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I enjoy listening to Todd’s weekly show. He give me great insight into the tech industry ❣️
Todd reviews all of the latest techie news articles and adds his deep insights. His reviews help me know what’s going on in the technology world without when I miss an article or don’t have time to dig through the tech news site. Thanks for the fantastic podcast!
Great speaker, cool podcast! Thanks man!
One of the first podcast I've listened to and still one of the top ones that I always follow. It's Family friendly and I really enjoy the deep discussion on many subjects that are science and tech related.
Todd records this show twice a week and it is one of the best podcasts I listed to! It is fun and has lots of great info!! Keep up the great work.
GNC is a great show, and is only getting better! Great job, Todd!


By DDjet
Excellent show. Twice a week. Latest news and content every time. Worth a listen if you love tech.
This kid has a decent tech news podcast but I usually start listening 10 - 15 minutes into the show, when the real content has started.


By Tav72
Like listen to a friend
great podcast, informative and Todd is entertaining as well
Don't listen at night. You might fall asleep.
Todd offers the best produced podcast out there. He is extremely professional with his show but he is also very casual at the same time. What's best of all is that he offers great commentary on the most current tech news and is very generous with the various periodic contests he he hosts. Thanks Todd for welcoming all of us into the ohana.
A good tech podcast, with great audio and interesting features. Very listenable, my only gripe would be the number of sponsor mentions although overall it's a understandable tradeoff.
Just listened to the most recent podcast. Didn't really get interesting and informative until the middle. I hadn't heard about the Sony Dash before so that was cool. It was pretty amusing at points and a good review of recent news in the tech world.
There's Leo and there's Todd. Both are the best at what they do, but Todd does it solo and from half way around the world! His show is one of the must listen to shows if you have a list of tech podcast shows you subscribe to. His show makes Tuesdays and Fridays go by much faster and I look forward to each new show that drops into my itunes folder.
Todd covers a variety of topics that he's seen in the news in technology and science. His choices are generally interesting, and he speaks well. Sometimes, the topics chosen seem a little random.
GNC has become the podcast I usually listen to first when there's a new episode. Todd does a great job of finding and reacting to the most current interesting tech stories.
Best tech show ever, covers lots of tech news and Todd tells some very good stories to top it off. I have never missed a single show since day one. Thanks for the great show Todd and keep them coming.
Knowledgeable about current technology, personable, but voice is a bit irritating. While I listen for tech news, I find my mind wandering. Sorry, Todd! :) Otherwise, yes, a great show.
I had never listened to this show, did so to enter the contest for the A63. Got to admit that I am hooked. I very much enjoyed the subject matter and the host. Looking forward to listening to future podcast. Jeff Legg
Great summary of the current tech news, and a wonderful community around the host. Big fan of this one.
I love all of Todds podcasts. My husband is a full time IT student and we love to watch the podcasts together!!!!
Great podcast for the geeks among us. Easy to listen to and great technical info. With two shows a week you don't get out-dated info. Definitely worth a listen!
Todd is a true geek. And his podcast is one of my favorites. He covers tech news with a fair and accurate style.
I have been listening to the Geek News Central Podcast for about two years now, and I can truly say that it is the best there is. I look forward to listening (or even watching) every show, because Todd does such a great job with it. Keep up the wonderful work Todd!
Hey wanted to let you know that this is the first podcast that i have ever listened to. I love it.


