast out there, this gives a unique spin and definately not your average comic book podcast.
I've listened to many comic based podcasts over the years and CCL has always been in the top 5. After several years and several different shows, one of the only constants is Chris Marshall & the CCL. Chris keeps it concise, doesn't talk act like a jerk, is appropriate to listen around my family, and most importantly... completely honest. He's one of only three that I still listen to; and is always the first.
It's like a podcast by Ben Stein... very informative, very knowledgeable, very boring... Listened to multiple episodes could not finish any and could not retain anything listened to. Way to dry and unengaging.
Look forward to a new episode each week. Been listening to Chris's podcast for years. It's like listening to an old friend share a passion for collecting graphic novels and TPBs.
Several things make this the best comics podcast out there: 1. Chris discusses both current and classic collected editions. 2. The interviews are informative and top-notch. 3. No one else does as much research with regard to what's coming out in collected editions, news, announcements, etc. No one. 4. Unlike other comics podcasts, there's no wasted time. Every minute of the podcast is valuable. 5. Chris is so personable you'd almost think he's sitting down with you personally, discussing your favorite comics. It's simply the best comics podcast out there. Keep up the great work, Chris!
I collected comics as a kid but stopped when I went to college back in 1999. With the new 52 reboot I decided to jump back in and see if the books being put out were as good as I remember when I was way into them as a teen. I soon realized that the single issue format did not work for me anymore, I wanted complete stories and character development. Collected editions allows me to enjoy comics again. This is the definitive podcast for reading comics in trades/omnibuses etc. Along with Chris's website I have been able to dive head first back into comics. Without the expertise and good curation this podcast provides I might have given up and not come back to the awesomeness that is visual storytelling. Do yourself a favor and check this podcast out then head over to his website were he keeps everyone updated on whats coming out as well as great reviews of collected editions so you know what to spend your money on and what to pass up. Keep up the great work Chris
Chris you have one of the best, informative podcast for fans of collected comics. You also give a quick on point review of Dark Knight Rises. I also went back to look at Batman Begins and will watch all three once the Blu Ray arrives.
I like that this focuses on collected editions, as that is the true interest in the comics industry today: floppies are meant to be collected and on a shelf, not in a box. Interesting podcast and not overlong like many others. Hope it gets back onto a regular schedule soon!
Always eager to recommend another Michigander's(or is it Michiganian's?)work!Chris does a fantastic job of letting the listener know all about what is available out there in terms of collected comic editions and gives great recommendations and reviews on all kinds of stuff!I'm glad I started listening and I hope more people catch on to this great podcast!Keep up the great work!
Chris always has the latest information, great guest and give aways. When he does have interview the are very unique and always interesting projects and people being spotlighted. And now again he has John Mayo on to talk about comics sales figures so you can sort of predicted what might get traded next. Awesome.
Great interesting interviews, and he doesn't try to be every other comic book podcast. None of the other comic book podcasts are funny.
Chris Marshall recently changed his format a bit and has been doing long-form interviews with people in the comics publishing world. What the "Word Balloon" podcast is for current creators and trends in the comic world, "Collected Comics Library" seems to be for books and strips that may be overlooked or forgotten. Marshall does a great job of being enthusiastic without resorting to hyperbole, and has a friendly, modest, and thoughtful on-air presence that ensures that his guests will be the star of their particular hour. CCL is a delight, and a standout among comics-based podcasts.
This is a great podcast for learning about the upcoming collected releases. I enjoy when Chris gives reasoned opinions about the work based on the merit of the way it's arranged and assembled and not based on the content. Interviews with creaters associated with the material is also great when he can arrange to speak with them. It helps to determine what collected works are worth getting, passing up, or waiting for possibly a different edition. THANKS!!
I really enjoy listening to Chris' podcast, the info on the new collected editions is great. And the essential random talk after is great. This is one of my favorites, a classic staple for the ride home.
I do not give many reviews and tend to be critical of the way a podcast flows. Chris is a professional, he follows an agenda, and clearly conveys to the audience his opinion of the books he is reviewing. He has had some great guests on and informative interviews. This cast has inspired me to go check out some of the collected comics that have been reviewed. As long as Chris produces the podcast I will be there to listen. Thanks Chris for your exceptional work.
