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Witty, silly, and all around fun. They make me think, albeit a bit sideways:). Definitely fun to listen to a lunch while eating hot hero sandwiches.


I never laugh during podcasts and then I found this one. It’s funny af!
Almost as nice a really fancy hat...
A perfect 10 every time!
I checked this out because Clay Pigeon was recommending it and I'm sorry I wasted my time. The worst radio commentary in the history of radio. Radio for the dim witted. Hopefully the station will fill this slot with more entertaining and clever DJ's.


If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, there must be some reality television show worth watching somewhere.
At least that is what the co-hosts, Andy Breckman and straight man becoming a stand-up comedian, Ken Friedman would have you believe. But don’t believe them. That is sort of the point to this show. While Andy “loses the will to live” frequently before the first five or ten minutes have elapsed, its this complete success or fall on its face failure quality that lends the show its charm, its fans and its completely deserved reputation of being one of the funniest things that you can listen to on the radio, online or as I do, via podcast. Its an unheralded show that station manager Friedman and comedy writer, Breckman (of Saturday Night Live and ‘Monk’ fame) have been cultivating for years now. They may say so, but I doubt that they believe that every one of their shows are flops. They’ve had some very clever ideas that have been what comedy podcasts are sorely lacking nowadays- variety and spontaneity. It seems that the idea for the shows are rarely planned more than a week in advance, but they have come up with many that don’t have a “fatal flaw” in them. Among them were the “Zero Tolerance” show, a show in which Ken had the discretion to hang up on callers at his whim. It skyrocketed from call to call until Ken was hanging up on callers at random for the slightest transgressions. Some callers barely had said ‘hello’ before they were gone. It was zany, insane, didn’t make alot of sense, but was still hilarious. The shows with kids are another example of their comedic brilliance, depending upon children to bring their inherent unpredictable qualities to the show. Listen to the recent “You Probably Won’t Win Squat” or the “Dreidl For Dollars” shows. Other shows like the “Joke Translation” show, the “PSAs From Beyond The Grave” and “Memorial Shows For The Nearly Dead” shows are exercises in caller participation that work and work well. The live on the street shows are another gem and specialty of Ken and Andy. Check out the “Stalking Episode,” the “Elevator Episode” and “Speed Chess In The Park” shows for the brilliance of two middle aged guys laughing at how much trouble they can get into in public without being obnoxious ‘shock jocks.’ The latest “Best Movies Of 2004” was another great riff of them making fun of themselves making fun of the fact that they have had frequent repeat shows. Spectacular, gentlemen! Sadly, the UCB live shows are no more. Yes, Andy may have insulted his guests (frequently unintentionally?), but they represented a great selection of the best comedians, personalities, authors, columnists and street artists and commentators in the NYC area. Please bring them back! And please do this show for another twenty years!
This show is great. It reminds me of what I love about stunt radio that appeals to the youthful audience. I'm not being sarcastic at all when I say that. The end.
I've been listening to this show before podcast were a gleam in programmer's night terror. (This may say something sad about my judgement). In sincerity, the breadth of it's ambition is amazing, and is a template for the hundreds of other podcasts that are so popular now…and that was before they started to run out of steam. Hooray for octoroons!


Finally! A show that adequately demonstrates the sadness I feel inside.
Seven Second Delay has everything you could want from a radio show; lacking of social filter, mayhem, and the plotting of the first, and only, organized melee. Ever wonder how long Ken and Andy could hold their pee? Me either, but they do it anyway. You will surely enjoy their shenanigans, it is like watching two blind men try and make it through a carnival fun house sans a cane! Que Sera Sera -Bandboxlife McBeevee
Best thing to come out of Jersey City since Uncle Vin.