I have been listening to Geek News Central for many years. Been reading the blogs since the old web site. Very informative, lot sof great content with every show. Keep up the great work and looking forward to your changes down the road.
Excellent current tech news from the guy who (literally) wrote the book on podcasting. Just started listening, as a tech news junkie myself, I think it'll be something I'll be listening to for some time.
Gives me everythig I need to keep up with tech topics.
Geek News Central isn't just a podcast, it's an icon. It's helped define the podcasting genre. Todd delivers the content in an easy going and personable style. He talks to you, not at you and from the very start of the show he makes you feel right at home. Although I've been a listener for quite a while it didn't take long for me to feel part of the GNC Ohana. You don't have to be a geek to like Geek News Central. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to hear a podcast the way podcasting was meant to be.
Numbering over 500, Geek News Central, brought to you by Todd Cochrane, has been bringing the geek from all over the world for a long time. Definitely worth a listen, and if you can check it out live, for some great talk, cool chat, and a stellar show.
Geek News Central combines entertainment and information that gives you the latest news from the world of Technology. Todd Cochrane is a Geek with a heart, who is always thinking about others. You simply have to listen to understand why this is one of the top podcasts for tech news.
I have been listening to Todd since 2004 and his show is very valuable for tech junkies or those learning about tech. Also, his sense of humor and laugh is infectuous.
GNC is absolutely amazing! This is wonderfully prouduced. In each episode, Todd gives a run down of the current topics and his take on each one. The length of each show is perfect. This show definately deserves to be on your podcast list. My radar points to yes.
Todd has a personable style giving you all the tech news and views in a highly entertaining manner.
GNC is the best tech podcast out there. Not only does Todd give us the goods twice a week but his unique perspective as a podcasting innovator cuts through the hype to the truth of what it is like to make a living from new media. Todd's personal insights are funny, heartwarming and engrossing and his knack for finding news that is relevant, timely and intelligent makes GNC the real deal.
This is an amazing podcast. The host is so friendly. I love listening to this podcast. It is my main source of tech information. This is a must for any tech geek. I have been a proud listener for over a year and a half and will still keep listening. Just give it a listen and you'll be hooked.
The only episode I've tried listening to was #491. I was astounded that the host took 12min 30sec to get to the first piece of "geek news". The rest was haha-oh-aren't-i-witty and sponsor promos and contest winners. What a waste of my time. That's a full SDR reviews podcast worth of time completely wasted. However, the audio quality of the vapid one sided banter was good, hence a two star instead of one star.
The one podcast I don't miss. Excellent presentation with a friendly, familiar tone. Content is interesting, timely and informative. The rants are enjoyable as well and always provide a meaningful point of view.
Todd, Chantal and Cherie, I loved the podcast. Lots of great guests and I think I might be on my way to becoming a geek. I hope I made it fun for everyone while chatting. Especially doing the WAKE UP!!! hollering. It was great to meet everyone and I look forward to the next podcast. I am especially happy about the donations going to the Disabled Vets. That is my main reason for being at the podcast. I cannot believe I made it the whole 24 hrs. When the podcast was over, I felt completely drained. I would do it again though. Remember everyone to respect our vets, the disabled and other nationalities. We are all on earth for each other. I also liked that you guys respect the earth and are into buying "Green". Well, I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to be apart of the podcast. Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year.
Excellent show; great quality and definitely plenty of quantity. I've been entertained throughout the entirety of of each podcast. I can't really think of anything negative to say. Maybe more video podcasts would be a good thing, other than that; I just want to say again that this is a great show and would recommend subscribing to it.
Todd Cochran has a very pleasant voice-- so pleasant, that it feels as if I am listening to a friend. Topics include tech news, websites, and product reviews. He encourages listeners to to think and get involved. I feel like I am always learning something new. The podcast is a little over 1 hour long, but to me it's a little short, especially considering how much new information is coming out all the time.
This is a great family froendly podcast that accurately and friendly covers a wide range of tech. Todd is fair and balanced, and I really like the fact that he is clean. I can listen with my son or other family around and not have to worry about muting. Todd really opens his podcast to the audience, bringing everyone into the ohana, so a new listener quickly gets the feeling of being one of the family. Todd records his podcast while he has a live audience listening. He also is very responsive to this group of people. Answering questions, even live while the podcast is being created. A great podcast for all levels of tech followers.
This is one of my favorite podcasts for staying on top of what's up in the world of technology. At about an hour long it's perfect for walking the dog. The show is full of good usefel content with Todd's unique perspective. If your a geek give this a try and I'm sure you'll be back for more.
Geek News Central Podcast is a weath of geeky news, trivia and fun information. The podcast is a bit long for me (at an hour and 15 minutes, I have some trouble sticking it out), but it's well produced. Highly recommended
Todd does a great job in preparing content for the show that is the latest and greatest info circulating on the internet. He also manages to find stuff that is a little off beat as well which makes the show unique and little more interesting. Subscribing to Todd's show notes is a great way to easily access the topics that you want to explore further. He's a unique podcast personality that kind of grows on you over time.
When I bought my first iPod, in August 2005, Geek News Central was the first podcast I discovered. I've been subscribed ever since. Todd brings a mix of interesting tech topics and what's going on in his world to every show. A new podcast comes out consistently twice a week, and it's always the first (of many) that I listen to. Highly recommended.
One of the other things I did find I liked and am interested in hearing is about your 24 hour pod cast for charity. My son will soon be stationed in Iraq . As a matter of fact he is one of the people I’m hoping to win a computer for. It is very hard for these young men and women to be so far away from family and friends. When they return they are not always given the respect they deserve. As a Military Mom I would like to thank you for wanting to help Veterans. I also liked the fact that you didn’t talk over the heads of us nontechies. Like I said I love the amazing things that technology has done for me but if all you talk about is an alphabet soup of technology measurements you’ve lost me. Your podcast was easy to understand and that’s why enjoyed it.
This podcast is very upbeat and informative. Todd Cocrane comes across honest and to the point with a sense of humor. He is very proactive in the podcast community being the author of a DIY podcast book and involved in BluBrry and Tech Podcast Network. His experience and knowledge are conveyed in a gentle voice that is easy to listen to. I have been listening to him for about 4 years now.