Reviews For Media Artist Secrets (iPod/iPhone/iPod touch/iPod nano audio)

If you're reading this review, you've just discovered a gem of a podcast. Everytime I think of deleting this podcast to make room on my computer, I relisten it and realize this is one of the best podcasts for creative professionals or just professionals in general. Even if you aren't a graphic designer, illustrator, etc. you can still utilize these tips. McMahon's strengths are at his practical and almost common sense guidance. He also helps with having a broad view of a career and he clearly empathizes with your position. McMahon's cons are that he sometimes rambles, but it just shows how much he cares. Plus I think he meets a lot of people who listen yet don't act. Listen (and act) now!
A lot of good information very helpful on motivating and getting past the idea organizing and setting goals. I would recommend going back and listening to all the podcast.
I would have given this Podcast at least 4 stars when it first came out. Now it is so rare that he updates his show I can only give it one. It is worth checking out his old stuff, but beyond that you will get more out of an Anthony Robbins CD, of which Frank has mused upon from time to time. I think the short shelf life of this Podcast was his intention all along. I believe he rode it to "fame" and left it to die. Oh, if he only knew what he left on the table!
Franks programs are insightful and well worded, the guy really helps me get my creative juices flowing and makes me get out there and do something. Thanks Frank!!!
Totally unreliable schedule. The only time Franklin manages to produce episodes on a consistent basis are when he is trying to get listeners to vote at podcast alley. Podcast would be half the length if all the self promotion were to be stripped away. There is very little information here, mostly generalities, and all fairly useless.
If he could excise every utterance of "kind of" and "anyway," this podcast would be 10% shorter and possibly improved. Extremely self-referential and too off-the-cuff. I wish he'd take the trouble to write his thoughts up in advance. Often stream of consciousness about where he just came from, how much coffee he drank, where he's heading later to meet friends, how jittery he feels from all that coffee, what we'll talk about later in the podcast, the gaffe in last week's podcast, IOW: filler. He's your basic BS artist with a big microphone.
Through the miracle of email and the world wide web, I had the opportunity to become familiar with Franklin's compelling photographic style a couple of years back. I continued to check in on his sites to follow his work. Now, it is great to see him emerging as an outstanding advisor to those of us who also seek success as media artists. His podcast is inspirational, topical, and appropriate in length. It is on my limited selection of subscriptions.
If you are looking to expand your knowledge in the field of media arts, this is the podcast for you. Valuable topics that are many times overlooked are discussed with your success in mind. Learn the value of networking and zeroing in on the things you do best. Anyone can be creative, but not just anyone can be successfully creative...Until now.