I stumbled across Chris Marshall's Collected Comics Library about 2 years ago and I have not missed a single episode. Chris gives great information, both on the podcast and his web site, about the collected side of the comic book industry. His weekly run-down of what books are coming out is great and I love the insightful commentary and in depth interviews he provides. On the techniacl side, it is one of the best self-produced podcasts I have heard. All in all, a great podcast. -Michael Gendreau
I like the way Marshall has a very regimented format to this podcast. He runs through the new and upcoming releases each week, and then focuses in on one particular trade and talks about it in detail. A well-constructed part of my weekly listening line-up.
CCL is easily my favortite weekly podcast, and the first one I listen to each week. Chris does a great job of providing reliable information -- if I miss a week at the comics store, I know I can count on his rundown of new releases to make me feel like I am looking at the shelf. And he reviews a diverse selection of comics -- from mainstream superheroes to more inventive indy material. I've picked up several books based solely on his recommendation, and have yet to be disappointed. Thanks for a great podcast and a great resource, Chris -- your effort is truly appreciated.
Filled with great, complete information about collected editions, this podcast is always near the top of my heap. Also, Chris does a good job keeping on task and doesn't waste a lot of time rambling. His reviews and commentary are always filled with great insight and are well thought out. One of the good ones.
This is one of the most informative podcasts there is. I listen to this podcast every week. I appreciate all that Chris puts into this podcast.
Informative about collected editions. I at first didn't get the concept, but now I am moving toward getting more trades and HC editions of books. Chris is engaging and the podcast is fun.
This is one of the best/most informative podcasts on the net. If you have even a passing interest in Comics in a collected format, you owe it to yourself to try this podcast out.
I look forward to this podcast every week, good show!
I only buy an occasional collected edition, usually silver age Marvel stuff and more modern current graphic novels but listen to this podcast nearly every week. Marshall is smart, has a real passion for collected works and I always learn a ton of new things with each episode. You don't have to be a collector geek or obsessed with comic collecting to enjoy this podcast and it's one of my few links back to the stuff I enjoyed growing up. Just bought The Best of Simon and Kirby after listening to the book's editor on the show this week!
Chris presents this podcast like the 6 o'clock news--straightforward, constant segments each week, and a darn good editorial. About as objective a comics podcast I have ever heard. For those who want information, not just a soapbox lecture, on trades, this is the podcast for you!
For Collected Editions in Comics, this is currently the best there is! Occasisonally it excludes stuff you would like to know and occasisonally includes stuff you wouldn't think of and appreciate. I hope this helps.
If you need a 30 minute spoiler free weekly podcast focused on "collected editions" Chris is your guy. He's up there with iFanboy and The Watchtower.
I really love this podcast. Just the right length when you have a little time, but not 3 hours like some of the other podcsts last. I have found I want to check out several items that are pointed out in these quick podcasts. Well worth the listen to. Keep them coming. THANKS.
Chris has a great podcast. When i come home from lunch i make sure to download every wends so i can hear it while i work. It's not to short and not to long. There is a no better source for trades, grapic novels or omnibus anywhere. Thanks for the review on "The Nobody". Gonna pick that up this friday. Good lookin out, Chris!
Mr. Chris Marshall has a great podcast that covers comics published in trade paperbacks, premiere hardcovers or limited editions. His standard format is to quickly rundown the collected editions that were published in the current week, then proceed into the main feature of the podcast. The main feature is typically a review of a specific comic book character (such as The Flash, or The Avengers), or an interview with a comics creator, retailer, or editor. Primarily, the focus of the Collected Comics Library podcast is on superhero comics, but Mr. Marshall has also featured non-superhero characters that may be less well-known to most modern collectors such as Al Capp's The Schmoo. Mr. Marshall is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter, and provides an excellent service to the comics collecting community. I welcome the arrival of the Collected Comics Library podcast every week. Best, Walterhisownself
Great show Chris, Always look forward to it every week. Keep up the good work!!!!!


By Jer_S
Chris has quietly built one of the most consistent, impressive runs in the comics podcasting genre. Every week, like clockwork, he takes time to tell us all about the world of collected editions [e.g., TPBs, Hardcovers, Absolutes] and covers every base. Whether you're looking to know when Marvel and DC are going to publish their next big event in collected form, or you want recommendations of the best collected works of a popular character or creator, Chris has you covered. If every podcaster took his/her show as seriously as Chris did, the podcasting medium would already have overtaken mainstream journalism hands down.
I am definitely a 'wait for the trades' comic book reader. As a result of that, this is probably my favorite of the comics podcasts. It is a great show with tons of essential information for the discriminating comics buyer.