By Klhink
I like this.
Just listening once might not make sense to everyone every time, but I'd recommend SSD to anyone who has enough of an attention span to follow along with an open mind. There was one very noisy show with lots of callers all at once that truly was physically almost painful to listen to, but I did it, and even that one was worth it. When I moved out of range I was sad for the interval that I couldn't listen, them I realized I could listen to the podcasts. One of my all time favorite radio shows, and I love radio!
I've listened to more episodes than I'm proud of (100+). Hard to live without.
Andy is misanthropic and Ken is usually stoned. They've been doing this show weekly for decades, mostly because neither of them seems to have any other friends. I listen weekly, mostly as a form of charity.
This show hits the highest highs and lowest lows every week. Hit that subscribe button.
Hey so i have never called into this show but I would recommend it to everyone I know it is amazing I never get bored. So much so that once in the summer I started at 11 at night and listened till 5 in the morning I couldn't stop wfmu has the best radio shows on iTunes and on the air.
This is the best. Really. Just the best. There has never been anything like it on the radio before, and it is amazing that it has taken this long for humanity to experiment and stretch the possibilities of a call-in format. As an added bonus, it is INCREDIBLY easy to get through and HEAR YOUR OWN VOICE ON THE RADIO. Be famous for 15 seconds. Also, occasionally you will find out Andy's phone number and can text him helpful tips while they are on the air. He loves that.
I've been listening to this show for like 20 years?? Ken & Andy are like the two New Jersey fathers I never had (in addition to the New Jersey father I actually have). Sometimes the show is rough going, but if you can avoid losing the will to live, and enjoy the discovery of the fatal flaw, you can just relax and enjoy two funny, articulate guys who are very different but who share a common appreciation for "anti-comedy" and awkward interactions with the public. A sort of spiritual father to Scharpling's the Best Show on WFMU. This is the hard stuff!
Self-deprecating humor at its finest. Listen as Andy shows up 5 minutes late and complains about how much he hates his life and his show, while Ken tells captivating boiler stories. It reminds me why I liked watching trainwrecks as a small boy.
Turn your dull life off for an hour and take a ride with Andy and Ken! Sometimes it's a laugh riot with non-stop zingers and one liners. Sometimes it's an absolute train wreck that has to be heard to be believed. Download the Cub Scout show and listen to Andy lose the will to live. I was so excited when Ken said they would be expanding to two hours but alas it was not meant to be. I love this show and these guys are fantastic.
From the first time I heard this show I knew it was something special. Download an episode or two and soon Uncle Ken and Uncle Andy will start to feel like family.
Ken and Andy are sneaky. I'll be listening to the show and then out of nowhere something is said that makes me belly laugh. I figure 2-3 belly laughs during a one hour show is a pretty good ratio. Only complaint is that there aren't enough boiler stories.
Seven Second Delay is one of the funniest shows on the radio, hands down. Ken and Andy have great chemistry and you can tell they are great friends (despite what Andy might say). I tune in every week and so should you! More Seven Second Delay = more better.
The best stream of Consciousness humor/talk show out there! Got to love it! A great show! Nathan from JazzLab
Enjoy the triumph and the pathos as two old, old, friends bicker, set doomed concepts in motion, give up on them, and eventually get to stop talking and leave. I've ROFLed over and over again during this show.
I love this show. It has a very lucky face.
They do what radio should not do to prove it can't be done. Long time listener first time caller, love the show, can't believe I got through.
This podcast may not be very popular or entertaining… but it will soon become the highlight of your week. It's been around for 20+ years for a reason.
This is a comedy show from radio station WFMU. Andy Breckman is a comedy writer with experience from SNL, the Letterman show, and many wildly successful film comedies. Oh and also "Monk". Ken is the station manager and has the role of big brother to Andy the little brother. Or Ken the Ego to Andy the Id. Anyway, they say funny things. Give it a try.
A laugh-a-minute romp through the dark days of the Paris Commune!
This WFMU talk show is the adult (that is tired, less ambitious and more sober) version of Harmontown on Nerdmelt. Ken Freedman is to Andy Breckman as Jeff Davis is to Dan Harmon. In a world of canned entertainment, I love the dead air, the authentic, mellowed camaraderie between the hosts, the ambivalence toward and arbitrary choices of show topics, (some of) the irreverence and most of all hearing smart people entertaining themselves. Were I to describe it as a metaphor, I'd say it's a disastrous chocolate cake: all the right ingredients but something went wrong in the oven. But you don't want to throw it away so you keep picking at it and persevere in enjoying it.
Ken and andy put out a quality show every week, non political non religious yet barely listenable. It’s a morning zoo in the afternoon without the stupid bike horn. Its not garrison Keillor or ira glass but its something.
This is a show that takes a while to "get". Give it a few listens, after becoming acclimated, you'll find yourself laughing as another poorly planned stunt falls apart. You'll be laughing even harder when one of their plans actually works out.
It really is great. I've never heard a better station manager / on-air show co-host than Ken, NOR have I heard a better comedy film and television mogul / on-air "personality" than Andy. I love to listen to the show on-air whenever I can, but when I can't, I still can. With this. The podcast.
They didn't play red Kross but they seem read and cross (jc socialist) call about guantanomo these guise Cha T good
Andy and Ken are hilarious. For one hour, Andy's raison d'être is get Ken to laugh and in that pursuit, the listener has a great time too. I hope you enjoy this ridiculous hour of surreal conversation and play.
The description of the show from its website is "Stunt radio which subjects the audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure." It's a pretty accuracte description. I don't know why I've subjected myself to this week after week since 2008, but I still love it. If you like failure, you'll love this show. If you don't mind being pleasantly surprised with comedy every now and again, you'll love this show. If you can't tolerate trainwrecks, this isn't the show for you. I love the show. I can't believe my review got through.
The best train wreck on WFMU! It's hard to believe just how long these guys have been doing this crazy shi+.
I've been a long time listener. It's hard to explain it in a way that makes it sound good. I do enjoy listening to Ken and Andy even when they are horribly dull.


By xmith
A parody of radio shows while being a radio show itself. No all shows are winners, but well worth an hour of your time per week.
Sometimes painfully dull, found few interesting episodes. Host seems a wet blanket but co-host is very good.
At first I listened in disbelief. Who were these two dudes rambling? Why can't I stop listening? This is a lot of fun. I just downloaded a bunch of old eps to hold me over. Give it a chance, you'll get hooked. There's no intro. They play their long theme and then just start talking. I'm not telling you who they are, look it up like I did!
I never tell strangers, "You have to listen to Seven Second Delay!" It's not for everyone. It can stink for weeks in a row. Yet I keep coming back, hoping for a good show or at least a real train wreck. Ah, the train wrecks! Andy's schtick is unfettered egomania, layers of sarcasm, and general meanness. I happen to find him very funny almost all the time. I guess that says something about me. Ken is a decent guy, and funnier than his cohost lets on. The two together have the kind of radio comedy-duo chemistry that I love. Their show is improbable, unpredictable, and outrageous, while avoiding vulgarity most of the time.